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Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Dennys DeBerdt, 1761 May 4

Manuscript Number761304.1

Date4 May 1761



AbstractWheelock writes that he is seeking an incorporation, and that Occom has preached in Wheelock’s pulpit prior to leaving for his mission to the Oneidas.

Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to John Smith, 1761 September 15

Manuscript Number761515

Date15 September 1761



AbstractWheelock writes of Occom’s mission to the Oneidas, of the preparations of Samuel Kirtland for mission work, and of the general progress of the charity school. In a postscript, Wheelock states that Occom was educated entirely by him, and not at college.

Solomon Williams, letter, to Rev. Samuel Wood, 1761 November 12

Manuscript Number761662.1

Date12 November 1761



AbstractWilliams writes a lengthy letter regarding news of his sister-in-law, events in Great Britain and in the colonies, and the desire of various tribes to receive missionaries. Mention is made of Samson Occom.

Minutes of the Connecticut Board of Correspondents of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge, 1764 July 4

Manuscript Number764404

Date4 July 1764


AbstractA copy of minutes refer to the formation of the Connecticut board, and to Occom's employment by the Company for Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the parts adjacent in America.

Samson Occom, narrative, 1765 November 28

Manuscript Number765628.1

Date28 November 1765


AbstractOccom writes a brief account of his life and education.

Nathaniel Whitaker, narrative, 1766

Manuscript Number766900.11



AbstractWhitaker gives a brief history of Indian conversion in America and why it has thus far been relatively unsuccessful. Occom’s story is used as an argument for promoting Wheelock’s School and its focus on educating Indians, rather than English, as missionaries. A plan for an expanded school is put forth.

Aaron Kinne, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1766 December 1

Manuscript Number766651.4

Date1 December 1766



AbstractKinne reports from his travels to scout new Indian students and locations for missions and schools.

Robert Cottle, letter, to Nathaniel Whitaker, 1766 December 9

Manuscript Number766659

Date9 December 1766



AbstractCottle informs Whitaker of potential donors. There is also the text of a notice that Occom will preach the next Sabbath in Frog Lane.

David Avery, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 May 26

Manuscript Number767326.2

Date26 May 1767



AbstractAvery writes to express his desire, and list his reasons, for going to college rather than early into missionary work.

Nathaniel Whitaker, letter, to John Erskine, 1767 June 17

Manuscript Number767367.2

Date17 June 1767



AbstractWhitaker writes to Erskine about the terms of the Trust and to debunk charges made against Wheelock that he is promoting Presbyterianism.

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