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Samuel Ashpo, confession, 1742 February 12

Manuscript Number742162.1

Date12 February 1742


AbstractAshpo confesses to forsaking the rules of Christian marriage by taking another wife after discovering that his first wife has been unfaithful.

Jacob Woolley, confession, 1763 July 25

Manuscript Number763425.2

Date25 July 1763


AbstractWoolley's confession of drunkeness and blasphemy.

Mary Secutor, confession of drunkeness, 1767 December 27

Manuscript Number767677

Date27 December 1767


AbstractMary Secutor confesses to drunkenness and lewd conduct.

Hannah Nonesuch, confession, 1768 March 11

Manuscript Number768211.1

Date11 March 1768


AbstractNonesuch confesses to drinking and rude conduct at a tavern.

Mary Secutor, confession, 1768 March 11

Manuscript Number768211.2

Date11 March 1768


AbstractSecutor confesses to drunkeness and rude conduct at a tavern.