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Mary Secutor, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 October 12

Manuscript Number767562.2

Date12 October 1767

AuthorSecutor, Mary

RecipientWheelock, Eleazar

AbstractSecutor writes that she is thankful for Wheelock’s permission to visit her Nation, and that she will return around Thanksgiving.

Mary Secutor, confession of drunkeness, 1767 December 27

Manuscript Number767677

Date27 December 1767

AuthorSecutor, Mary

AbstractMary Secutor confesses to drunkenness and lewd conduct.

Mary Secutor, confession, 1768 March 11

Manuscript Number768211.2

Date11 March 1768

AuthorSecutor, Mary

AbstractSecutor confesses to drunkeness and rude conduct at a tavern.

Mary Secutor, letter to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 July 28

Manuscript Number768428.2

Date28 July 1768

AuthorSecutor, Mary

RecipientWheelock, Eleazar

AbstractMary asks for permission to leave the school.

Mary Secutor, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1768 November 16

Manuscript Number768616

Date16 November 1768

AuthorSecutor, Mary

RecipientWheelock, Eleazar

AbstractSecutor writes to Wheelock for direction about her promise to marry Hezekiah Calvin, which she is reconsidering.