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Press translations [Japan]. Economic Series 0260, 1946-02-05.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: economic-1133

call-number: DS801 .S81

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No. 1133 Date: 5 Feb 46


ITEM 1 New Regulation To Become Effective On February 6 Against Open-Air Stalls - Nippon Sangyo Keizai - 3 Feb 46. Translator: Z. Konishi.
In view of the fact that that black market Prices in open-air markets have been exerting a had influence upon the citizens' livelihood, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry intends to take steps for the control of such prices soon. Parallel with this, the Metropolitan Police authorities on 2 February decided that "the temporary Control Regulation for Street-Stall Business" (RIAJI ROTEN EIGYO TORISHIMARI-KISOKU) will be effective as of the 6th of this month.
The new regulation forms are the counterpart of the Ministry's plan which aims chiefly at the control of prices on street-stalls. The step was taken as a supervisory measure. According to the new regulations, chief of police offices are authorized to give permission for street-traders to open business, and if licensed street-traders violate the following rules, the chief of police is entitled to order them to suspend or give up their business: (l) In. case of actions contrary to the regulations or other laws; (2) In case of lending their name to others; (3) In case of violating union regulations; (4) In case of other unreasonable action
Furthermore, street-traders must open their business in the appointed place and by the appointed methods. Traders also must carry their permit and license, and a price table must be displayed at the stall to Chiefs of metropolitan police and general police officers have a right to restrict the selling of commodities in case of necessity. The chief of the Metropolitan police can issue an order to make revisions in union regulations, and can also order the re-election of officers. Spot-money (BASEN) which is levied by the union is fixed at a maximum of one yen per day.
The street-traders who are at present, engaged in business by police permission will be permitted to continue their business.
ITEM 2 Many Fish Shops Should Be Established In View of the Tokyo Central Fish Markets' Affair - Mainichi Shimbun. - 3 Feb 46. Translator: S. Iwata.
There was en affair relating to direct dealing in sardines at the TOKYO Central Fish Market (TOKYO CHUO UO ICHIBA) according to the MAINICHI Which has collected plans for measures to settle the affair.
The measures for settling the affair have appeared in the form of ten contributions as follows:
I am absolutely in favor of direct dealing in fish at the TOKYO Central Fish Market. The middlemen should be aliminated and a, consumers co-operative society, working with the producers of fish, should immediately be formed.

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ECONOMIC SERIES: 260 (Continued)

ITEM 2 (Continued)
Some officials of the street associations are apt to write dishonest testimonials, therefore they should be watched closely as well as the middlemen.
Fish bought at 13 yen per Ken cost about 20 yen owing to various expenses. Direct dealing in fish at the Central Fish Market should be effected by transportation from CHOSHI to TOKYO and the conscientious forwarding of fish from the producing districts
I am in favor of direct dealing, but it takes a long time for some people to buy sardines in line. This is unfair dealing just as much as was the ITABASHI affair I hope that the people in TOKYO can buy fish at many shops in the future. The problem was settled in the conference of the parties concerned with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the TOKYO Metropolitan Office, the TOKYO Central Fish Market, and the fishing companies and associations, so that the prices eventually may be set according to the quality of fish. The railway siding from RYOGOKU railway station is to be utilized to shorten the time taken in transporting fish, and the examination of the quality is to be done more thoroughly.

The direct connection between consumers and producers will be difficult because of transportation, distribution methods, and equipment. The solution to the problem will depend upon the self-control of the middlemen.
ITEM 3 The Problem of Employee Representation - Nippon Sangyo Keizai- 3 Feb 46. Translator R. Aoki.
In this country at present there is not only a tendency toward "production management" by striking workers, but also a tendency to demand the recognition of employee representation in the management of industry. While "production management" by employees is a rather common phenomenon, the demand for employee representation is of a more far-reaching nature and thereby demands our serious reflection connection with the future of economic enterprise, With such a consequence in view, the Government authorities are presently taking up this matter and in the meantime the capitalists are hoping also to consolidate their position.
The issue of employee representation was taken up for the first time at a conference of labor leaders in KANTO District at the end of 1ast November. On that occasion, this matter was discussed as a remedy for the prevalent industrial standstill rather than as a revolutionary measure, A group of capitalists who were accustomed to despotic rule over workers during the war may oppose the proposal of employee representation outright Yet the nation is in position to execute the Potsdam Declaration faithfully., Therefore, if the system of employee representation is essential for the democratization of national economy, some affective stops must be taken about it It is under such circumstances that the Labor Legislation Committee, in conjunction with the deliberation of the Labor Union Act 1ast November, reported that "in considering the economic recovery of the nation, representation of labor unions must be consulted and thus the labor unions must share the responsibility for economic reconstruction
The sensitive elements among capitalists are not missing this trend of affairs. The employee representation scheme which is being pondered by such capitalists to be as follows:
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ECONOMIC SERIES: 260 (Continued)
ITEM 3 (Continued)
As the function of representation, let it take part in the decisions regarding working conditions and in the administration of workers welfare
As the ways and means of representation it may he allowed to participate in the meetings of the board of directors , or he allowed to form ,an independent council.
The above views are representative ones but are surely conservative. Employee representation to this degree is not necessarily new even in this country In fact , such were found about 1920 at the YHBARI Coal Mines, SHUEISHA, YAHTU Steel Mills , MITSUBISHI Dockyards, and others. The reasons given for limiting the position of employee representation to this, point may be enumerated as follows:
Under the present system of capitalism the position and function of workers and [illegible]italists are almost naturally divided.
In case the employee representation is very powerful the employers may not be able to function satisfactorily for they must sometimes face the dilemma of the mutually opposing demands of employees and stock hold-

Contrary to this the progressive element among labor leaders holds that: (l) the participation of employees in, the. management will rather bright their sense of responsibility , and (2) the employee as the investor of his own labor power mist have the right to share the responsibility concerning the management as much as the investors of capital have,
As the above division of opinions shows, the problem of employee representation. if pressed to the end, will lead to an issue of paramount importance under capitalism. In any case, the business directorate hopes to be free from, the interference even of stock holders. For this reason, the future of the proposed employee representation will be determined only through the balance of power of many elements, and if a broad sphere of representation is permitted, effective supervision by some democratically constituted machinery will be necessary.
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