Waupieh, Roger

Variant first names: Brother Roger
Variant last names: Wauby; Waupey; Woyboy
Birth: 1734 in Stonington
Death: 1819 in New Stockbridge




New Stockbridge (from 1787-07-12 to 1788-07-18)

Marital status:

Married to Mary Waupieh.


Roger Waupieh was one of the founders of the Brothertown community. In early life, he lived in Stonington and served in the Revolutionary War. The maiden name of Occom's mother, Sarah, was Wauby, suggesting that Occom and Roger Waupieh may have been related. Some sources suggest "Woyboy" as an alternate spelling of Waupieh; Roger Waupieh may have been related to the Woyboy who was an early student at Moor's.

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