Sherburne, Henry III

last name (variants): Sherbourne; Sherberne
honorific(s): Mr.; Esq.
Birth: April 4, 1709 in Portsmouth, NH
Death: March 30, 1767 in Portsmouth, NH

New Hampshire Assembly; Harvard College


Harvard College (1728)


New Light (likely Congregationalist)




Judge; Speaker of New Hampshire Assembly

  • Portsmouth, NH (from 1709-04-04 to 1767-03-30)
Marital status

Sherburne was married and had as many as 16 children.


Henry Sherburne was an influential New Hampshire politician who supported Wheelock's agenda from 1761 until his death in 1767. He was an extremely well-connected man: his mother was a Wentworth and his father was a Sherburne, two of the most powerful families in New Hampshire. Henry Sherburne began working as a clerk in the New Hampshire court as soon as he graduated from Harvard. He went on to become a judge and the Speaker of the New Hampshire Assembly. During the Great Awakening, Sherburne became one of George Whitefield's disciples. Whitefield then introduced him to Wheelock in 1761. Sherburne used his influence to secure support for Wheelock from the New Hampshire Assembly, and raised private donations in his colony (he did not succeed in gaining much support from the Assembly because Benning Wentworth, the governor at the time, was an Anglican and strongly opposed Congregationalists). One of Sherburne's sons was a member of the Dartmouth Class of 1776, as was one of his nephews (the son of his brother John Sherburne, trustee of Dartmouth from 1770-1777).


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