Variant first names: Mundias; Mondius; Mund

Moor's Indian Charity School; Oneida


Moor's from 1765-1768.


Converted Christian; likely New Light Congregationalist




Schoolteacher at Kanawalohale from at least February 1772 on.


Lebanon, CT (from 1765-10-05 to 1768-08-01)

Kanawalohale (from 1768-09 to 1772-02-24)


Mundius was an Oneida who studied at Wheelock's school for three years before falling very ill and returning home in 1768. Although Wheelock thought he would return once he was healthy, he never did and instead stayed to teach school among the Oneidas. Based on statements from Oneida chiefs to Samuel Kirkland and David Avery, he seems to have stayed true to Wheelock's religion and methods of education, although we do not have detailed information about his life after leaving Wheelock. It is possible that he had intended to return to Wheelock, but could not after the Oneidas removed their children in 1768. He wrote his name in a Psalm book and a copy of Lily's Latin Grammar, both of which survive in the Bezaleel Woodward Collection in Dartmouth Special Collections.

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