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Samson Occom, receipts and expenses, 1761

Manuscript Number761290



AbstractOccom records various receipts and expenses collected and incurred in travel to and from Montauk and Oneida in the year 1761.

John Brainerd, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 September 16

Manuscript Number766516.1

Date16 September 1766



AbstractBrainerd writes about the apprehension of the murderers of two Indian women, includes letters from Francis Alison and John Ewing recommending John G. Kals as a teacher and missionary, and gives his own recommendation of Kals, with reservations.

Samson Occom, letter, to John Thornton, 1777 January 1

Manuscript Number777101

Date1 January 1777



AbstractOccom writes to thank Thornton for his generosity. He also bemoans the hardships brought on by the war, discusses the importance of keeping the Indians neutral, and asks for Thornton's assistance in getting money from the Society in Scotland for Progating Christian Knowledge.

Samson Occom, journal, date unknown

Manuscript Number771101.2



AbstractOccom describes his travels around the East coast and in Philadelphia.

Samson Occom, journal, 1787 December 10 to 1788 August 10

Manuscript Number787660.1

Date10 December 1787 to 10 August 1788


AbstractOccom details his activities as an intinerant preacher and tribal leader as he travels throughout Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

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