Samson Occom, journal, 1785 October 4 to 1786 December 4


[note (type: abstract): Occom describes the events of the period between October 4, 1785, and December 4, 1786; they include an Indian wedding, the naming of Brothertown and other Brothertown business.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is mostly clear and legible. There are several uncrossed t’s and crossed l’s, which the transcriber has corrected.][note (type: paper): Several small sheets folded into a booklet and bound with thread or twine are in good condition, with light staining and wear. There is some fading, and the opening and closing pages are more worn than those inside them.][note (type: ink): Brown ink varies in intensity.][note (type: noteworthy): On 18 recto, the identity of David Fowler's daughter is uncertain, and so she has been left untagged. On 19 recto, the identity of Elijah Wympy's son is uncertain, and so he has been left untagged; however, he may possibly be Elijah Wympy, Jr.[pers1347.ocp] On 23 recto, the identity of John Post's son is uncertain and so he has been left untagged. An editor, likely 19th-century, has written notes in black ink on one recto; these notes have not been included in the transcription. The date for “Sabbath Oct 30” should be 31. The date “Nov 2” should be Nov 20. Names and place names that are illegible have not been tagged. It is likely that the two Mr. John Smiths mentioned in this document are two different people.]
[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): Oct. 4,]Oct. 4,  [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): to Dec. 4.]to Dec. 4.[1785-10-04] 
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]

1785[1785] N: III  [Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 4[1785-10-04]

After [Brea | break]Breabreak  [faſt | fast]faſtfast, took leave of the [Famy | family]Famyfamily  and went on towards Ablbany[place0001.ocp]  got there about 11: I [turnd | turned]turndturned  to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. John [McKinny | McKinny]McKinnyMcKinny[pers1117.ocp]s a  [Tervern | tavern]Terverntavern keeper, and it  [Raind | rained]Raindrained [extream | extreme]extreamextreme hard. the  Rain [Catcht | caught]Catchtcaught us [juſt | just]juſtjust as  we got over t[illegible]he Ferry, —  when the Rain abated I went to  See Some Friends, but [moſt | most]moſtmost of  my particular Friends were  gone out of the City, went to  our good friend Hollenback[pers1108.ocp]s  [Inqured | inquired]Inquredinquired of him of my [Daugh | daughter]Daughdaughter  Christiana[pers1095.ocp] but he [Coud | could]Coudcould not tell  anything about them, he [deſird | desired]deſirddesired  me to [Baptiſe | baptize]Baptiſebaptize his Child, that  was born the [Sabath | Sabbath]SabathSabbath Day Day  before which was the Second Day  of the Month, and I [Examend | examined]Examendexamined  them Concerning their [knowledg | knowledge]knowledgknowledge  of the Nature of [Baptiſm | baptism]Baptiſmbaptism. 
and their Duty to bring up  their Children in the Fear of god  and [non | not]nonnot to do it only out of [Cus  tum | cus tom]Cus  tumcus tom and [Faſhon | fashion]Faſhonfashion, and they  [promiſe | promise]promiſepromise to do their Duty, — and  [in deed | indeed]in deedindeed it was a great Trial to  me, and finally I [Conſented | consented]Conſentedconsented  and [Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime in the evening  I [Baptiſed | baptized]Baptiſedbaptized the Child by the Name  of J[illegible]enney[pers1287.ocp], with the great Name  of the ever [Bleſsed | blessed]Bleſsedblessed Trinity —  [Lodgd | Lodged]LodgdLodged at the Same [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, and  was kindly [intertaind | entertained]intertaindentertained, — 

[Wedneſday | Wednesday]WedneſdayWednesday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 5[1785-10-05]

was in the City  [till | 'til]till'til after noon, Dined at [mr | Mr.]mrMr.  Hollenbeck[pers1108.ocp]s, and Soon after [D– | dinner]D–dinner  [Sot | set]Sotset [of | off]ofoff from Albany[place0001.ocp], and got  to Loudensd Ferry[place0468.ocp] and we [coud | could]coudcould  not get over, and [Lodgd | lodged]Lodgdlodged at  Mr F[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): u]undys. and they were  very [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable Folks — 

[Thirdsday | Thursday]ThirdsdayThursday [Octor | October]OctorOctober 6:[1785-10-06]

went [of | off]ofoff  very early in morning and  went up to the Northward  [becausſe | because]becausſebecause we [coud | could]coudcould not get 
at this Place and we wen^[above] [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): t]t^[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): t]t  So far as to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Whitney[pers0589.ocp]'s in  [Neſ | Nes]NeſNes[illegible]ia, and we wan  der about backwards and  forwards all Day, — got over  the River[place0172.ocp] lower part of Nes  [illegible]ia, and [Lodgd | lodged]Lodgdlodged at poor  [Tervern | tavern]Terverntavern one [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. John  Smith[pers1125.ocp]s, — 

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [octr | October]octrOctober 17:[1785-10-17]

got up  very early in the morning  and [Sot | set]Sotset [of | off]ofoff for Saratoga[place0470.ocp] and  we [S^[above] t^topt | s^[above] t^topped]S^[above] t^topts^[above] t^topped at [Sev^[above] el^ely | several]Sev^[above] el^elyseveral prlaces by  the way, and we found  no [frinds | friends]frindsfriends in ^[above] the^the Road, —  got to [Still Waters | Stillwater]Still WatersStillwater[place0471.ocp] about 12  [Stopt | Stopped]StoptStopped [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [gap: omitted] a [Tervern | tavern]Terverntavern and  Several knew me, and they [offer^[above] d^d | offered]offer^[above] d^doffered  us [illegible]Dinner and we [acepted | accepted]aceptedaccepted of  it kindly,— and here found out  the People had Concluded to have ^[above] me^me  keep Sabbath with them, good  old [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Campell[pers0832.ocp] is a [Miniſter | minister]Miniſterminister  of this Place, and he was Sent 
for he Came Direc^[above] t^tly to See me  and Concluded further to be with  them on the Sabbath, and two  went on but the Bridges were  So gone and [Shatterd | shattered]Shatterdshattered by the  Flood, that we [Coud | could]Coudcould not go a  long by the River[place0172.ocp], and [turnd | turned]turndturned  right off from the River[place0172.ocp], and  [inquried | inquired]inquriedinquired after [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Kalley[pers1109.ocp], and  found him in the [Duſk | dusk]Duſkdusk of the  evening, and was kindly [recevd | received]recevdreceived  his wife[pers1411.ocp] was not well; and I  went to another Family to Lodge  one old [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Concling[pers1096.ocp] Lodged  with me, — — — 

Saturday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 9:[1785-10-09]

Soon after  [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast [Sot | set]Sotset [of | off]ofoff and went to the  River[place0172.ocp], got to the River[place0172.ocp] [ab | about]ababout 12:  Call in at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [McCarty | McCarty]McCartyMcCarty[pers1115.ocp]s and  the offer us Dinner and we  [Sot | sat]Sotsat down to eat, — and here  we [underſtood | understood]underſtoodunderstood my Daughter[pers1095.ocp]  was [eaſt | east]eaſteast Side of the River[place0172.ocp] [Cloſe | close]Cloſeclose  by the River[place0172.ocp], Soon after [Dinr | dinner]Dinrdinner 
We [Sot | set]Sotset [of | off]ofoff again I went [a foot | afoot]a footafoot  and left my [Horſe | horse]Horſehorse with [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  [Mccarty | McCarty]MccartyMcCarty[pers1115.ocp], got over the River[place0172.ocp]  about 2: in ther [after noon | afternoon]after noonafternoon  and went to the place where I hear^[above] d^d  my Daughter[pers1095.ocp] was, ^[above] got^got to where [Siſter | Sister]SiſterSister  Dina[pers1103.ocp] lives, and there was [no body | nobody]no bodynobody  at home [bout | but]boutbut old mother Margery[pers1114.ocp]  after a while Isaac Tattleton[pers1130.ocp]  Came [hom | home]homhome, and I got his mare to  go to where my Daughter[pers1095.ocp] lives, a  bout 7 miles further, and we  got to the Place [Some Time | ]Some Time in  the evening, and not well but  better than She had been  for She has been very Sick  the [reſt | rest]reſtrest were well, Thanks  be to the great god for his mercy  to me in the [preſervation | preservation]preſervationpreservation of  me and my Daughter[pers1095.ocp] and her  Family Lodged here — 

Sabbath [Octr | October]OctrOctober 9[1785-10-09]

got up very  early and [Sot | set]Sotset [of | off]ofoff to go [Still waters | Stillwater]Still watersStillwater[place0471.ocp]  to preach in [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Campel[pers0832.ocp]s [m– | meeting]m–meeting  got to the River[place0172.ocp] [a bout | about]a boutabout 9, and  Sent the mare back by James  waucus[pers1137.ocp] for he Came down with 
with me; got over Soon and I  on [a foot | afoot]a footafoot and [tryed | tried]tryedtried to get a [Horſe | horse]Horſehorse  at the [firſt | first]firſtfirst [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, but I [Coud | could]Coudcould not  and went on foot, and two or three  Places. and all in Vain, a wagon  Came by me [goining | going]goininggoing to meeting  [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): and]and I [deſired | desired]deſireddesired him to help me  [a long | along]a longalong, but he [woud | would]woudwould not, at  [laſt | last]laſtlast I gave up, and Sendt word  forward to have [Horſe | horse]Horſehorse Sent me  and I went into a [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, told the  man of the [Houſe | house]Houſehouse of my difficul  ties, and he [aſked | asked]aſkedasked me whether  I was going to hear the Strange  [miſter | minister]miſterminister, I told I [Suppoſe | suppose]Suppoſesuppose I Should  hear him, and then told him,  the People Could not See that  Strange Creature [till | 'til]till'til I got  there, and then he [aſked | asked]aſkedasked me  whether it was I that they expe^[above] cted^cted  —I told him Yes,—and he was  [Surpriſed | surprised]Surpriſedsurprised, and there were then  Several People going by, he  Called to them and told them I  was in the [Houſe | house]Houſehouse and wanted  help, and one of the men got 
down and [offerd | offered]offerdoffered me his  [Horſe | horse]Horſehorse to ride to meeting, and  I took it, and went on, got  there at half after 11, and there  was a prodigious large [Congre  gathon | congre gation]Congre  gathoncongre gation the [bigeſt | biggest]bigeſtbiggest that ever  was Seen in the Place, and I  went in, gave them a Short  [diſcourſe | discourse]diſcourſediscourse, from [Jona | Jonah]JonaJonah [gap: omitted] 5 [verſe | verse]verſeverse  in the [after noon | afternoon]after noonafternoon from another  the g People attended with grea^[above] t^t  and Solemn attention and with  many Tears, — as Soon as the  meeting was done, a gentleman  took me in his wagon, and [Cari  ed | carri ed]Cari  edcarri ed me to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Powers[pers1121.ocp]s, the good  man [recevd | received]recevdreceived me with [tender  neſs | tender ness]tender  neſstender ness and [Friendſhip | friendship]Friendſhipfriendship, at Candle  lighting we went to meeting  in a Small Log meeting [Houſe | house]Houſehouse  and it was [Crouded | crowded]Croudedcrowded like a Bee  Hive, and [the | they]thethey attended like  Criminals at the Bar, I [beliv | believe]belivbelieve  they felt the power of the word  [tho | though]thothough I was much Spent —[Lodgd | lodged]Lodgdlodged  at Elder Powers[pers1121.ocp]s — 

Monday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 10[1785-10-10]

was at Mr Powers[pers1121.ocp]  [till | 'til]till'til near meeting Time, Elder  Powers[pers1121.ocp] let me have his [Horſe | horse]Horſehorse 
to ride to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Kalley[pers1109.ocp]s meeting  got there near 12 [Stopt | stopped]Stoptstopped a while  at a [Houſe | house]Houſehouse near the meeting [H– | house]H–house  and [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Kalley[pers1109.ocp] Came to me, [& | and]&and  we went to another [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, and  there we took Dinner — and Soon  after eating we went to [meetg | meeting]meetgmeeting  and there was a Multitude of  People, and I [preachd | preached]preachdpreached to them  from [gap: omitted] and there  was an affectionate attention  the [Chriſtians | Christians]ChriſtiansChristians were [Some what | somewhat]Some whatsomewhat  [Elivated | elevated]Elivatedelevated, and the Sinners were  alarmed, and I [belive | believe]belivebelieve the Hypo  crites were [Surpriſed | surprised]Surpriſedsurprised and we  had a little [intermiſtion | intermission]intermiſtionintermission, and  went to meeting again at Can  dle Lighting, and there was a  great number of People again  and they attended [Solmnly | solemnly]Solmnlysolemnly,—  after meeting I went home with  with one [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. John Smith ^[above] Carperter^Carperter[pers1094.ocp] about  one Hundred Rods from the  meeting [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, and was [extrea | extremely]extreaextremely  well [entertaind | entertained]entertaindentertained, we had very  [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable [Converſation | conversation]Converſationconversation with the 
man and Woman after [Conver  ſation | conver sation]Conver  ſationconver sation, I went to bed quietly,— 

[Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 11:[1785-10-11]

about 9: in  the morning [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Kalley[pers1109.ocp] and I  went towards the North River[place0172.ocp],  [Call'd | called]Call'dcalled on [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Powers[pers1121.ocp], and he was  [geting | getting]getinggetting ready to go with us, and  So we went on; got to [mr | Mr.]mrMr. Bacon[pers1088.ocp]'s  about 11: and the People began  to [Collectogerther | collect together]Collectogerthercollect together, and about half  after one we began the meeting,  and the People Seemed to be tied  to the word, and I believe they  felft the Power of the word, Soon  after meeting we went to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  McCarty[pers1115.ocp]s where I had left my  mare and the man C[illegible]harged  me nothing for keeping my  mare, and went on [preſently | presently]preſentlypresently  and [Calld | called]Calldcalled on [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. John Smith[pers1126.ocp]  and took DTea with them, and  directly went on to the Ferry —  got over about [Sun Sit | sunset]Sun Sitsunset, and  went to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Matt Vanburan[pers1134.ocp]s  and the People Collected toge  ther, and we had a meeting  and there was [Conſiderable | considerable]Conſiderableconsiderable [Nr | number]Nrnumber 
number of People, and they  behaved well, [Stayd | stayed]Staydstayed at the  Same [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, — 

[Wedneſday | Wednesday]WedneſdayWednesday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 12:[1785-10-12]

I saw Tattle^[above] ton^ton[pers1130.ocp]  and I went to my Daughter[pers1095.ocp]s, [& | and]&and  we got there about 12: and I  [reſted | rested]reſtedrested a little at my Daughter[pers1095.ocp]s  and then we went to meeting  to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [gap: omitted] and the People  behaved well generally but  not So Solemn as at other P[illegible: [guess (h-dawnd): s]s]  after meeting, went back to  my Daughter[pers1095.ocp]s, and [reſted | rested]reſtedrested a  little, and in the evening, the  People Collected, at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Begle[pers1090.ocp]'s  and we had a little meeting  after meeting went to my [D | daughter]Ddaughter[pers1095.ocp]'s  again, and went to bed very  Soon 

[Thirdsday | Thursday]ThirdsdayThursday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 13[1785-10-13]:

after [Bre | breakfast]Brebreakfast  left my folks and went on  to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Jonathan [Thomſon | Thomson]ThomſonThomson[pers1131.ocp]s,  got there before noon, and took  Dinner with them, — at 2  we went to, [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Tomſons | Tomsons]TomſonsTomsons Son[pers1128.ocp]'s 
a few Rods, and there we  had meeting, and there was  [Conſiderable | considerable]Conſiderableconsiderable number of Peop^[above] le^le  and they attended well, — as Soon  as the meeting was done, they  [deſired | desired]deſireddesired me to preach to them  again in the evening, and  I Complied, and I begun a  gain in about ha[illegible]lf an [H | hour]Hhour  and there was greater at  tention Still, the People were  much affected, Lodged at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  [Tomſon | Tomson]TomſonTomson[pers1131.ocp]'s, 

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 14:[1785-10-14]

[Some Time | ]Some Time  after [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast, [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Tomſon | Tomson]TomſonTomson[pers1131.ocp]  and I took our [Horſes | horses]Horſeshorses and we  went to [Still waters | Stillwater]Still watersStillwater[place0471.ocp], — got there  [Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime before meeting, a  bout 1 we went to meeting, and  there was a great number of  People, and they attended  with great affection, after  meeting went to [mr | Mr.]mrMr. Campell[pers0832.ocp]'s  and, near [Sun Sit | sunset]Sun Sitsunset we[illegible] went 
to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Baker[pers1289.ocp]s and had an  evening there, and there was  a great Number of People a  gain, and they attended with  all gravity, and after the  People were [diſmiſt | dismissed]diſmiſtdismissed, a num  ber [Stay'd | stayed]Stay'dstayed, and I gave out  out my Cards to the People  and we had agreeable [Exer  ciſe | exer cise]Exer  ciſeexer cise, and [Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime in the  evening the People [diſperſt | dispersed]diſperſtdispersed  and I went to bed Quietly  once more. Thanks be to god  The People in this Place are  exceeding Friendly and kind  to me, [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Campel[pers0832.ocp] is as a  Father to me. 

Saturday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 15[1785-10-15]

[Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime  after [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast went on my  way; [Stopt | stopped]Stoptstopped at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Campel[pers0832.ocp]s  a few minutes, and then took  leave of them, and went on  my way towards [Ball Town | Ballston]Ball TownBallston[place0363.ocp] 
got to [Capt | Capt.]CaptCapt. Dunning[pers1105.ocp]s about  12: Dined with them, in the  evening we had a meeting  in [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Gregory[pers1107.ocp]s [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, and  there was a goodly number  of People — and it was a So  lemn meeting — after [meetg | meeting]meetgmeeting  went home with [Capt | Capt.]CaptCapt. Dunning[pers1105.ocp]  again. and Lodged there,  the [Capt | Capt.]CaptCapt. and his whole Family  are exceeding [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable  Folks — 

Sabbath [Octr | October]OctrOctober 16:[1785-10-18]

went to  meeting with the People and  it was as a bad way as ever  I was out in all my [Travils | travels]Travilstravels  Mirey the [bigeſt | biggest]bigeſtbiggest of the way  went we got to the Place the  People had got together a  great Number, — they have  a new meeting [Ho^[above] u^uſe | house]Ho^[above] u^uſehouse very  large for a new Settlement  I preach to them from [Danile | Daniel]DanileDaniel   mene [&c | etc.]&cetc. 
in the [after noon | afternoon]after noonafternoon from John  ye are my Friends [&c | etc.]&cetc.  Soon after meeting, went to the  old meeting [Houſe | house]Houſehouse [weſt | west]weſtwest Side of  the Lake— and [preatchd | preached]preatchdpreached in  the evening, and there was  a [Conſiderable | considerable]Conſiderableconsiderable number of  People, here I [illegible]Met my old  [aquaintaince | acquaintance]aquaintainceacquaintance [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Dake[pers1009.ocp], I  [lodgd | lodged]lodgdlodged at one [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. weed[pers1023.ocp]s, and  his Son in Law—[Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Cable[pers1092.ocp]  with his wife[pers1806.ocp] [Deſird | desired]Deſirddesired me to  [Baptiſe | baptize]Baptiſebaptize their [Chile | child]Chilechild, and ^[above] when^when  I had Examined them abou^[above] t^t  the Nature of [Baptiſm | baptism]Baptiſmbaptism  and finding them well  ground in the [goſpel | gospel]goſpelgospel Faith  I [Baptiſed | baptized]Baptiſedbaptized their Child, and  after I had [performd | performed]performdperformed my  [ofice | office]oficeoffice, one [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Bright[pers1091.ocp] made  an objection, and we [ta^[above] l^lke | talk]ta^[above] l^lketalk  upon the matter [a while | awhile]a whileawhile,  and I [Coud | could]Coudcould not be [Convincd | convinced]Convincdconvinced  that I was wrong, and we 
[diſſiſted | desisted]diſſiſteddesisted, and they went a  way, and I went to begd  quietly once more — 

Monday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 17:[1785-10-17]

after [Break  faſt | break  fast]Break  faſtbreak  fast I went to 5000. Aires[place0429.ocp]; before  I had got to the Place, I met [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  Dake[pers1009.ocp], and he went back, with  me, and I went with him to his  [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, about from the meeting  [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, and took Dinner with  him, and Soon after Dinner [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  Dake[pers1009.ocp] and I went to meeting [& | and]&and  there was a [Conſiderable | considerable]Conſiderableconsiderable number  of people their meeting [Houſe | house]Houſehouse  is made of Logs, and I [preachd | preached]preachdpreached  to them from [Matt | Matthew]MattMatthew [gap: omitted] thou Shalt  [worſhip | worship]worſhipworship the Lord [&c | etc.]&cetc.: and there  was an Awful Solemnity in the  [Aſembly | assembly]Aſemblyassembly,— after meeting I went  home with one [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Holms[pers1014.ocp], and  I was very kindly [entertain'd | entertained]entertain'dentertained. The  old People [apper'd | appeared]apper'dappeared very Religi  ous, [Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime in the evening  I had Some [Exerciſe | exercise]Exerciſeexercise with the  Children of the [Houſe | house]Houſehouse. They were  all grown up but one, and they 
[appear'd | appeared]appear'dappeared very Solemn in the  [exerciſe | exercise]exerciſeexercise, and then we [prayd | prayed]praydprayed  together, and after that I went  to Bed Quietly once more — 

[Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 18[1785-10-18]:

Soon after  [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast took good and Friend  ly leave of the Family, and I  went on to [Galaway | Galway]GalawayGalway[place0432.ocp], and I [miſ^[above] t^t | missed]miſ^[above] t^tmissed  my way, [loſt | lost]loſtlost about 3 [qrs | quarters]qrsquarters of a  miles and it was very [diſagre  able | disagree able]diſagre  abledisagree able, to my mind, I was [obligd | obliged]obligdobliged  to go right back, and it put  me in mind of [miſsing | missing]miſsingmissing a way  to heaven it [muſt | must]muſtmust be dreadful  [beyound | beyond]beyoundbeyond all [Expreſsion | expression]Expreſsionexpression to [miſs | miss]miſsmiss  Heaven [finaly | finally]finalyfinally at [laſt | last]laſtlast: I got  to [Galaway | Galway]GalawayGalway[place0432.ocp], before 12: and [Calld | called]Calldcalled  in at Good [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp]'s one that  went from New London[place0164.ocp] North [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): P]P  near by where I live, and he [& | and]&and  his wife[pers1807.ocp] [receiv'd | received]receiv'dreceived me with all [kind  neſs | kind ness]kind  neſskind ness, — about 2 o: c we went to  meeting a few Rods from [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  Otis[pers0400.ocp]s [Houſe | house]Houſehouse — and there was a good 
Number of People, I [preach'd | preached]preach'dpreached  to them from the words— we will  go three Days Journey [&c | etc.]&cetc. ^[above] [gen | Genesis]genGenesis 8.27^[gen | Genesis]genGenesis 8.27, in the  evening I [preachd | preached]preachdpreached again in  the Same [Houſe | house]Houſehouse and there was  a good number People of again  I Spoke from Ruth — what  is thy Petition [&c | etc.]&cetc.[Sot | Sat]SotSat Some  Time after meeting had Some  [Converſation | conversation]Converſationconversation with Some Friends  and it was [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable, and then  went home with [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp], and  I went to bed [Peacabl[illegible]y | peaceably]Peacabl[illegible]ypeaceably once  more thanks be to Heaven — 

[Wedneſday | Wednesday]WedneſdayWednesday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 19[1785-10-19]:

after [Breakft | breakfast]Breakftbreakfast  about 9: I took Friendly leave  of [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. otis[pers0400.ocp] and his Family, and  one [mr | Mr.]mrMr. Dean[pers0163.ocp] went with me  6 or 7 miles, to direct me in  the way — got to [Mohauk | Mohawk]MohaukMohawk River[place0469.ocp]  near 12: and So I went on  got to [Caukunnawaka | Caughnawaga]CaukunnawakaCaughnawaga[place0467.ocp] in the  evening and I put at one  [Vuders | Vedder's]VudersVedder's a Dutch Tavern[place0472.ocp] 

[Thirdsday | Thursday]ThirdsdayThursday [Oct.r | October]Oct.rOctober 20[1785-10-20],

[Sot | Set]SotSet [of | off]ofoff very  early in the Morning, and  went over to [Southſide | southside]Southſidesouthside of the River[place0469.ocp]  a little above the [Noſe | nose]Noſenose and [kep | kept]kepkept on  [till | 'til]till'til I got to one [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Mabee[pers1111.ocp]'s and  I took [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast, and Soon after  [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast went on, and about  11 it began to Rain hard, and  I [Stopt | stopped]Stoptstopped at one [Esqr | Esq.]EsqrEsq. Henry Wa[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): u]u  rath, [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable gentleman; [Stayd | stayed]Staydstayed  here all Night, — 

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 21[1785-10-21]:

got up very  early even before break of  Day a great while, and the  [Esqr | Esq.]EsqrEsq. got up too Soon after —  at broad [Day light | daylight]Day lightdaylight, I got up  on my [Horſe | horse]Horſehorse and [puſhd | pushed]puſhdpushed on  my way, [reach'd | reached]reach'dreached at Widow  Tyger[pers1133.ocp]s about 9: and took  [breakfaſt | breakfast]breakfaſtbreakfast there, and after  eating went on again, here  I heard Tour Anthony[pers1087.ocp] and Jame^[above] s^s  Waucus[pers1137.ocp] Slept, and one [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Prince[pers1122.ocp]  with them, and I never over 
took them, [till | 'til]till'til I got to the  turn of the New Road to our  Peoples Settlements, [Juſt | just]Juſtjust as I  was going to one of the [Houſes | houses]Houſeshouses  [Antony | Anthony]AntonyAnthony[pers1087.ocp] [Calld | called]Calldcalled me, and I look  ed back and there was [Antony | Anthony]AntonyAnthony[pers1087.ocp]  Smiling, and we went into [Houſe | house]Houſehouse  together, and Concluded to Stop  here,— and he [Calld | called]Calldcalled [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Prince[pers1122.ocp]  and [Jamy | Jamey]JamyJamey[pers1137.ocp], and they Came  back,— and to one [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Folt[pers1106.ocp]s  and Lodged there, — 

Saturday [octr | October]octrOctober 22[1785-10-22],

we got up  quite Early and got ready  to go on our way, [juſt | just]juſtjust as we  were going off, Elijah [Wymp^[above] i^i | Wympy]Wymp^[above] i^iWympy[pers0721.ocp]  Came to our Lodgings, and he  told us David[pers0155.ocp] and Jacob Fowler[pers0018.ocp]  and [moſt | most]moſtmost all our men were  in another [Houſe | house]Houſehouse [juſt | just]juſtjust by, and  I sent James[pers1137.ocp], and they Soon  Come to me, and it was a Joy  ful meeting,— and then I wen^[above] t^t  to where the [reſt | rest]reſtrest of them were 
and they all rejoice to See me  and was with them a little while  and then went back to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Folt[pers1106.ocp]s  and Concluded not to go [thro | through]throthrough the  woods this Day, [becauſe | because]becauſebecause it was  a [miſty | misty]miſtymisty kind of weather,— Some  went [thro | through]throthrough, but I [Stayd | stayed]Staydstayed and Some  others, I [taried | tarried]tariedtarried at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Fol | Folt]FolFolt[pers1106.ocp]s,— 

Sabbath [Octr | October]OctrOctober 23:[1785-10-23]

This morning was  a Snowy Morning, and it [Raind | rained]Raindrained all  [laſt | last]laſtlast Night,— and I [taried | tarried]tariedtarried at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  [Conora[illegible]d | Conrad]Conora[illegible]dConrad [Fol | Folt]FolFolt[pers1106.ocp]s, all Day, they were  quite [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable Family, [Stayd | stayed]Staydstayed  here again this Night — 

Monday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 24[1785-10-24]:

[Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime after  [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast Brother David Fowler[pers0155.ocp]  and I [Sot | set]Sotset [of | off]ofoff to go [thro' | through]thro'through the Woods to  our Indians new Settlements, and  [preſently | presently]preſentlypresently after we [Sot | set]Sotset out it began  to Rain and it [Rain'd | rained]Rain'drained all the way  not very hard, — and it was [extream  ly | extreme ly]extream  lyextreme ly bad muddy riding, and the  Creeks were very high, and Some  Places very Mirely, and we were  [over taken | overtaken]over takenovertaken with Night before we  got in, and Some places were very  Dark where [Hamlock | hemlock]Hamlockhemlock Trees were  our Eyes did us [illegible]but ^[above] little^little good, we [travild | traveled]travildtraveled 
about a mile in the Dark, and  then we [arrivd | arrived]arrivdarrived at David[pers0155.ocp]s [Houſe | house]Houſehouse  as we [approach'd | approached]approach'dapproached the [Houſe | house]Houſehouse I hear^[above] d^d  a Melodious [Sining | singing]Siningsinging, a number were  together [Sining | singing]Siningsinging [Pſalms | psalms]Pſalmspsalms hymns and  Spiritual Songs, we went in [amon^[above] gts^gts | amongst]amon^[above] gts^gtsamongst  them, and they all took hold of my  Hand ^[above] one by one^one by one with Joy and [Gladneſs | gladness]Gladneſsgladness from  the [Greateſt | greatest]Greateſtgreatest to the [leaſt | least]leaſtleast, and we  [Sot | sat]Sotsat down a while, and then they  began to Sing again, and Some  Time after, I gave them a few words  of [illegible]Exhortation, and then Conclude^[above] d^d  with Prayer,— and then went to  Sleep Quietly, the [illegible]Lord be [praiſed | praised]praiſedpraised  for his great [goodneſs | goodness]goodneſsgoodness to us — 

[Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 25[1785-10-25]

Was a Snowy Day  was very uncomfortable weather I  [kep | kept]kepkept still all Day at David[pers0155.ocp]s [Houſe | house]Houſehouse  and it was [Crouded | crowded]Croudedcrowded all Day. Some of  [onoydas | Oneidas]onoydasOneidas[org0075.ocp] Came in — In the evening  Singers Came in again, and they  Sang [till | 'til]till'til near ten o: c: and then  I gave them a word of Exhortation  and Conclude with prayer, So we  ended another Day — 

[Wedneſday | Wednesday]WedneſdayWednesday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 26:[1785-10-26]

Snow is about 
is about [ancle | ankle]ancleankle [Deed | deep]Deeddeep this [Morng | morning]Morngmorning  and all [Poſh | posh]Poſhposh under the Snow and  the Land is [foul | full]foulfull of water every  where, and the Brooks are very  high— it is not Clear [wheather | weather]wheatherweather  yet — in the evening we had a [litte | little]littelittle  Singing again — This morning  I [rench'd | wrenched]rench'dwrenched my Back, only [puting | putting]putingputting  on my Stockings, and ^[above] was^was put ^[above] to^to Some  difficulty to go out all Day — 

[Thirdsday | Thursday]ThirdsdayThursday [Octor | October]OctorOctober 27[1785-10-27]:

Cloudy but  moderate, my back Continues as  it was [yeſterday | yesterday]yeſterdayyesterday,— 

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Octor | October]OctorOctober 28[1785-10-28]:

it was warm  and [pleaſent | pleasant]pleaſentpleasant Day but Coloudy  the [begeſt | biggest]begeſtbiggest part of the Day — in  the evening they Sung in [Abra^[above] m^m | Abraham]Abra^[above] m^mAbraham  Simon[pers0487.ocp]s [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, a mile from David  Fowler[pers0155.ocp]'s

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Octr | October]OctrOctober 29[1785-10-29]

  David[pers0155.ocp] intended to gather his Corn  but it [lookd | looked]lookdlooked very much like for  Rain, and So [difer | defer]diferdefer it to an[ſ | s]ſsother  Day, — the Young Folks went  in the evening to Abraham:  Simon[pers0487.ocp]s a mile [of | off]ofoff from David  Fowler[pers0155.ocp]s to Sing, but I did not 
go my back Continued out of  order, — 

Saturday [Octr | October]OctrOctober [illegible]29[1785-10-29]:

David[pers0155.ocp] [gather^[above] d^d | gathered]gather^[above] d^dgathered  his Corn he had a number of  Hands [tho' | though]tho'though it was Cloudy in the  morning, and little Rain, and  in the [after noon | afternoon]after noonafternoon he [huſked | husked]huſkedhusked his  Corn, and the [Huſkers | huskers]Huſkershuskers Sung Hym^[above] ns^ns  Psalms and Spiritual Songs the  [bigeſt | biggest]bigeſtbiggest part of the Time, [finiſhd | finished]finiſhdfinished  in the evening,— and after Supper  the Singers Sung [a while | awhile]a whileawhile, and  then [diſpa^[above] r^rſed | dispersed]diſpa^[above] r^rſeddispersed 

Sabbath [Octr | October]OctrOctober 30[1785-10-30]:

Had a meeting  in David[pers0155.ocp]s [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, and a Number  of Stockbridgers[org0121.ocp] Came to meeting  to the [diſtance | distance]diſtancedistance of Six miles, they  had eleven [Horſes | horses]Horſeshorses and there  was a number of foot People, and  there was a Solemn [Aſembly | assembly]Aſemblyassembly, the  People attended the word with  affection many of them— I Spoke  from [Mathew | Matthew]MathewMatthew IV. 10: in the after  Noon from XXXII: 1: in the even  ing we had Singing a long 
while and then gave them a  word of Exhortation and Conclu  ded with Prayer —  Monday [Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday and [wedneſday | Wednesday]wedneſdayWednesday  nothing [hadpen'd | happened]hadpen'dhappened remarkable  only Rainy and Snowy weather  and I was mu^[above] c^ch [Confind | confined]Confindconfined with my  [wren^[above] t^tch | wrenched]wren^[above] t^tchwrenched Back — 

[Thirdsday | Thursday]ThirdsdayThursday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 3: 1785[1785-11-03]

Towards  Night we attended upon the  [antient | ancient]antientancient [ordernace | ordinance]ordernaceordinance of [marrage | marriage]marragemarriage  the [firſt | first]firſtfirst that ever was [Selebra  ted | celebr ated]Selebra  tedcelebr ated by our People in their New  Settlement[place0023.ocp] in that [wildirneſs | wilderness]wildirneſswilderness,  The [Cupple | couple]Cupplecouple to be married and  the Young People, formed in a  Neighbouring ^[above] [Houſe | house]Houſehouse^[Houſe | house]Houſehouse and Came to  the [Houſe | house]Houſehouse of [Weding | wedding]Wedingwedding in a Regu  lar [Proceſsion | procession]Proceſsionprocession according to their  age and were Seated according  ly — and the old People [alſo | also]alſoalso Seat  ed [themſelves | themselves]themſelvesthemselves Regularly, and  A great Number of [Stocbrid  gers | Stockbrid gers]Stocbrid  gersStockbrid gers[org0121.ocp] Came from their Town[place0165.ocp]  to attend the [Weding | wedding]Wedingwedding, but many  of them were too late — 
When I got up, I Spoke to  them Some Time upon the  nature of [Marrage | marriage]Marragemarriage, the [Ho nourableneſ | ho nourableness]Ho nourableneſho nourableness and [Lawfulneſs | lawfulness]Lawfulneſslawfulness  of it whereby we are [diſtin guyſhd | distin guished]diſtin guyſhddistin guished from the Brutal Crea  tion: Said Some of the [firſt | first]firſtfirst  [marrage | marriage]marragemarriage in Eden ^[above] [& | and]&and^[& | and]&and of the  [Marrage | marriage]Marragemarriage where [Chriſt | Christ]ChriſtChrist [illegible]and  his [Diſciples | disciples]Diſciplesdisciples were invited  and the Honour he did to it  by working ^[above] the^the [firſt | first]firſtfirst [mericle | miracle]mericlemiracle.  he [wroght | wrought]wroghtwrought in the World in  turning water into Wine  and then we prayed, after Prayer  I [orderd | ordered]orderdordered them to take each other  by the Right Hand alternately  and then I declared them in the  Face of the [Aſembly | assembly]Aſemblyassembly to be a Law  ful [Huſband | husband]Huſbandhusband and wife, according  to the Law of god — and then [pray^[above] d^d | prayed]pray^[above] d^dprayed  again, ^[above] [& | and]&and prayer being ended [Mariage | marriage]Mariagemarriage Salutations^[& | and]&and prayer being ended [Mariage | marriage]Mariagemarriage Salutations ^[below] went round Regularly —^went round Regularly — and Concluded with by  Singing a Marriage Hymn, —  and then the People Sat down,—  and Jacob Fowler[pers0018.ocp] who was ap  pointed [Maſter | master]Maſtermaster of the [Sereimonies  | ceremonies]Sereimonies ceremonies at this Marriage, gave out Some 
Drink [a Round | around]a Roundaround; the Company  and then Supper was brought  [Sot | Set]SotSet in order on a long Board,  and we [Sot | sat]Sotsat down to eat, and  had [Totty | toddy]Tottytoddy well [Sweeten'd | sweetened]Sweeten'dsweetened with  wild Sugar made of Sugar Trees  in the [Wilderneſs | wilderness]Wilderneſswilderness; and after Sup  per, we Spent the Evening in  Singing Psalms Hymns and  Spiritual Songs, — and after that  every went home Peaceably  with andy [Carouſing | carousing]Carouſingcarousing or [Frollicin^[above] g^g | frolicking]Frollicin^[above] g^gfrolicking 

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 4[1785-11-14].

The young [Peopl | people]Peoplpeople  put on their [beſt | best]beſtbest [Cloaths | clothes]Cloathsclothes and  went to a Neighbours [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, all  on [Horſe back | horseback]Horſe backhorseback, and they [appear^[above] d^d | appeared]appear^[above] d^dappeared  agreeable and Decent, and they  had no [Carouſing | carousing]Carouſingcarousing, they had Some  [Pleaſent | pleasant]Pleaſentpleasant Chat and [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable Con  duct, Some Singing ^[above] of^of Psalms Hymn^[above] s^s  and Spiritual Songs, [Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime  in the [after Noon | afternoon]after Noonafternoon they dined toge  ther, and after Dinner every one  went Home Quietly,— So the [wed  ing | wed ding]wed  ingwed ding ended, and it was Conduct  ed, [Caried | carried]Cariedcarried on, and [finiſh'd | finished]finiſh'dfinished with  Honour and great Decency — 
and the Lord help this People  to go on Regularly in all their  Concerns — 

[Sab: | Sabbath]Sab:Sabbath [Novr | November]NovrNovember[illegible]6[1785-11-06]:

Brother Jacob Fowler[pers0018.ocp]  and I went [of | off]ofoff early in the [Morg | morning]Morgmorning  for Stockbridge Indians[org0121.ocp] that  lately Settled at old [onoyda | Oneida]onoydaOneida[place0179.ocp], got  there [Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime before meeting  went to Sir Peter [Pauquunnup^[above] peets^peets | Pauquunnuppeet's]Pauquunnup^[above] peets^peetsPauquunnuppeet's[pers0431.ocp]  [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, he is a Collegian brought  up and Educated at [Dartmuth | Dartmouth]DartmuthDartmouth  DCollege[org0037.ocp], and he [receivd | received]receivdreceived with all  [kindneſs | kindness]kindneſskindness [Friendſhip | friendship]Friendſhipfriendship,— about 11  went to meeting, and many of  our People from our new Settle  ments Came to meeting, to the [diſ  tance | dis tance]diſ  tancedis tance of Six miles, — I Spoke to  them from [Joſhua | Joshua]JoſhuaJoshua 24: 22: and  Esther 7: 2: in the Evening we  had another meeting, and we  had Solemn Day and evening  the People attended with great  attention and Solemnity, after  I had done Speaking; we [Sot | sat]Sotsat dow^[above] n^n  and the Singer [roſe | rose]roſerose up and they  Sung Some Time, and then [diſ perſed | dis persed]diſ perſeddis persed, every one to his quarter, 
and [Siſter | sister]Siſtersister Hannah[pers0742.ocp] and [Siſter | sister]Siſtersister  Esther[pers1158.ocp] and I [Lodgd | lodged]Lodgdlodged at Widow  Quinny[pers1229.ocp]'s where the meeting  was — 

Monday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 67[1785-11-07]:

[Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime  after [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast ^[above] [Sun Riſe | sunrise]Sun Riſesunrise^[Sun Riſe | sunrise]Sun Riſesunrise I [Sot | set]Sotset [of | off]ofoff with  Brother Roger[pers1139.ocp] and his wife[pers1489.ocp]  to our Place; and [Sotpt | stopped]Sotptstopped at  Roger[pers1139.ocp]'s and I took [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast  with them, they live [illegible][illegible][guess (h-dawnd): near]near twothre^[above] e^e  miles from the [reſt | rest]reſtrest of the People  and after eating I went on to  the Town[place0023.ocp], got there about 12  and found them all well,—  in the Evening we met on  our Temporal and Religious  Concerns, — we met once before  but we did not Come to proceed  any [Buſineſs | business]Buſineſsbusiness — But ^[above] now^now we pro  ceeded to form [in ^[above] to^to | into]in ^[above] to^tointo a Body [Poli  tick | poli tic]Poli  tickpoli tic,— We Named our Town by  the Name of [Brotherton | Brothertown]BrothertonBrothertown[place0023.ocp], in  Indian Eeyawquittoowaucon  nuck[place0023.ocp]^[above] J: Fowler[pers0018.ocp] was [choſen | chosen]choſenchosen [Clarke | clerk]Clarkeclerk for this^J: Fowler[pers0018.ocp] was [choſen | chosen]choſenchosen [Clarke | clerk]Clarkeclerk for this ^[below] Town^Town Roger waupieh[pers1139.ocp], David  Fowler[pers0155.ocp], Elijah Wympy[pers0721.ocp], John  Tuhy[pers1132.ocp], and Abraham Simon[pers0487.ocp] 
were [Choſen | chosen]Choſenchosen a Committee or  [Truſtees | trustees]Truſteestrustees for the Town[place0023.ocp], for a Year  and for the future, the Committee  is to be [Choſen | chosen]Choſenchosen Annually, — and  Andrew Acorrocomb[pers1085.ocp], and Thoma^[above] s^s  Putchauker[pers1123.ocp] were [Choſen | chosen]Choſenchosen to be  Fence [Vewers | viewers]Vewersviewers to Continue a Year.  Concluded to have a [Centre | center]Centrecenter near  David Fowler[pers0155.ocp]s [Houſe | house]Houſehouse. the main  Street is to run North and South ^[above] [& | and]&and No[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): th]th[& | and]&and^[& | and]&and No[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): th]th[& | and]&and   [Eaſt | East]EaſtEast and [weſt | west]weſtwest, to [Croſs | cross]Croſscross at the [Centre | center]Centrecenter  Concluded to live in Peace, and  in [Friendſhip | friendship]Friendſhipfriendship and to go on in  all their ^[above] Public^Public Concerns in Harmony  both in their Religious and Tem  poral Concerns, and [every one | everyone]every oneeveryone  to bear his Public part of Pub  lic Charges in the Town[place0023.ocp], —  They [deſird | desired]deſirddesired me to be a Teacher  [amongſt | amongst]amongſtamongst them, I [Conſented | consented]Conſentedconsented to  Spend Some of my remaining  with them, and make this Town[place0023.ocp]  my Home and Center — 

[Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday[Novr | November]NovrNovember 8[1785-11-08]:

got up early  and [Sot | set]Sotset [of | off]ofoff for Stockbridge Indians[org0121.ocp]  got there [Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime before meet  ing, this is a Day of [faſting | fasting]faſtingfasting and  Prayer, with the People here 
and they [deſired | desired]deſireddesired me to [aſsiſt | assist]aſsiſtassist them  the [Deſign | design]Deſigndesign of this [faſt | fast]faſtfast is to [Confeſs | confess]Confeſsconfess  their Sins before god, and to repent  and beg the Pardon of all their Sins  and [deſire | desire]deſiredesire the [Bleſsing | blessing]Bleſsingblessing of god up  on them, and to [Proſper | prosper]Proſperprosper them in  their New [Settlemet | settlement]Settlemetsettlement, and [alſo | also]alſoalso [bleſs | bless]bleſsbless  them in their Religious Life —  and I preach to them, in the fore  Noon from Jonah 3: 8: in the  [after noon | afternoon]after noonafternoon from [Prover | Proverbs]ProverProverbs 23: 26  and it was a Solemn [Faſt | fast]Faſtfast Day  many were deeply [afected | affected]afectedaffected, all  attended like Criminals before  the [Barr | bar]Barrbar; in the Evening they  met again, and they [adviſd | advised]adviſdadvised  and gave [Councel | counsel]Councelcounsel to one another  to Conduct well and be Careful  in all their Conduct the [enſusing | ensuing]enſusingensuing  winter as they were about to  [diſperſe | disperse]diſperſedisperse, for the winter, that  they may get together in the  Spring in Love and Peace, —  and after advice, they Spent  Some Time in Singing of  Spiritual Songs, and when 
they had done, I gave them a  word of Exhortation, [ad^[above] v^viſing | advising]ad^[above] v^viſingadvising  them to [uſe | use]uſeuse their Natural Powers  and Conduct as becomes Rational  Creatures, and break off from  all [out breakings | outbreakings]out breakingsoutbreakings of Sin, and  Especially to break off from that  abominable Sin of [Drunkeneſs | drunkeness]Drunkeneſsdrunkeness  and give [themſelves | themselves]themſelvesthemselves to watching  and Prayer, and So Conclude  with Prayer, — and the People  [diſperſd | dispersed]diſperſddispersed in Peace — I Lodged  at Sir Peter [Pauqunnuppeets | Pauquunnuppeet's]PauqunnuppeetsPauquunnuppeet's[pers0431.ocp] 

[Wedneſday | Wednesday]WedneſdayWednesday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 9[1785-11-09]:

[illegible][Break‐  faſted | break‐ fasted]Break‐  faſtedbreak‐ fasted with [Capt | Capt.]CaptCapt. [Hindreck | Hendrick]HindreckHendrick[pers0257.ocp] [& | and]&and  Soon after Eating, I [Sot | set]Sotset off for  Home, got to our Place about  12 and found our Folks well—  [Thirdsday | Thursday]ThirdsdayThursday [Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday and [Saturd | Saturday]SaturdSaturday  [lookd | looked]lookdlooked [a bout | about]a boutabout a little to See the  land and it is the [beſt | best]beſtbest land I ever  did See in all my [Travils | travels]Travilstravels. John  Tuhy[pers1132.ocp] Planted [Juſt | just]Juſtjust about one  acre of ground, which he  Cleared [laſt | last]laſtlast may[1785-05], and this 
Fall he took of 20 [Buſhels | bushels]Buſhelsbushels of  good Corn 56 [Buſhels | bushels]Buſhelsbushels of Potatoe^[above] s^s  about 200 Heads of [Cabage | cabbage]Cabagecabbage, and  about 3 [Buſhels | bushels]Buſhelsbushels of Beans, and  about 2 [Buſhels | bushels]Buſhelsbushels of [Paſnips | parsnips]Paſnipsparsnips [& | and]&and  [Beats | beets]Beatsbeets together. [beſides | besides]beſidesbesides Cu  cumbers and Watermelons; of  the Same ground, and it was ^[above] not^not  [Plowd | plowed]Plowdplowed nor dug up with a  Hoe, only leaves and Small  [Buſhels | bushels]Buſhelsbushels were burnt on it  and great many Lodgs [ly | lie]lylie on it  now — and I was told [laſt | last]laſtlast  week among the Stockbridge  Indians[org0121.ocp], that in their Clearing  Some Spots of land, where it has  been improved, in Years [paſt | past]paſtpast, they  [Plowd | plowed]Plowdplowed up, and dug up good many  Potatoes; where they had been Plan  ted [pa^[above] r^rhaps | perhaps]pa^[above] r^rhapsperhaps 10 or 12 Years ago.  one man got 3 Skipples, and  he p[illegible]lanted them, and he has  [raiſed | raised]raiſedraised a fine [paſsel | passel]paſselpassel of them.  and Brother David Fowler[pers0155.ocp] told  me and his wife[pers0742.ocp] and others Con  firmed it that he ^[above] had^had one [Cabage | cabbage]Cabagecabbage  Stomp Stood three Summers and 
it headed every Year, the [laſt | last]laſtlast  it Stood, it three Heads — 

[Sab, | Sabbath]Sab,Sabbath [Nov.r | November]Nov.rNovember 13[1785-11-13]:

[Preachd | preached]Preachdpreached at David  Fowler[pers0155.ocp]s and many of the Stock  bridgers[org0121.ocp] Came to meeting, and  there was good attention, and  [illegible]I believe Some felt the Power  of the word, in the Evening  we had Some Singing, — 

Monday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 14[1785-11-14]

was [geting | getting]getinggetting  ready to return [homward | homeward]homwardhomeward, — 

[Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 15[1785-11-15]:

got up very  early in the morning, and we  were fitting to go off, and little  after [Sun riſe | sunrise]Sun riſesunrise we [Sat | set]Satset off, DBrother  David[pers0155.ocp] and his wife[pers0742.ocp] Daughter  and James Waucus[pers1137.ocp] went together  Elijah Wym[illegible]py[pers0721.ocp], two Daughters  and others Some Stockbridgers[org0121.ocp]  there were Eight [Horſes | horses]Horſeshorses of [illegible][a  mongſt | a mongst]a  mongſta mongst us, and many foot men  and we got [thro | through]throthrough the woods [Juſt | just]Juſtjust  as the Sun was going down  I put up at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Fols | Folt]FolsFolt[pers1106.ocp]'s — 

[Wedneſday | Wednesday]WedneſdayWednesday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 16[1785-11-16]:

we [Sot | set]Sotset  [of | off]ofoff very early in the morning 
and I got to [Esqur | Esq.]EsqurEsq. Wa[illegible]rets  in the Evening, and Lodged  there, and [illegible]three Stockbridgers[org0121.ocp]  were there [alſo | also]alſoalso 

[Thirdsday | Thursday]ThirdsdayThursday 17[1785-11-17]:

I [Sot | set]Sotset off very  early and about 11: I got  to [Capt | Capt.]CaptCapt. Roof[pers0924.ocp]'s and there I  [Stopet | stopped]Stopetstopped, and [finiſh'd | finished]finiſh'dfinished writings  for our Folks, [Juſt | just]Juſtjust Night  David[pers0155.ocp] Came in — and here  we Lodged — 

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 18[1785-11-18]:

I went  to [Bomens | Bowman's]BomensBowman's Creek[place0476.ocp], and Got  there about 1: put up at  [Esqr | Esq.]EsqrEsq. C[Kimbets | Kimball's]KimbetsKimball's[pers1110.ocp] and they  were very Glad to See me  and I was as glad, and Lodge^[above] d^d  there, had a meeting here  this Evening, and there was  a [Conſiderable | considerable]Conſiderableconsiderable of People, and  they attended well, — 

Saturday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 19[1785-11-19]:

I left  the Family, [Docr | Dr.]DocrDr. White[pers0704.ocp] went 
with me about four miles  and So we parted, and I  to [Esqr | Esq.]EsqrEsq. Manbee[pers1113.ocp]'s about 3  o: c: and here I put up, [& | and]&and  was received with [kindneſs | kindness]kindneſskindness  here I overtook my Son [Anto  ny | Anthony]Anto  nyAnthony Paul[pers1087.ocp],— 

[Sabb. | Sabbath]Sabb.Sabbath [Nov r | November]Nov rNovember 2[1785-11-20]:

[Preachd | preached]Preachdpreached here  to [Conſiderable | considerable]Conſiderableconsiderable Number Peo  ple, and they attended with  with all [Seriousneſs | seriousness]Seriousneſsseriousness they  were [moſt | most]moſtmost all Dutch; Spoke  in morning From Acts 9  Lord What Wilt thou — in  the [after noon | afternoon]after noonafternoon from Luke  So is he that Sayeth [&c | etc.]&cetc.  Elijah [Wympeh | Wympy]WympehWympy[pers0721.ocp] and his  Son, and 3 Stockbridge  girls were here [alſo | also]alſoalso  I Lodged here again, 

Monday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 21[1785-11-21]:

Some  in the morning it was 
about 8: I [Sot | set]Sotset off, and got  So far to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. P[illegible]eter Van  Wormer[pers1135.ocp], about a mile  from [Mohauk | Mohawk]MohaukMohawk ^[above] River^River[place0469.ocp] in the the  Woods North Side —  This Day I Saw the [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev.  [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Romine | Romeyn]RomineRomeyn[pers1066.ocp] a Dutch [Miniſter | minister]Miniſterminister  in [Cacanawaka | Caughnawaga]CacanawakaCaughnawaga[place0467.ocp] by [Mohauk | Mohawk]MohaukMohawk  River[place0469.ocp], I met with him at a  public [Houſe | house]Houſehouse, and he [apear'd | appeared]apear'dappeared  quite Friendly at once, he  [deſired | desired]deſireddesired me ^[above] me^me, that if I [Shoud | should]Shoudshould  Come along this way again  at any Time, to Call upon  him, and have a [Diſcourſe | discourse]Diſcourſediscourse  with his People, and I told I  [wou'd | would]wou'dwould 

 [Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 22[1785-11-12]: got up

  very early, and it was  very Cold morning, and did 
not [Sit | set]Sitset out So early as I intend  ed, took Breakfast before  I [Sot | set]Sotset out, about 8: I went on  my way, [thro | through]throthrough the Woods and it  was very Riding it was not [froſe | froze]froſefroze  [had | hard]hadhard enough to bear a [Horſe | horse]Horſehorse  in Muddy holes; I got to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp]'s  in [Gallaway | Galway]GallawayGalway[place0432.ocp] a little after 12  and found them all well, and  put up here, and took Dinner  with them, Concluded to have a  meeting this Evening. about  Daylight in I went [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Dean[pers0163.ocp]'s  to meeting and there was a [Con  ſiderabl | con siderable]Con  ſiderablcon siderable of People, and I Spoke  from [Joſhua | Joshua]JoſhuaJoshua, 24: 19: and the  People attended with [Serious  neſs | serious ness]Serious  neſsserious ness,— after meeting went back  to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp]'s and Lodged there — 

[Wedneſday | Wednesday]WedneſdayWednesday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 23[1785-11-23]:

Some after  Breakfast [Sot | set]Sotset [of | off]ofoff to go to a Place  Called Smith Field[place0544.ocp] about 6 miles  [of | off]ofoff, [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Meſsenger | Messenger]MeſsengerMessenger[pers1118.ocp] went with me  and it was [thro | through]throthrough a [Deſert | desert]Deſertdesert other  way,— got there [Juſt | just]Juſtjust before 12 
went into [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Smith[pers0499.ocp]'s [Houſe | house]Houſehouse,  where the meeting is to be, a  bout 2: we began the meeting  and there was [Conſiderable | considerable]Conſiderableconsiderable  Number of People Collected toge ther, [illegible] for they had but [Shrot | short]Shrotshort Notice  and it is a New Settlement,  and the People attended with all  gravity and Solemnity, I believe  Some felt the Power of the word,  Soon after Meeting, one Mr  Coffin[pers1008.ocp], a [Univerſaliſt | Universalist]UniverſaliſtUniversalist[org0152.ocp] Preacher  [deſired | desired]deſireddesired to have Some [Co[illegible]nverſation | conversation]Co[illegible]nverſationconversation  with me, and we had [Conver  ſateon | conver sation]Conver  ſateonconver sation a little while together  without much Debate, for we  [diſagreed | disagreed]diſagreeddisagreed altogether,— and the  People [diſperſt | dispersed]diſperſtdispersed and I [Stayd | stayed]Staydstayed at  the [Houſe | house]Houſehouse all Night, and [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  [Meſanger | Messenger]MeſangerMessenger[pers1118.ocp] went home; and [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  S^[above] m^mith[pers0499.ocp] and his wife[pers1770.ocp] and I had  very agreeable [Converſation | conversation]Converſationconversation  and their Son in Law his Nam^[above] e^e  was Alexander[pers1086.ocp], Scotchman by  Nation, was very much 
[biggoted | bigoted]biggotedbigoted to their [Verſton | version]Verſtonversion of  Psalms we had Some debate a  bout them, and upon Some o  th[illegible]er Points — [Sot | sat]Sotsat up late, and  was [Extreamly | extremely]Extreamlyextremely well Treated  by the Heads of the Family and  all the Young People; Slept  very Comfortably,—

^[above] [Thids | Thursday]ThidsThursday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 24[1785-11-24]^[Thids | Thursday]ThidsThursday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 24[1785-11-24]

got up  quite early, [Stay'd | stayed]Stay'dstayed [till | 'til]till'til after  [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast, and then [Sot | set]Sotset [of | off]ofoff  [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Hughwee Alexander[pers1086.ocp] went  with me, and we to [Gallaway | Galway]GallawayGalway[place0432.ocp]  about 10, [Call'd | called]Call'dcalled at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Meſenger | Messenger]MeſengerMessenger[pers1118.ocp]^[above] s^s  and Dined with them, and had  [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable [Converſation | conversation]Converſationconversation — Soon  after Dinner went to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp]s [& | and]&and  from there to meeting about  a mile, where was a Sick  woman, we Soon got there  [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp] went with me and  another man, had Some [Con  verſation | con versation]Con  verſationcon versation with the Sick woman  and found her [reſignd | resigned]reſigndresigned to the  will of god, [& | and]&and was Comfortable 
in her mind; and then we  began the [Worſhip | worship]Worſhipworship of god, there  was but few People and they  attended with great [Seriousneſs | seriousness]Seriousneſsseriousness  and Some affection — I Spoke  from [Matt | Matthew]MattMatthew 6: 10: after meeting  [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Cullock[pers1098.ocp] invited me to go  home with him to Stay all Nigh^[above] t^t  and was Treated very kindly [& | and]&and  Tenderly, — 

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 25[1785-11-25]:

got up early  and [Stayd | stayed]Staydstayed [till | 'til]till'til after [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast  and then went back, [Calld | called]Calldcalled  at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Meſengers | Messenger's]MeſengersMessenger's[pers1118.ocp] and Dinner  with him, and afterwards  went to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp]s,— and in  the evening went to meeting  again in [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Dean[pers0163.ocp]s [Houſe | house]Houſehouse  and there was [Conſiderable | considerable]Conſiderableconsiderable  Number of People and there  was great Solemnity among  the People, I Spoke from  James [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): 4]4: 17: after meeting  went back to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp]'s 
and Lodged there, had  a number Friends to [viſet | visit]viſetvisit  me this Evening, Some Scotch  People and we had quite  [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable interview — 

Saturday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 26[1785-11-26]

did not prea^[above] ch^ch  [his | this]histhis Day, [juſt | just]juſtjust at Night went to  Warran[pers1136.ocp]'s a little [diſtance | distance]diſtancedistance and  was [wellcomd | welcomed]wellcomdwelcomed, and treated very  kindly, he is a [Baptiſt | Baptist]BaptiſtBaptist[org0124.ocp] man by  Denomination, [Sot | sat]Sotsat up Some Time  for had Some Company, [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Mc  Larran | Mc Larran]Mc  LarranMc Larran[pers1116.ocp] a Scotchman was with  us and very [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable [Converſa  tion | conversa tion]Converſa  tionconversa tion, and good [be[illegible]d Time | bedtime]be[illegible]d Timebedtime I went  to [illegible][Red | bed]Redbed [queetly | quietly]queetlyquietly once more — 

[Sab. | Sabbath]Sab.Sabbath [Novr | November]NovrNovember 27[1785-11-27]:

about half after  ten we went to meeting, a few  Rods in a Barn, and there was  a great Number of People, for  a new Settlement, and I Spoke  from I. Samuel. 15: 14 in the after  noon from [Joh | John]JohJohn 11: 28: and there  was great and Sober attention 
through the [Aſembly | assembly]Aſemblyassembly, and I belie^[above] ve^ve  Some felt the [preſence | presence]preſencepresence of god —  after meeting went home with  [mr | Mr.]mrMr. Warran[pers1136.ocp] and took Dinner  with them, — and in the [even–g | evening]even–gevening  went to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. William Kalley[pers1288.ocp]  a Scotchman, and had a meet  ing there and there was a goo^[above] d^d  number of People, and I [preac^[above] hd^hd | preached]preac^[above] hd^hdpreached  to them from [Joh. | John]Joh.John 11: 26: and  I believe we had Some [aſseſtan^[above] [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): c]c^[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): c]c | assistance]aſseſtan^[above] [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): c]c^[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): c]cassistance  both in Preaching and in  hearing — [Lodgd | lodged]Lodgdlodged at the Same  [Houſe | house]Houſehouse — and was kindly [en‐  tertaind | en‐ tertained]en‐  tertainden‐ tertained, — 

Monday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 28[1785-11-28]

was at  [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Kalley[pers1288.ocp]s [till | 'til]till'til after [Break  faſt | break fast]Break  faſtbreak fast, then went to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp]s and  was there [till | 'til]till'til about 2 in the  after, and then [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp] his [& | and]&and  [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Meſsenger | Messenger]MeſsengerMessenger[pers1118.ocp] and his and wen^[above] t^t  to a [weding | wedding]wedingwedding, and there was  a number of People, but grea^[above] t^t 
many, and I married the [Cup  ple | coup le]Cup  plecoup le, thereir Names were [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  Jonathan Bunyan Cotes[pers1097.ocp] and  Polley Doulin[pers1104.ocp],— and the People  behaved exceeding well, — [Juſt | just]Juſtjustwe  good Cake and [Cheeſe | cheese]Cheeſecheese to eat [& | and]&and  [Totty | toddy]Tottytoddy to Drink,— [juſt | just]juſtjust before  [Sun Sit | sunset]Sun Sitsunset we that Came together  went back again, I [Calld | called]Calldcalled in  at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Meſsenger | Messenger]MeſsengerMessenger[pers1118.ocp]s, and was there  [till | 'til]till'til the Young [Wedendners | weddeners]Wedendnersweddeners Came  home, and then[illegible] I went to [mr | Mr.]mrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp]s  and Lodged, once more, and his  Brother Lodged there [alſo | also]alſoalso, — 

[Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 29[1785-11-29]:

Took my  leave of [mr | Mr.]mrMr. Otis[pers0400.ocp] and his Family  about 9: O'C: and I directed my  [Courſe | course]Courſecourse towards [Scenactady | Schenactady]ScenactadySchenactady[place0202.ocp], [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  [Meſsenger | Messenger]MeſsengerMessenger[pers1118.ocp] went with me, and  we parted before we got to the  Place, and I went on to the  Town, got there [Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime  before Night; [Calld | called]Calldcalled at [mr | Mr.]mrMr.  Shooter[pers1124.ocp]'s, and Sat [a while | awhile]a whileawhile and 
then went to See [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Poſt | Post]PoſtPost[pers0922.ocp] my old  Friend, and found them all well  and was there a while, and his  Son Came in, and he invited ^ to  go home with him, and there I  Lodged, and kindly Treated, [& | and]&and  [illegible]Slept very Comfortable,— 

[Wedneſday | Wednesday]WedneſdayWednesday [Novr | November]NovrNovember 30[1785-11-30]:

got up early  took [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast with [Mrs | Mrs.]MrsMrs. [Poſt | Post]PoſtPost[pers1119.ocp], [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  [Poſt | Post]PoſtPost[pers0922.ocp] was gone out,— after eating  I went to See Several Friends  [payd | paid]paydpaid my [viſited | visited]viſitedvisited the [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev. [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  [Romine | Romeyn]RomineRomeyn[pers1066.ocp], the Dutch [Miniſter | minister]Miniſterminister of  the Place, and he [appeard | appeared]appeardappeared very  Friendly, but I [Stayd | stayed]Staydstayed not Long  about 10 O: C: I went over the  Ferry again to go to the 5000  Acres[place0429.ocp]; [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Meſsenger | Messenger]MeſsengerMessenger[pers1118.ocp] went with  me again, we [travild | traveled]travildtraveled together  about 7. miles, and there we  parted in [Friendſhip | friendship]Friendſhipfriendship — I went  on, [Calld | called]Calldcalled at one [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Sharewood[pers1462.ocp]s  to warm my feet, and I had [Sot | sat]Sotsat  but few minutes, before the wo‐  man, [aſked | asked]aſkedasked me whether I [wou^[above] d^d | would]wou^[above] d^dwould 
Stay [till | 'til]till'til She Can [illegible]make Some Tea  [illegible]I told her I [woud | would]woudwould, and She C got  it ready Quick, and I eat very  Hearty, and [juſt | just]juſtjust as I had done  the man of the [Houſe | house]Houſehouse Came in  and [appeard | appeared]appeardappeared very agreeable  and as I was going away, he  [deſired | desired]deſireddesired me to Come See him a  gain before I left the Place, [& | and]&and  I told him I [woud | would]woudwould, then went  on to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Holms[pers1014.ocp]s Soon got there  and found them all well, and was  kindly [receivd | received]receivdreceived by the Family, and  I put up there,— 

[Thirdsday | Thursday]ThirdsdayThursday [Decemr | December]DecemrDecember 1: 1785[1785-12-01]:

Was at  [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Holms[pers1014.ocp]'s [till | 'til]till'til near Noon, and I  went to Mr Woods[pers0872.ocp] a little [diſtance | distance]diſtancedistance  and Dined there, and [illegible][juſt | just]juſtjust  before [Sun Sit | sunset]Sun Sitsunset, I went to one [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  Rogers[pers0454.ocp], and Lodged there, I found ^[above] him^him  and his wife[pers1808.ocp] very [underſtanding | understanding]underſtandingunderstanding  in the Scriptures and I believe  they were [Experiencd | experienced]Experiencdexperienced [Chriſtians | Christians]ChriſtiansChristians  they are [Ireiſh | Irish]IreiſhIrish Folks, we had 
very [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable [Converſation | conversation]Converſationconversation [& | and]&and  [Sot | sat]Sotsat up [Some what | somewhat]Some whatsomewhat late, I Saw  the man was not well [pleaſd | pleased]pleaſdpleased  with [Docr | Dr.]DocrDr. Watts[pers0683.ocp]s P[illegible]salms and  we had a long talk upon them, we  did not agree about them, but  we did ^[above] not^not Contend about them, after  [Converſation | conversation]Converſationconversation, we Sung a Psalm  and Read a C^[above] h^hapter, and [Prayd | prayed]Praydprayed  together and then went to^ Peaceable  and I had a Comfortable Sleep — 

 [Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Decer | December]DecerDecember 2[1785-12-02]:

Got ^ early and   took [Breakfaſt | breakfast]Breakfaſtbreakfast with them after  eating we Sung and Read, and  then I had Some [Exerciſe | exercise]Exerciſeexercise in the  Family with my Christian Cards  and it was very Solemn and  [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable; — about 10 I took  my good leave of the Family, and  [returnd | returned]returndreturned to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Holms[pers1014.ocp]s, — and in  the [after noon | afternoon]after noonafternoon about 1: OC: I wen^[above] t^t  to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Clarke[pers0129.ocp]s and there was a goodly  number of People and I [preac^[above] hd^hd | preached]preac^[above] hd^hdpreached  to them from, Acts 2: 37: and 
there was great Solemnity and  Some affection I believe they felt  [Some thing | something]Some thingsomething of the Power of the word  after meeting a Number of the  People [Stayd | stayed]Staydstayed, and in the Evening  I had [Exerciſe | exercise]Exerciſeexercise a long while with  Family, with my [Chriſtian | Christian]ChriſtianChristian Cards  and it was very [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable  and [Some Time | sometime]Some Timesometime in the Evening  we went to Bed quietly, — 

Saturday [Decr | December]DecrDecember 3[1785-12-03]:

about 10 went  to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Holms[pers1014.ocp]s and [Sot | sat]Sotsat [a while | awhile]a whileawhile and  I went to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Sharewoods[pers1462.ocp] [a bout | about]a boutabout  half mile [of | off]ofoff, and him wvery  kind to me, and [Converſable | conversable]Converſableconversable [& | and]&and  he is ^[above] an^an [underſtand | understand]underſtandunderstand Man took  Dinner with him, and was there  [till | 'til]till'til Tea was got, and took with  them, and [Juſt | just]Juſtjust night [returnd | returned]returndreturned to  [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Holms[pers1014.ocp]s again, and Lodged  there, — 

[Sabb: | Sabbath]Sabb:Sabbath [Decr | December]DecrDecember 4[1785-12-04]:

[Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Holms[pers1014.ocp] wen^[above] t^t  to meeting with an ox [Slead | sled]Sleadsled, and  his whole Family went and 
I went with them, the meeting  was again in [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Clark[pers0129.ocp]s [H | house]Hhouse[gap: worn_edge]  and there was a [Vaſt | vast]Vaſtvast Number  of People [tho' | though]tho'though it was Stormy  Day, I Spoke from [Isaah | Isaiah]IsaahIsaiah 5: 3  and was uncommon attention  and Flow of Tears, from old and  Young, and I am [perſwaded | persuaded]perſwadedpersuaded the  Power of the was felt by many  Souls, I [preachd | preached]preachdpreached only once —  after meeting, I took Dinner  with [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Cleark[pers0129.ocp], and after eat  ing we [Sot | sat]Sotsat and Some Religious  [Converſation | conversation]Converſationconversation — about [Sun Sit | sunset]Sun Sitsunset  we went to good old [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Nothrop[pers1018.ocp]s  and [the | there]thethere we had a ^[above] Comfortable^Comfortable meeting, and  it was very Comfortable meet  ing, and was great many [Peo | people]Peopeople  I Spoke from Matt 5: 13. [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  Nothrop[pers1018.ocp] gave me the Text  and after the meeting was over  a Number [Stayd | stayed]Staydstayed, and we had  [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable Religious [Converſation | conversation]Converſationconversation  I [Loddgd | lodged]Loddgdlodged at the Same [Houſe | house]Houſehouse 
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People identified in this document:

id Text in document Role in header Authorized Name
pers1117.ocp M r Mr. John M c Kinny McKinny mentioned McKinny, John
pers1108.ocp Hollenback mentioned Hollenbeck
pers1095.ocp my Daugh daughter Christiana mentioned Paul, Christiana (née Occom)
pers1287.ocp J enney mentioned Hollenback, Jenney
pers1108.ocp m r Mr. Hollenbeck mentioned Hollenbeck
pers0589.ocp M r Mr. Whitney mentioned Whitney
pers1125.ocp M r Mr. John Smith mentioned Smith, John
pers0832.ocp M r Mr. Campell mentioned Camble
pers1109.ocp M r Mr. Kalley mentioned Kalley
pers1411.ocp his wife mentioned Kalley
pers1096.ocp old M r Mr. Concling mentioned Concling
pers1115.ocp M r Mr. M c Carty McCarty mentioned McCarty
pers1095.ocp my Daughter mentioned Paul, Christiana (née Occom)
pers1115.ocp M r Mr. M c carty McCarty mentioned McCarty
pers1103.ocp Siſter Sister Dina mentioned Dina sister
pers1114.ocp old mother Margery mentioned Margery old mother
pers1130.ocp Isaac Tattleton mentioned Tattleton, Isaac
pers1095.ocp my Daughter mentioned Paul, Christiana (née Occom)
pers0832.ocp M r Mr. Campel mentioned Camble
pers1137.ocp James waucus mentioned Waucus, James
pers1121.ocp M r Mr. Powers mentioned Powers
pers1121.ocp Elder Powers mentioned Powers
pers1121.ocp M r Powers mentioned Powers
pers1094.ocp M r Mr. John Smith Carperter mentioned Carperter, John
pers1088.ocp m r Mr. Bacon mentioned Bacon
pers1115.ocp M r Mr. McCarty mentioned McCarty
pers1134.ocp M r Mr. Matt Vanburan mentioned Vanburen, Matt
pers1130.ocp Tattle ton mentioned Tattleton, Isaac
pers1090.ocp M r Mr. Begle mentioned Begle
pers1095.ocp my D daughter mentioned Paul, Christiana (née Occom)
pers1131.ocp M r Mr. Jonathan Thomſon Thomson mentioned Thomson, Jonathan
pers1128.ocp M r Mr. Tomſons Tomsons Son mentioned son, Mr. Thomson's
pers1131.ocp M r Mr. Tomſon Tomson mentioned Thomson, Jonathan
pers0832.ocp m r Mr. Campell mentioned Camble
pers1289.ocp M r Mr. Baker mentioned Baker
pers1105.ocp Cap t Capt. Dunning mentioned Dunning
pers1107.ocp M r Mr. Gregory mentioned Gregory
pers1009.ocp M r Mr. Dake mentioned Deake
pers1023.ocp M r Mr. weed mentioned Weed
pers1092.ocp M r Mr. Cable mentioned Caple
pers1091.ocp M r Mr. Bright mentioned Bright
pers1014.ocp M r Mr. Holms mentioned Holms
pers0400.ocp M r Mr. Otis mentioned Otis
pers0400.ocp M r Mr. otis mentioned Otis
pers0163.ocp m r Mr. Dean mentioned Dean, James
pers1111.ocp M r Mr. Mabee mentioned Mabee
pers1133.ocp Widow Tyger mentioned Tyger
pers1087.ocp our Anthony mentioned Paul, Anthony
pers1137.ocp Jame s Waucus mentioned Waucus, James
pers1122.ocp M r Mr. Prince mentioned Prince
pers1087.ocp Antony Anthony mentioned Paul, Anthony
pers1137.ocp Jamy Jamey mentioned Waucus, James
pers1106.ocp M r Mr. Folt mentioned Folts, Conrad Jacob
pers0721.ocp Elijah Wymp i Wympy mentioned Wympy, Elijah
pers0155.ocp David mentioned Fowler, David
pers0018.ocp Jacob Fowler mentioned Fowler, Jacob
pers1137.ocp James mentioned Waucus, James
pers1106.ocp M r Mr. Fol Folt mentioned Folts, Conrad Jacob
pers1106.ocp M r Mr. Conora d Conrad Fol Folt mentioned Folts, Conrad Jacob
pers0155.ocp David Fowler mentioned Fowler, David
pers0487.ocp Abra m Abraham Simon mentioned Simon, Abraham
pers0487.ocp Abraham: Simon mentioned Simon, Abraham
pers0018.ocp Jacob Fowler mentioned Fowler, Jacob
pers0431.ocp Sir Peter Pauquunnup peets Pauquunnuppeet's mentioned Pauquunnuppeet, Peter
pers0742.ocp Siſter sister Hannah mentioned Fowler, Hannah (née Garrett)
pers1158.ocp Siſter sister Esther mentioned Fowler, Esther (née Poquiantup)
pers1229.ocp Widow Quinny mentioned Quinney, Widow
pers1139.ocp Brother Roger mentioned Waupieh, Roger
pers1489.ocp his wife mentioned Wauby, Mary
pers1139.ocp Roger mentioned Waupieh, Roger
pers0018.ocp J: Fowler mentioned Fowler, Jacob
pers1139.ocp Roger waupieh mentioned Waupieh, Roger
pers0721.ocp Elijah Wympy mentioned Wympy, Elijah
pers1132.ocp John Tuhy mentioned Tuhy, John
pers0487.ocp Abraham Simon mentioned Simon, Abraham
pers1085.ocp Andrew Acorrocomb mentioned Acorrocomb, Andrew
pers1123.ocp Thoma s Putchauker mentioned Putchauker, Thomas
pers0431.ocp Sir Peter Pauqunnuppeets Pauquunnuppeet's mentioned Pauquunnuppeet, Peter
pers0257.ocp Cap t Capt. Hindreck Hendrick mentioned Aupaumut, Hendrick
pers0155.ocp Brother David mentioned Fowler, David
pers1106.ocp M r Mr. Fols Folt mentioned Folts, Conrad Jacob
pers0924.ocp Cap t Capt. Roof mentioned Roof
pers1110.ocp Esq r Esq. C Kimbets Kimball's mentioned Kimball, Jesse
pers0704.ocp Doc r Dr. White mentioned White
pers1113.ocp Esq r Esq. Manbee mentioned Maybee
pers1087.ocp Anto ny Anthony Paul mentioned Paul, Anthony
pers0721.ocp Elijah Wympeh Wympy mentioned Wympy, Elijah
pers1135.ocp M r Mr. P eter Van Wormer mentioned Van Wormer, Peter
pers1066.ocp Rev d Rev. M r Mr. Romine Romeyn mentioned Romeyn, Thomas
pers0163.ocp M r Mr. Dean mentioned Dean, James
pers1118.ocp M r Mr. Meſsenger Messenger mentioned Messenger
pers0499.ocp M. r Mr. Smith mentioned Smith
pers1008.ocp M r Coffin mentioned Coffin
pers1118.ocp M r Mr. Meſanger Messenger mentioned Messenger
pers0499.ocp M r Mr. S m ith mentioned Smith
pers1086.ocp Alexander mentioned Alexander, Hughwee
pers1086.ocp M r Mr. Hughwee Alexander mentioned Alexander, Hughwee
pers1118.ocp M r Mr. Meſenger Messenger mentioned Messenger
pers1098.ocp M r Mr. Cullock mentioned Cullock
pers1118.ocp M r Mr. Meſengers Messenger's mentioned Messenger
pers1136.ocp Warran mentioned Warran
pers1116.ocp M r Mr. M c Larran Mc Larran mentioned McLarran
pers1136.ocp m r Mr. Warran mentioned Warran
pers1288.ocp M r Mr. William Kalley mentioned Kalley, William
pers1097.ocp Jonathan Bunyan Cotes mentioned Cotes, Jonathan Bunyan
pers1104.ocp Polley Doulin mentioned Doulin, Polley
pers0400.ocp m r Mr. Otis mentioned Otis
pers1124.ocp m r Mr. Shooter mentioned Shooter
pers0922.ocp M r Mr. Poſt Post mentioned Post, John
pers1119.ocp M rs Mrs. Poſt Post mentioned Post
pers1462.ocp M r Mr. Sharewood mentioned Sharewood
pers0872.ocp M r Woods mentioned Wood
pers0454.ocp M r Mr. Rogers mentioned Rogers
pers0683.ocp Doc r Dr. Watts mentioned Watts, John
pers0129.ocp M r Mr. Clarke mentioned Clark
pers1462.ocp M r Mr. Sharewoods mentioned Sharewood
pers0129.ocp M r Mr. Clark mentioned Clark
pers0129.ocp M r Mr. Cl e ark mentioned Clark
pers1018.ocp M r Mr. Nothrop mentioned Northrop

Places identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
place0001.ocp A b lbany Albany
place0001.ocp Albany Albany
place0468.ocp Loudens d Ferry Loudens Ferry
place0172.ocp the River Hudson River
place0470.ocp Saratoga Saratoga
place0471.ocp Still Waters Stillwater Stillwater
place0172.ocp the River Hudson River
place0172.ocp River Hudson River
place0471.ocp Still waters Stillwater Stillwater
place0172.ocp North River Hudson River
place0363.ocp Ball Town Ballston Ballston
place0429.ocp 5000. Aires 5000 Aires
place0432.ocp Galaway Galway Galway
place0164.ocp New London New London
place0469.ocp Mohauk Mohawk River Mohawk River
place0467.ocp Caukunnawaka Caughnawaga Caughnawaga
place0472.ocp Vuders Vedder's a Dutch Tavern Vedder's, a Dutch Tavern
place0023.ocp New Settlement Brothertown
place0165.ocp their Town Stockbridge
place0179.ocp old onoyda Oneida Oneida
place0023.ocp the Town Brothertown
place0023.ocp Brotherton Brothertown Brothertown
place0023.ocp Eeyawquittoowaucon nuck Brothertown
place0023.ocp this Town Brothertown
place0476.ocp Bomens Bowman's Creek Bowman's Creek
place0469.ocp Mohauk Mohawk River Mohawk River
place0467.ocp Cacanawaka Caughnawaga Caughnawaga
place0432.ocp Gallaway Galway Galway
place0544.ocp Smith Field Smith Field
place0202.ocp Scenactady Schenactady Schenectady
place0429.ocp 5000 Acres 5000 Aires

Organizations identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
org0075.ocp onoydasOneidas Oneida Nation
org0121.ocp Stockbridgers Stockbridge Tribe
org0121.ocp Stocbrid gersStockbridgers Stockbridge Tribe
org0121.ocp Stockbridge Indians Stockbridge Tribe
org0037.ocp DartmuthDartmouth DCollege Dartmouth College
org0121.ocp Stockbridge Indians Stockbridge Tribe
org0121.ocp Stock bridgers Stockbridge Tribe
org0152.ocp UniverſaliſtUniversalist Universalist Church
org0124.ocp BaptiſtBaptist Baptists/Seventh Day Baptists

Dates identified in this document:

Standard Form Text
1785-10-04 Oct. 4, to Dec. 4.
1785 1785
1785-10-04 OctrOctober 4
1785-10-05 WedneſdayWednesday OctrOctober 5
1785-10-06 ThirdsdayThursday OctorOctober 6:
1785-10-17 FrydayFriday octrOctober 17:
1785-10-09 Saturday OctrOctober 9:
1785-10-09 Sabbath OctrOctober 9
1785-10-10 Monday OctrOctober 10
1785-10-11 TueſdayTuesday OctrOctober 11:
1785-10-12 WedneſdayWednesday OctrOctober 12:
1785-10-13 ThirdsdayThursday OctrOctober 13
1785-10-14 FrydayFriday OctrOctober 14:
1785-10-15 Saturday OctrOctober 15
1785-10-18 Sabbath OctrOctober 16:
1785-10-17 Monday OctrOctober 17:
1785-10-18 TueſdayTuesday OctrOctober 18
1785-10-19 WedneſdayWednesday OctrOctober 19
1785-10-20 ThirdsdayThursday Oct.rOctober 20
1785-10-21 FrydayFriday OctrOctober 21
1785-10-22 Saturday octrOctober 22
1785-10-23 Sabbath OctrOctober 23:
1785-10-24 Monday OctrOctober 24
1785-10-25 TueſdayTuesday OctrOctober 25
1785-10-26 WedneſdayWednesday OctrOctober 26:
1785-10-27 ThirdsdayThursday OctorOctober 27
1785-10-28 FrydayFriday OctorOctober 28
1785-10-29 FrydayFriday OctrOctober 29
1785-10-29 Saturday OctrOctober 29
1785-10-30 Sabbath OctrOctober 30
1785-11-03 ThirdsdayThursday NovrNovember 3: 1785
1785-11-14 FrydayFriday NovrNovember 4
1785-11-06 Sab:Sabbath NovrNovember6
1785-11-07 Monday NovrNovember 67
1785-11-08 TueſdayTuesday — NovrNovember 8
1785-11-09 WedneſdayWednesday NovrNovember 9
1785-05 may
1785-11-13 Sab,Sabbath Nov.rNovember 13
1785-11-14 Monday NovrNovember 14
1785-11-15 TueſdayTuesday NovrNovember 15
1785-11-16 WedneſdayWednesday NovrNovember 16
1785-11-17 ThirdsdayThursday 17
1785-11-18 FrydayFriday NovrNovember 18
1785-11-19 Saturday NovrNovember 19
1785-11-20 Sabb.Sabbath Nov rNovember 2
1785-11-21 Monday NovrNovember 21
1785-11-12 TueſdayTuesday NovrNovember 22
1785-11-23 WedneſdayWednesday NovrNovember 23
1785-11-24 ThidsThursday NovrNovember 24
1785-11-25 FrydayFriday NovrNovember 25
1785-11-26 Saturday NovrNovember 26
1785-11-27 Sab.Sabbath NovrNovember 27
1785-11-28 Monday NovrNovember 28
1785-11-29 TueſdayTuesday NovrNovember 29
1785-11-30 WedneſdayWednesday NovrNovember 30
1785-12-01 ThirdsdayThursday DecemrDecember 1: 1785
1785-12-02 FrydayFriday DecerDecember 2
1785-12-03 Saturday DecrDecember 3
1785-12-04 Sabb:Sabbath DecrDecember 4

Regularized text:

Type Original Regularized
modernization Tueſday Tuesday
modernization faſt fast
variation turnd turned
modernization Mr Mr.
modernization McKinny McKinny
variation Tervern tavern
variation Raind rained
variation extream extreme
variation Catcht caught
modernization juſt just
modernization moſt most
variation Inqured inquired
variation Coud could
variation deſird desired
variation Baptiſe baptize
variation Sabath Sabbath
variation Examend examined
variation knowledg knowledge
modernization Baptiſm baptism
variation Cus  tum cus tom
variation Faſhon fashion
modernization promiſe promise
variation in deed indeed
modernization Conſented consented
variation Some Time sometime
variation Baptiſed baptized
modernization Bleſsed blessed
variation Lodgd Lodged
modernization Houſe house
variation intertaind entertained
modernization Wedneſday Wednesday
variation till 'til
modernization mr Mr.
variation Sot set
variation of off
variation coud could
variation Lodgd lodged
variation agreable agreeable
variation Thirdsday Thursday
modernization becausſe because
modernization Neſ Nes
variation Fryday Friday
variation S^[above] t^topt s^[above] t^topped
variation Sev^[above] el^ely several
variation frinds friends
variation Still Waters Stillwater
variation Stopt Stopped
variation offer^[above] d^d offered
variation acepted accepted
modernization Miniſter minister
variation Shatterd shattered
variation inquried inquired
modernization Duſk dusk
modernization Breakfaſt breakfast
modernization McCarty McCarty
variation Sot sat
modernization underſtood understood
modernization eaſt east
modernization Cloſe close
variation a foot afoot
modernization Horſe horse
modernization Mccarty McCarty
variation after noon afternoon
modernization Siſter Sister
variation no body nobody
variation bout but
variation hom home
variation Some Time
modernization reſt rest
modernization preſervation preservation
variation Still waters Stillwater
variation a bout about
variation tryed tried
modernization firſt first
modernization deſired desired
variation a long along
variation woud would
modernization laſt last
modernization aſked asked
modernization Suppoſe suppose
modernization Surpriſed surprised
variation Congre  gathon congre gation
variation bigeſt biggest
modernization diſcourſe discourse
variation Jona Jonah
modernization verſe verse
variation Cari  ed carri ed
modernization tender  neſs tender ness
modernization Friendſhip friendship
variation Crouded crowded
variation the they
variation beliv believe
variation tho though
variation preachd preached
modernization Chriſtians Christians
variation Some what somewhat
variation Elivated elevated
variation belive believe
variation intermiſtion intermission
variation Solmnly solemnly
variation entertaind entertained
modernization Converſation conversation
modernization Conver  ſation conver sation
variation geting getting
modernization preſently presently
variation Calld called
variation Sun Sit sunset
modernization Conſiderable considerable
variation Stayd stayed
modernization reſted rested
modernization Thomſon Thomson
modernization Tomſons Tomsons
modernization Tomſon Tomson
modernization Horſes horses
variation diſmiſt dismissed
modernization Exer  ciſe exer cise
variation diſperſt dispersed
variation Ball Town Ballston
modernization Capt Capt.
variation Travils travels
variation Danile Daniel
modernization &c etc.
modernization weſt west
variation preatchd preached
variation aquaintaince acquaintance
variation lodgd lodged
variation Deſird desired
modernization goſpel gospel
variation performd performed
variation ofice office
variation ta^[above] l^lke talk
variation a while awhile
variation Convincd convinced
variation diſſiſted desisted
modernization Break  faſt break  fast
modernization worſhip worship
variation Aſembly assembly
modernization Exerciſe exercise
modernization exerciſe exercise
variation prayd prayed
variation Galaway Galway
variation miſ^[above] t^t missed
modernization loſt lost
variation diſagre  able disagree able
variation obligd obliged
modernization miſsing missing
modernization muſt must
variation beyound beyond
modernization Expreſsion expression
modernization miſs miss
variation finaly finally
modernization kind  neſs kind ness
variation Sot Sat
variation Peacabl[illegible]y peaceably
variation Mohauk Mohawk
variation Caukunnawaka Caughnawaga
variation Vuders Vedder's
variation Sot Set
modernization Southſide southside
modernization Noſe nose
variation kep kept
modernization Esqr Esq.
variation Day light daylight
variation puſhd pushed
modernization breakfaſt breakfast
modernization Juſt just
modernization Houſes houses
variation Antony Anthony
variation Jamy Jamey
variation octr October
variation Wymp^[above] i^i Wympy
variation thro through
modernization becauſe because
modernization miſty misty
variation taried tarried
variation Fol Folt
variation Octr October
variation Conora[illegible]d Conrad
variation extream  ly extreme ly
variation over taken overtaken
variation Hamlock hemlock
variation travild traveled
variation arrivd arrived
variation approach'd approached
variation Sining singing
modernization Pſalms psalms
modernization Gladneſs gladness
modernization Greateſt greatest
modernization leaſt least
modernization praiſed praised
modernization goodneſs goodness
variation onoydas Oneidas
variation ancle ankle
modernization Poſh posh
variation foul full
variation wheather weather
variation litte little
variation puting putting
modernization yeſterday yesterday
variation pleaſent pleasant
variation begeſt biggest
variation lookd looked
variation difer defer
modernization ſ s
modernization huſked husked
modernization Huſkers huskers
variation finiſhd finished
variation diſpa^[above] r^rſed dispersed
modernization diſtance distance
variation Mathew Matthew
modernization wedneſday Wednesday
variation Confind confined
variation wren^[above] t^tch wrenched
variation antient ancient
variation ordernace ordinance
variation marrage marriage
variation Selebra  ted celebr ated
modernization wildirneſs wilderness
variation Cupple couple
variation Weding wedding
modernization Proceſsion procession
modernization alſo also
modernization themſelves themselves
variation Stocbrid  gers Stockbrid gers
variation Marrage marriage
variation Ho nourableneſ ho nourableness
modernization Lawfulneſs lawfulness
variation diſtin guyſhd distin guished
modernization Chriſt Christ
modernization Diſciples disciples
variation mericle miracle
variation wroght wrought
variation orderd ordered
modernization Huſband husband
variation Mariage marriage
modernization Maſter master
variation Sereimonies  ceremonies
variation a Round around
variation Totty toddy
modernization Wilderneſs wilderness
modernization Carouſing carousing
variation Frollicin^[above] g^g frolicking
variation Novr November
modernization beſt best
variation Cloaths clothes
modernization Horſe back horseback
variation Pleaſent pleasant
variation after Noon afternoon
variation wed  ing wed ding
variation Caried carried
variation onoyda Oneida
variation Pauquunnup^[above] peets^peets Pauquunnuppeet's
variation Dartmuth Dartmouth
variation receivd received
modernization kindneſs kindness
modernization diſ  tance dis tance
modernization Joſhua Joshua
modernization roſe rose
modernization diſ perſed dis persed
modernization Siſter sister
variation Sun Riſe sunrise
variation Sotpt stopped
modernization Buſineſs business
variation in ^[above] to^to into
variation Poli  tick poli tic
variation Brotherton Brothertown
modernization choſen chosen
variation Clarke clerk
modernization Choſen chosen
modernization Truſtees trustees
variation Vewers viewers
variation Centre center
modernization Eaſt East
modernization Croſs cross
variation every one everyone
modernization amongſt amongst
modernization faſting fasting
modernization aſsiſt assist
modernization Deſign design
modernization Confeſs confess
modernization deſire desire
modernization Bleſsing blessing
modernization Proſper prosper
modernization bleſs bless
variation Prover Proverbs
modernization Faſt fast
variation afected affected
variation Barr bar
variation adviſd advised
variation Councel counsel
modernization enſusing ensuing
modernization diſperſe disperse
modernization ad^[above] v^viſing advising
modernization uſe use
variation out breakings outbreakings
modernization Drunkeneſs drunkeness
variation diſperſd dispersed
variation Pauqunnuppeets Pauquunnuppeet's
modernization Break‐  faſted break‐ fasted
variation Hindreck Hendrick
modernization Buſhels bushels
variation Cabage cabbage
variation Paſnips parsnips
variation Beats beets
modernization beſides besides
variation Plowd plowed
variation ly lie
modernization paſt past
variation pa^[above] r^rhaps perhaps
modernization raiſed raised
modernization paſsel passel
variation Nov.r November
variation Preachd preached
variation homward homeward
variation Sun riſe sunrise
variation Sat set
modernization a  mongſt a mongst
variation Fols Folt
modernization Esqur Esq.
variation Stopet stopped
variation Bomens Bowman's
variation Kimbets Kimball's
modernization Docr Dr.
variation Anto  ny Anthony
modernization Seriousneſs seriousness
variation Wympeh Wympy
modernization Revd Rev.
variation Romine Romeyn
variation Cacanawaka Caughnawaga
variation Shoud should
modernization Diſcourſe discourse
variation Sit set
variation froſe froze
variation Gallaway Galway
variation Con  ſiderabl con siderable
modernization Serious  neſs serious ness
modernization Meſsenger Messenger
modernization Deſert desert
modernization M.r Mr.
modernization Univerſaliſt Universalist
modernization Conver  ſateon conver sation
modernization diſagreed disagreed
variation Meſanger Messenger
variation biggoted bigoted
variation Verſton version
variation Extreamly extremely
variation Meſenger Messenger
modernization Con  verſation con versation
variation reſignd resigned
modernization Worſhip worship
variation Meſengers Messenger's
variation viſet visit
variation wellcomd welcomed
modernization Baptiſt Baptist
modernization Mc  Larran Mc Larran
modernization Converſa  tion conversa tion
variation be[illegible]d Time bedtime
variation Joh John
modernization preſence presence
variation aſseſtan^[above] [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): c]c^[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): c]c assistance
variation en‐  tertaind en‐ tertained
modernization Break  faſt break fast
variation weding wedding
variation Cup  ple coup le
modernization Cheeſe cheese
variation Wedendners weddeners
modernization Courſe course
variation Scenactady Schenactady
modernization Poſt Post
modernization Mrs Mrs.
variation payd paid
modernization viſited visited
variation appeard appeared
modernization underſtanding understanding
variation Experiencd experienced
variation Ireiſh Irish
variation pleaſd pleased
variation Prayd prayed
variation returnd returned
variation Some thing something
modernization Chriſtian Christian
modernization Converſable conversable
modernization underſtand understand
variation Slead sled
modernization Vaſt vast
variation Isaah Isaiah
variation perſwaded persuaded
variation the there
variation Loddgd lodged

Expanded abbreviations:

Abbreviation Expansion
Octr October
Famy family
Daugh daughter
D– dinner
Octor October
octr October
recevd received
ab about
Dinr dinner
m– meeting
H– house
& and
meetg meeting
extrea extremely
Call'd called
Nr number
D daughter
Bre breakfast
H hour
Stay'd stayed
Matt Matthew
entertain'd entertained
apper'd appeared
appear'd appeared
qrs quarters
receiv'd received
preach'd preached
gen Genesis
Breakft breakfast
Oct.r October
reach'd reached
thro' through
Rain'd rained
Morng morning
rench'd wrenched
Abra^[above] m^m Abraham
gather^[above] d^d gathered
tho' though
hadpen'd happened
Novr November
pray^[above] d^d prayed
Sweeten'd sweetened
Peopl people
appear^[above] d^d appeared
finiſh'd finished
Sab: Sabbath
Morg morning
Saturd Saturday
Sab, Sabbath
Sabb. Sabbath
Nov r November
apear'd appeared
wou'd would
Thids Thursday
Sab. Sabbath
even–g evening
Joh. John
Totty toddy
wou^[above] d^d would
Decemr December
Decer December
Decr December
Sabb: Sabbath
H house
Peo people

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