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Press translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0029, 1945-11-29.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: editorial-0135

call-number: DS801 .S82

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No. 135 Date: 29 Nov 45


ITEM 1 On the Reparations Policy Toward Japan - Tokyo Shimbun - 20 Nov 15. Translator: J. Wada
Full Translation:
Careful examination of Ambassador PAULEY's statement on the reparations policy toward JAPAN makes us feel the bitterness of defeat. At least, we must never overlook the fact that AMERICA will not forgot PEARL HARBOR and will manage and control JAPAN under the impulse of this national emotion. The reparations policy may be both stern and fair at the same time. Moreover, the wisdom of the American Nation prevents it from imposing an astronomical sum of reparations. Paradoxical as it may seem, we feel mere fairness and sterness in their attitude is the practical way for management.
If the sum of reparations is astronomically large, the result may be, as was the case with GERMANY after the first World War, that the problem would become tangled and complicated. There would be frequent meetings of the reparations committee without a sizeable reduction in total reparations. The situation is well expressed in Ambassador PAULEY'S statement that JAPAN has no resources left for reparations after costs of the occupation and necessary imports are deducted.
After all, AMERICA is extremely realistic, and is above enjoying a sense of victory through mere figures. Unless we exert greater effort than we did in wartime and use precise planning, we may collapse before we can realize that the reparations policy will be such, that peace and democracy will ultimately lead the Japanese people to a more abundant life than. JAPAN has ever enjoyed under the militarists."
ITEM 2 Significance of the Extraordinary Diet - Asahi Shimbun - 20 Nov 45. Translator: M. kawanabe.
Full Translation:
It was decided that the 89th Diet is to be called on 26 November for a extraordinary session lasting 18 days. It is being convoked for the first time since the end of the war. However, most members of the House of Representatives are those who remained in office not through election but through recommendation by the authorities during the war. The House of Peers still remains unchanged.
We do not think that the forthcoming session is a proper first step to wards the democratization of politics. The Government is ejected to submit to the Diet a bill for revising the Election Law, a bill for a labor union law, and a bill for a farmland adjustment law.
It is also expected that the Government will disclose some definite counter-measures for the solution of the food problem which is now in urgent question. Meanwhile, it was made public that the Government the will request the Throne for dissolution of the Diet, which implies

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EDITORIAL SERIES: 29 (Continued)
ITEM 2 (Continued)
that the task of the members of the Houses is limited to a discussion of the present problems that need settlement urgently. They must keep these facts in mind in the performance of their duties. We known some of them feel responsible, and are aware of their incompetency Some have resigned or have tried to resign from their positions. The return of the Letters of resignation to those who have tried to resign has probably done little to lessen their feelings for responsibility.
We have learned, however, from experience that the character or the mental state of the members of the Houses as individuals does not affect their collective action the Diet. We have already stated how the Japanese nation is stirming up democratic revolution with a view toward reconstruction.
If each member of the Houses understands the political significance of these hills and real zee his political position, he will not complain of the shortness of the 18 day session. The political trend of the public is clear and the basis for debate is definite.
In the bill revising the Election Law, if the present embers of the Diet, who are but representatives of the former mower should revise the law, do they think that their return to official would be difficult? To these members we say:
Indeed you are fortunate to be able to rendor services for the removal of the power in the Diet of the group that has been prevailing since, the beginning of the war. It is tomorrow's task to establish a true democratic parliament. The people do not wish that you do it. Furthermore, the people are alert to the progress of proceedings in the Diet; that is, full freedom of speech must be strictly observed.
The suppression of free discussion. by the majority party, the prevalence of empty speeches having no connection with the discussions and interruptions for the purpose of obstruction were frdonent in the former Diet and must ever occur again.
We do not consider this demand improper, for we think in atonement for your past sins that you should carry out your duty and give the coming democratic Diet an easy start by making the progress of proceedings smooth.
In conclusion, it must be required that the Houses of now should be composed of those who will be definitely now directly supported by the people. For this purpose the forthcoming Diet .must cast off its old skin.
As to the administrative forms of government, if they be inadequate, we shall do away with them by our own hands and not by yours. We warn you to realize again your political position and not to go beyond your limited task.
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 29 (Continued)
ITEM 3 Don't Underestimate the Fury of the People - Nippon Sangyo Keizai - 20 Nov 45. Translator: I. Kunike.
According to a certain novel, the hero was greatly emraged because having worked honestly and sincerely, his efforts had been made the object of a fraud. Because of this, he had turned to evil practices. This situation is analogous to the present state in which the people find themselves.
Few among famous, workers and the public in general have net been affected by the existing corruption, and few have not become indi[illegible]nant at the unjust times. Hitherto, both the Government and the bureaucrats have plighted the people, and until now the people have been forced into silence by the strong-arm methods of their Government.
Because of this repressive action, the outlook of the people in such an undemocratic atmosphere in which they could not view things freely. Fortunately, the Allied Powers have made it possible to view things freely by removing the elements of repression. Consequently, the true facts have been revealed and the sordid and unjust practices of sinister cliques in the Government have been brought to light. The Government will no longer be able to continue deceiving the; people politically for any length of time.
The authorities should harken to the political wishes of the people who are anxious to right these wrongs and should carnestly consider changing their politics in conformity with the desires of the people.
Although the people are in the main simple minded, they intuitively can discern right from wrong, and therefore become highly incensed at these who carry out injustices against then. If the Government thinks it can hood-wink these enraged people until they eventually calm down, they are committing a serious blunder.
If this rage which is a constant weight upon the people's minds is not relieved through some means, it will finally result in a complete distortion and demoralization of their outlook.
The members of the Government in seeking out criminal facts and wrongs committed by members of their own class have kept a formal control over these and has handled the entire matter with guanded discretion. This circumstance has added to the rage of the people.
In the matter of the collusion of the militarists and the big capitalists, the Government has not volunteered to inquire into the true state of things. Moreover, authorities in a perfunctory manner are searching for goods misappropriated by the military men. These goods are being bought and sold at blackmarket prices and the authorities concerned have made no concerted effort to control the situation.
In contrast to this, formerly, they would thoroughly investigate to the extent of applying torture, any man, even though he was not a communist, for merely having in his possession a book inimical to the
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 29 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
interests of the capitalists. Yet now they are generous and even friendly in conducting examinations of the important military men concerning their thieving practices.
Moreover, the misdeeds committed by the agricultural officials, officials also concerned with food controls, food distributors and heads of town assemblies have been exposed openly, However, the Government has net made a thorough and clean sweep of those corrupt elements.
While on one hand black marketeering has been rampant and the black marketeers have glutted themselves; on the other hand the diligent salaried men are starving. Emmeshed in such a deceitful society the people are now being driven from rage to demoralization and from there to the ultimate degradation of vice. Gambling on the streets has come into vogue and the demoralized and the unemployed who will not by themselves seek work, are loafing away their time.
There may be extenuating circimstances but in reality, they cannot live on salaries honestly earned, but must resort to blackmarket dealings in order to provide a living for themselves.
The productive power of the basic industries has been low and the production of necessities has likewise been relatively stagnant. Furthermore war-damaged areas remain desorted.
Whatever one may say, our labor force forms the basis for rebuilding the economy of JAPAN. Therefore, first of all we must reform the society which has so demoralized labor.
The Government has been too slow in accomplishing this. As long as those who live in ease by practicing deceit and violence are not rooted out, our rage will not subs be and our demoralization will not be arrested.
The Government should not un[illegible]timate, even for any length of time our indignation and should at once make a concerted effort to remove all those malicious elements free, the country.
ITEM 4 "For our brothers in overseas" - Asahi Shimbun - 20 Nov [illegible]Translator: H. Furukawa.
Full Translation:
Janpanese investments and property in CHINA are to be confiseated or frozen. It is already clear that all overseas assets of the Japanese Government will be appropriated as reparations. This cannot be called unreasonable because most Japanese enterprises abroad wore in violation of international law. Japanese overseas investments were made under the production of the state through armed force. These investments cannot claim any reward since JAPAN is no longer capable of using force. The Japanese Government, however, may still carry on negotiations regarding the disposition of abanese engaged in business overseas.
Those who have been engaged in business, employees of the South CHURIA Railway Company and other railways, and employees of development companies in NORTH CHINA or the South Seas should contact the
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EDITORIAL SERIES: 29 (Continued)
ITEM 4 (Continued)
Central Liaison Office or the Japanese Government and make arrangements for repatriation and other necessary measures immediately. This will prevent a good deal of worry on the part of Japanese citizens who remain on the Continent and their families at home. Japanese in CHINA were allowed to keep only 5, 000 kuan and it is said that this will last only two .months. It is reported that some Japanese maintain a bare existence by becoming rickshaw men in [illegible]CHINA, and [illegible]CHURIA.
Now, with winter near at hand, we hope that measures will be taken to alleviate this unfortunate condition.
ITEM 5 The innocent - Nippon Sh[illegible]-hō - 19 Nov 45. Translator: I. Imai.
Full Translation:
In order to explain recent conditions in TOKYO to my family, which has been staying in the country since this spring, I made a trip to see them after a long absence. Trains were packed beyond my imagination. Passengers crawled in and cut of the trains through windows and there were many quarrels. Quarrel between two students was especially amusing. After pushing and jostling each other, one of them patted the other on his head. "Well, you struck no, didn't you? I had been in the service for two years! Don't you dare to fool with a military officer", exclaimed the one thus patted. What a young officer the student was! The other responded high-spirittedly, "Nothing so smart about a military officer! Belonged to the Navy. Look at this" and so saying he took out of a pocket of his coat a wartime navy cap as well as the collar-insignia of a sub-lieutenant.
I was astonished to know that he was well prepared for such an occasion. Yet it was funny that "the military profession" had importance among them. At any rate, everybody was a soldier and, if not, was either a requisitioned workman or a student laborer.
Most probably, there were none out of 70 million people who had had nothing to do with the presecution of the war, either directly or indirectly, except very few special individuals. But responsibility for the war is now severely punished and among members of the press, resignation of the top ranking staff looks like the latest fashion. Even in the offices of local papers which have only a few higher-ups, they are trying to reshuffle the leaders.
For whom are they carrying out such chances? Did the headers get so much profit during the war? If not, is it for the nation or for General Headquarters? I hate very much the words "wholesale repentance".
Of course, we have to accuse fully those who are responsible for the war or for the defeat, but at the same time we must ponder deeply and try to create a really good newspaper for the nation. I think I found a sentence in the scriptures saying "Beat her, who is innocent, first" and I must say to you not to be too anxious to "beat her".
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Editorial Series 0029, 1945-11-29.
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