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New Stockbridge Indians, letter, to Samson Occom, 1787 August 29

Manuscript Number787479

Date29 August 1787

AuthorsPohpmon, John; Naunannuknuck, David; Neshoonuhhuk, David; Sauquethquaut, Joseph; Aupaumut, Hendrick; Pauquunnuppeet, Peter; Pauphaunhum, Samuel; Baldwin, John; Quannekanut, Joseph

RecipientOccom, Samson

AbstractThe New Stockbridge Indians testify to their faith in the Christian religion and request that Occom become their pastor.

State of New York, resolution, 1791 February 24

Manuscript Number791174

Date24 February 1791

AuthorNew York State Legislature

AbstractThe NY State Assembly and Senate grant Occom 15 pounds to pay his expenses in attending the legislature on behalf of the Brothertown and New Stockbridge Indians. Also, Samson Occom’s receipt for the sum.