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Joseph Johnson, letter, to the Indians at Niantic, Mohegan, Groton, Stonington, Narragansett and Montauk, 1773 December 24

Manuscript Number773674.1

Date24 December 1773

AuthorJohnson, Joseph

RecipientsMontaukett Tribe; Stonington Pequots; Narragansett Tribe; Groton Pequots; Niantic Tribe; Mohegan Tribe

AbstractOn behalf of himself and six other Indian signatories, Johnson strongly urges each tribe to send a delegate to confer with the Oneidas and Sir William Johnson on the subject of lands.

Samson Occom, letter, to Joseph Johnson, 1775 April 14

Manuscript Number775264

Date14 April 1775

AuthorOccom, Samson

RecipientJohnson, Joseph

AbstractOccom writes to express regret that so few Indians are going to Oneida, and that Johnson should, above all, keep peace among the Indians there. Occom also writes that his daughter Olive has married.