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Benjamin Pomeroy, receipt, 1749 June 27

Manuscript Number749375

Date27 June 1749



AbstractA receipt for 60 pounds towards the support of Occom.

Samson Occom, receipts and expenses, 1761

Manuscript Number761290



AbstractOccom records various receipts and expenses collected and incurred in travel to and from Montauk and Oneida in the year 1761.

John Marshall, receipt, 1766 February 25

Manuscript Number766175.2

Date25 February 1766


AbstractReceipt from the captain of the ship "Boston Packett," on which Whitaker and Occom sailed from Boston to England, with a deduction of five pounds as a gift from John Hancock, one of the owners of the ship.

Receipt, 1766 August 22

Manuscript Number766472.2

Date22 August 1766

AbstractReceipt for the purchase of several different kinds of cloth from John Rowend. A note is added by Sarah Whitaker.