Lyman, Eleanor (née Dwight)

Variant last names: Lyman
Birth: about 1717
Death: April 1777 in Natchez

Suffield, MA/CT (from 1742)

Natchez (from 1774 to 1777)

Marital status:

Married Phineas Lyman on October 7, 1742. They had 8 children: Phineas, Gamaliel Dwight, Thaddeus, Thompson, Oliver, Eleanor, Experience, and Thompson.


Eleanor Dwight Lyman, or Madam Lyman, was married to General Phineas Lyman. She was the daughter of Timothy Dwight and Experience King. Benjamin Bancroft wrote to Eleazar Wheelock on her behalf suggesting that one of her sons attend Wheelock's school.

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General note:

Eleanor Dwight Lyman's nephew, Timothy Dwight, was a president of Yale College.