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Press translations [Japan]. Economic Series 0137, 1946-01-07.
Supreme Commander for The Allied Powers. Allied Translator and Interpreter Section.

translation-number: economic-0663

call-number: DS801 .S81

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No. 663 Date: 7 Jan 46


ITEM 1 National Revenue — 13,300 Million Yen, Expenditures — 12,800 Million Yen - Nippon Sangyo Keizai - 5 Jan 46. Translator: T. Kitagawa.
The Diet approved an outline of a National Budget for the fiscal year 1946 - 1947, which will be explained below (all figures in yen)
A. Revenue:
Ordinary 11,288,790,000
Special 2,039,601,000
Total 13,328,391,000
B. Expenditures:
Ordinary 9,243,578,000
Special 3,569,307,000
Total 12,812,885,000
C. Balance in A 515,506,000
Ordinary revenue of 11,288,790,000 yen and special revenue of 2,039,601,000 yen (13,328,391,000 yen total) are in excess of total expenditure by 515,506,000 yen, which amounts to 12,812,885,000 yen. Expenditures consisted of ordinary expenditures of 9,243,578,000 yen and special expenditures of 3,569,307,000 yen. How we will look into the contents of the budget.
Ordinary revenue consists of the general tax, which is estimated at 8,187,000,000 yen and which shows a decrease by 2,558,000,000 yen compared with that of 1944 - 1945. Local taxes to be collected are estimated at 165,000,000 yen, which shows a decrease of 99,000,000 yen. Stamp duty is estimated at 272,000,000 yen, while the amount of special revenues consists of a special profit tax amounting to 705,000,000 yen (decrease by 1,954,000 thousand yen). No income is expected from bond issues. Last year we issued 11,400,000,000 yen worth of bonds. Special revenues such as profits from monopoly enterprises, taxes on printing and so forth will amount to 942,000,000 yen (a decrease of 1,245,000,000 yen). Items showing increase are fees paid for utilization of national property, which is estimated at 19,000,000 yen, and miscellaneous revenue of 1,227,000,000 yen, an increase of 888,000,000 yen.
A drastic cut in auxiliary expenditures was put into effect and except for expenditures of the Imperial Household, the Department of Justice, and the Department of Education, the curtailment in expenditures realized by administrative readjustments will be just about cancelled by an increase in the salaries of Government employees. Table of General Accounts (In thousands of yen):

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ECONOMIC SERIES: 137 (Continued)
ITEM 1 (Continued)
Ordinary Extraordinary Total
Imperial Household 4,500 0 4,500
Ministry of Foreign Affairs 3,878 44,792 48,670
Home Ministry 928,329 591,866 1,520,196
Finance Ministry 7,048,273 694, 966 7,743,239
Ministry of Justice 113,950 25,874 139,814
Ministry of Education 718,693 100,718 819, 411
Welfare Ministry 166,040 188,241 354,282
Agriculture and Forestry Ministry 192,437 878,938 1,072,395
Commerce and Industry Ministry 18,142 944,161 962,303
Communication and Transportation Ministry 49,332 99,127 149,060
Total 9,243,578 3,569,307 12,812,885
Expenditures for the benefit of repatriates, deficits to be caused by decreased local tax rates, expenditures incidental to reparations, encouragement allowances for coal production and so forth will be met by a supplementary budget, and not by a deficiency bond.
ITEM 2 A Huge Quantity of Drugs Manufactured from the Present Stock of Medicines will be Shipped - Mainichi Shimbun - 6 Jan 46. Translator: S. Iwata.
Full Translation:
The famous medicines of JAPAN have been declared an effective collateral security for imports. Our usual annual production of the basic medicines is as follows: 37,000,000 kilograms of inorganic medicines, 26,700,000 kilograms of synthetic medicines, 28,700,000 kilograms of, vegetable medicines, 170,000 kilograms of internal medicines, and 700,000 kilograms of vitamin medicine. The materials depend largely upon importation.
Drug manufacturing companies are trying to use their stocks of medicines as well as their factories so as to meet the people's demand. The TAKEDA Drug Manufacturing Company (TAKEDA SEIYAKU) of OSAKA is the first to resume its former business. The famous and most valuable medicines are now being manufactured, and will soon be shipped.
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HomePress translations [Japan]. Economic Series 0137, 1946-01-07.
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