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Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Joseph Johnson, 1774 February 4

Manuscript Number774154.1

Date4 February 1774

AuthorWheelock, Eleazar

RecipientJohnson, Joseph

AbstractWheelock rejoices at Johnson’s improved character and wishes to have him and Jacob Fowler visit Hanover.

Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Joseph Johnson, 1775 January 23

Manuscript Number775123.1

Date23 January 1775

AuthorWheelock, Eleazar

RecipientJohnson, Joseph

AbstractWheelock writes that the London Fund is exhausted, but that he has plans laid to provide for Johnson. Wheelock is pleased that Johnson is going to New York and notes that the new boys from St. Francis speak the same language as Johnson’s Indians.

Samson Occom, journal, 1784 May 8 to 1785 April 26

Manuscript Number784308

Date8 May 1784 to 26 April 1785

AuthorOccom, Samson

AbstractOccom details his travels and activities during the period of May 8, 1784, through April 26, 1785.

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