Breed, Gershom

Variant first names: Gershon
Variant last names: Bread
Birth: November 15, 1715 in Stonington, CT
Death: January 5, 1777 in Norwich, CT

American Colonist



Marital status:

Married Dorothy McLaren on May 10, 1747. They had either nine or ten children.


Breed was a vendor who traded with Occom and Wheelock. His wares included food, building materials, alcohol, clothing, and finished metal goods. He was a staunch Wheelock supporter, and helped hold and deliver mail for Wheelock, as well as sending his (possibly first-born) son, John McLaren Breed, to Wheelock's school (J. Breed went on to graduate from Yale in 1768). While Occom was abroad, he was more lenient in supplying goods to Mary Occom than other local vendors, such as Captain Shaw, but eventually, he too refused to sell to her on credit.

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