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Benjamin Pomeroy, receipt, 1749 June 27

Manuscript Number749375

Date27 June 1749

AuthorPomeroy, Benjamin

RecipientWilliams, Solomon

AbstractA receipt for 60 pounds towards the support of Occom.

Solomon Williams, letter, to Samson Occom, 1749 September 7

Manuscript Number749507

Date7 September 1749

AuthorWilliams, Solomon

RecipientOccom, Samson

AbstractWilliams advises Occom to follow the advice given by Wheelock (see manuscript 749506).

Solomon Williams, letter, to Andrew Oliver, 1750 April 16

Manuscript Number750266

Date16 April 1750

AuthorWilliams, Solomon

RecipientOliver, Andrew

AbstractWilliams writes to Oliver that he has advised Occom, who has been successfully teaching the Indians at Montauk for the last six months, to remain with them and await orders from the Commissioners. He includes an extract of a letter from Azariah Horton asking for an extension of Occom's services.

Samson Occom, journal, 1750 June 21 to 1751 February 9

Manuscript Number750421

Date21 July 1750

AuthorOccom, Samson

AbstractOccom details his travels along the East Coast from the autumn of 1750 to the late winter of 1751.

Solomon Williams, letter, to Secretary Willard, 1751 July 24

Manuscript Number751424

Date24 July 1751

AuthorWilliams, Solomon


AbstractWilliams writes to relate the circumstances regarding Occom's school at Montauk, and the uncertainty of his future there.

Solomon Williams, letter, to Andrew Oliver, 1751 October 7

Manuscript Number751557

Date7 October 1751

AuthorWilliams, Solomon

RecipientOliver, Andrew

AbstractWilliams gives his opinion of the recent decision by the Boston Commissioners to send Samson Occom on a mission to Susquehanna and to pay him 20 pounds sterling per annum. He notes that, though Occom intends to marry, he has assured Williams this would not interfere with his missionary work.

Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to A. Oliver, 1757 November 9

Manuscript Number757609

Date9 November 1757

AuthorWheelock, Eleazar

RecipientOliver, Andrew

AbstractWheelock writes about Occom's ordination, and speculates as to the where he will ultimately preach.

Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Thomas Foxcroft, 1761 June 18

Manuscript Number761368.1

Date18 June 1761

AuthorWheelock, Eleazar

RecipientFoxcroft, Thomas

AbstractWheelock writes of the mission of Occom and Fowler, and mentions the danger from Separatists who are preaching among the Indians.

Solomon Williams, letter, to Rev. Samuel Wood, 1761 November 12

Manuscript Number761662.1

Date12 November 1761

AuthorWilliams, Solomon

RecipientWood, Samuel

AbstractWilliams writes a lengthy letter regarding news of his sister-in-law, events in Great Britain and in the colonies, and the desire of various tribes to receive missionaries. Mention is made of Samson Occom.

Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to John Erskine, 1763 September 21

Manuscript Number763521.2

Date21 September 1763

AuthorWheelock, Eleazar

RecipientErskine, John

AbstractWheelock writes to update Erskine on the the missions of Occom and Ashpo, and relates the dangers of an impending war with the Indians.

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