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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0052, 1945-12-05.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0231

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 231 Date: 5 Dec 45


ITEM 1 TOKUSHIMA Prefectural Administration towards Construction - TOKUSHIMA SWIMBUN - 26 Nove 45 Translator: INAGATANI[illegible]K.
Full Translation
Prefectural Governor OKADA in his explanation of the general budget for next year, estimated it at 20,080 Yen, an increase of 2,192,619 Yen, over last year's 18,685,000 Yen. Mr. OKADA explained the method of repayment of prefecturel bonds and the special account budget. After his explanations the Assembly adjourned until the 28 November.
In his speech, OKADA declared that in order to establish democracy in the prefectural administration the authorities are determined to observe the present situation which faces the people, and at the same time expected them to resume their activities. He further stressed that the idea of public service must be the keypoint in developing our prefectural administration. The principles for preparing the next year's budget are based on fulfilling our duty as a defeated nation.
The lending items of next years budget are as follows: conclusion of the food problems; educational improvement; rehabilitation of war-damaged TOKUSHIMA City and relief for air raid victims; reconstruction of war-damaged facilities; accomodations for allied troops.
The following items were recently added: highway salvage for the development of industry; establishing new classrooms; utilization of unused food items; opening untilled lands for demobilized servicemen; exploitation of waste lands for mulberry plantations; encouragement of a fertilizer self-supply plan; subsidies for constructing forest roads and reforestration; encouragement of fishing, commerce, and manufacturing.
With the Government subsidies increased, tax incomes are also estimated to increase by 375,000 Yen as compared with those of last year. Next year's prefectural budget is characterized by an increase of items for peaceful construction and by the eradication of all war nestiges. He over scrupulous investigation of this budget reveals how little is provided for reconstruction expenditures. A supplementary budget is scheduled to be set up, covering the expenditures for road repairs bridges, farm lands communication facilities and prefectural buildings damaged by the September typhoon.
Of course, we must thank the prefectural authorities heads by Government Governo OKADA, for attempting to avoid budgetary swelling and further issuance of prefectura1 bonds in view of the exhausted private economy. However, considering the present soaring prices, of labor and materials, the estimated increase of 2,480,00 Yen in subsidies is actually negative rather than positive. Consequently the writer hopes for an increase in the amount alloted for the construction plan. Conflicts between the prefectural governor and the Assembly Members have been due either to selfish actions by the prefectural assembly members or to the governor's adherence to regulations.

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SOCIAL SERIES: 58 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
Any progress of assembly proceedings depends upon full co-operation with the Governor by the assembly members. If such co-operation exists, our people will favor the budget increase for construction works. on the other hand, if the prefectural assemble members continue to abuse and expose the authorities or to campaign for the next election, and if the prefectural authorities indicate an absence of sincerity in replies to queries by members, then the budget would be rejected and our prefectural politic's jeopardized. Today the majority of assembly members have newly organized themselves and are displaying a co-operative attitude, towards the Governor. Governor OKADA has decided to follow democracy. These trends will bring brilliant success to be present prefectural assembly.
ITEM 2 Diet impression. - Tokyo Shimbun - 3 Dec 45. Translator: IMAI[illegible]AC
Full Translation:
What has the nation obtained from the interpellations and answers in the plenary session of the House of Representatives: Lectures on democracy and discussions on the food problem by a few members and that is all! The only things which impressed the nation were words of apology given with tears by War Minister SHIMCMURA for the ugly tactics being carried on in the Diet concerning resolution respecting war responsibility of Diet members
Life in a dugout is bitter for war sufferers [illegible]hen December comes with its rains and intense cold and many people of the nation hardly cherish their visions of a future darkened by agravated inflation and the food crises. Meanwhile the shortage of coal is bound to suspend the advance of JAPAN her reconstruction.
Nevertheless, dull debates continue in the "White Palace". As [illegible]s pointed out by Mr. NISHIO (a Social Democratic member), it seems that this acute reality in the streets is invisible to the Cabinet ministers and Diet members who do not live on distributed foods alone. If they profess to know it so well, why didn't they submit a concrete plan for the solution of the war-sufferers problems at the very beginning of the present Diet Session in order to enable the Government to put it into practice? why couldn't they ask the Government [illegible]set up concrete measure at once to send more miners to coal mines which are not functioning for lack or man power.
Every party must have had their own research commission for the establishment of counter-measures to cope with the [illegible]calamity and starvation problems. Insofar as they should have understood the urgency of these problems, they should have set up counter-measures against them. [illegible]able to recognize the existence of the Diet only when it first brings the measures up for discussion and attempts to put them into effect. We are now reflecting the lack of our mechanical power during the war, but it is not sufficient only to reflect. The action which follows the reflection is more significant.
The government is not always required to settle the bills presented first. There are still important bills which are not yet submitted to each House. If the members were eager enough to age these bills for deliberation and decision, the revival of the Diet might be recognized. We need not bother the Diet to discuss the importance of he food problem. We need not trouble politicians. It must be remembered that the existence of the Diet is significant only when its members are enthusiastic in bringing about o concrete solution of urgent problems at hand.
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SOCIAL SERIES: 58 (Continued)
ITEM 3 Honor Students are without Spirit - ASAHI SHIMBUN - Dec 45 Translator: M. KATO
So-called honor students or children with excellent grades are usually without spirit and blindly obey their teachers. This [illegible]be attributed to the bureaucratic attitude of the schoo1 staff. This attitude led to formalism; the school master followed only the directives of the authorities, in conviction of the fulfilment of their duties, and the teachers were liable to limit their sphere of research and formal matters such as teaching methods and studies in teaching materials, the entire neglect of self culture. This resulted in ignorance and self conceit of teachers, lack of originality and iniavi[illegible]o in teaching. The reflection upon the students by these conventionalities must be removed in the attempt to democratize education.
ITEM 4 Beware of Fire - TOKYO - 3 Dec 45 Translator: [illegible]BE
Full Translation:
It is needless to say that the great number of wooden houses in this country are easily susceptible to destruction by fire. We should not be allowed, however to consider firesas a natural accurrence. We must not forget the fact that during the war when [illegible]planes were frequently flying over us, big fires took place very often with the result that many manitions factories were burned, and a great deal of materials were destroyed.
Inspite of the fire-prevention movement every year, there seems to be no tendency for the decrease of fires. To our regret they seem rather to increase. Electric equipment [illegible]t unrepaired during the war, threatens to become a mauorca[illegible]use [illegible]f fires, and the careless use of electric heaters and the frequent use of wood and charcoal as fuel for daily cooking, forced by the limited amount of gas, are likely to become other causes of fires.
If we consider the [illegible]families who are forced to live in trench-cottages on account of the extreme scarcity of houses we realize that even the damaging of one house by fire will be a serious blow to the community. We can never be too cautious against fire. Electric companies should repair the electric equipment instead of evading their duty on the pretent of a shortage of labor and materials, and they should call public's attention to the correct use of electric heaters.
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