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Gershom Breed, account ledger, 1764

Manuscript Number764900.1




AbstractGershom Breed's bill against Wheelock for goods furnished to Occom and others.

Account of money owed for the building of Occom’s house, 1764 October 22

Manuscript Number764572

Date22 October 1764

AbstractA list of bills that have arisen in the building of Samson Occom's house.

Bill of Goods, 1765 October 15

Manuscript Number764565

Date15 October 1765



AbstractBill of goods presented by Gershom Breed to Eleazar Wheelock.

Samson Occom, letter, date and recipient unknown

Manuscript Number003111



AbstractIn a strongly worded letter to an unidentified correspondent, Occom declares that he and John Tantaquidgeon have been unjustly served with lawsuits.

Samson Occom, journal, 1757 June 28 to 1761 March 31

Manuscript Number757378

Date28 June 1757 to 31 March 1761


AbstractOccom details his travels throughout Long Island and New England, as well as his ordination and the events leading up to it. He takes his son Aaron to be raised by Wheelock.

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