Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Samson Occom, 1772 July 28


[note (type: abstract): Wheelock writes that he has drawn on John Thornton for £50 to cover Occom's debts, and that he hopes Occom will go on a mission. He has heard that Jacob Fowler and Joseph Johnson have become pious, and questions whether he should send Jacob to be a schoolmaster to the Oneidas.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is small and informal, with many abbreviations.][note (type: paper): Single small sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.][note (type: ink): Black.][note (type: noteworthy): This document is likely a draft or copy.][note (type: signature): The signature is abbreviated.]
[M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp]  My dear Man. 
[Yrs | Yours]YrsYours of [y.e | the]y.ethe [3.d | 3rd]3.d3rd [Inſt t | Instant]Inſt tInstant[1772-07-03] is before me. I have wrote  [Esq.r | Esq.]Esq.rEsq. Thornton[pers0541.ocp] in [y.r | your]y.ryour [Favr | favour]Favrfavour [& | and]&and drawn a Bill on him to [diſcharge | discharge]diſchargedischarge  [yr | your]yryour debts of £50 [Sterlg | Sterling]SterlgSterling [wc | which]wcwhich I [beleive | believe]beleivebelieve will be [beſt | best]beſtbest [y.o | you]y.oyou [ſho.d | should]ſho.dshould [ſell | sell]ſellsell  to [capt | Capt.]captCapt. ^[above] [N | Nathaniel]NNathaniel^[N | Nathaniel]NNathaniel Backus[pers0070.ocp] as he will [uſe | use]uſeuse [yo | you]yoyou as [generouſly | generously]generouſlygenerously as any man  and also as I [ſhall | shall]ſhallshall depend on him to [ſupply | supply]ſupplysupply [yo | you]yoyou if [y.o | you]y.oyou [ſho.d | should]ſho.dshould [ingage | engage]ingageengage  in [ye | the]yethe [Miſſn | mission]Miſſnmission to [y.e | the]y.ethe [ſouthwd | southward]ſouthwdsouthward [wc | which]wcwhich has been [propoſd | proposed]propoſdproposed — I [ſhall | shall]ſhallshall [eſteem | esteem]eſteemesteem  [nothg | nothing]nothgnothing [y.t | that]y.tthat is [neceſsy | necessary]neceſsynecessary for [yo | you]yoyou, too much to do for [yo | you]yoyou while [yo | you]yoyou appear to be  weak [& | and]&and lowly, [& | and]&and [honeſtly | honestly]honeſtlyhonestly [ingagd | engaged]ingagdengaged to do [w.t | what]w.twhat [y.o | you]y.oyou can to build up [& | and]&and [inlarge | enlarge]inlargeenlarge  [ye | the]yethe [cauſe | cause]cauſecause of [ye | the]yethe [Redeemr | Redeemer]RedeemrRedeemer — But [yſ | this]yſthis I tell [yo | you]yoyou [agn | again]agnagain [y.t | that]y.tthat While [thoſe | those]thoſethose  Tribes [wo | who]wowho are [und.r | under]und.runder [ye | the]yethe care of [ye | the]yethe [Boſton | Boston]BoſtonBoston Board[org0095.ocp] are [profeſsedly | professedly]profeſsedlyprofessedly  [yr | [guess (): your]your]yr[guess (): your]your only [Objt | object]Objtobject I cannot [conſiſtantly | consistently]conſiſtantlyconsistently, nor [with out | without]with outwithout [givg | giving]givggiving [ofence | offense]ofenceoffense  [& | and]&and [expoſg | exposing]expoſgexposing [myſelf | myself]myſelfmyself [& | and]&and Patrons to reproach, Support [y.o | you]y.oyou by [y.e | the]y.ethe money  [collectd | collected]collectdcollected for [ye | the]yethe use of my School[org0098.ocp] in great Britain[place0090.ocp], [pleaſe | please]pleaſeplease to  let me know [w.t | what]w.twhat [y.r | your]y.ryour Determination in [ye | the]yethe [mattr | matter]mattrmatter is.
I [rejoyce | rejoice]rejoycerejoice much to hear [w.t | what]w.twhat [yo | you]yoyou relate of [y.r | your]y.ryour [B.r | brother]B.rbrother Jacob[pers0018.ocp], [& | and]&and [Jos | Joseph]JosJoseph[pers0288.ocp]  [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0288.ocp], [ye | the]yethe Latter has [coſt | cost]coſtcost me floods of Sorrow, as well as  much Toil [& | and]&and Expense, if [ye | the]yethe [Wk | work]Wkwork in him be genuine I [ſhall | shall]ſhallshall likely  hear more of it.
[M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. [Auſtin | Austin]AuſtinAustin[pers0062.ocp] by a [Lr | letter]Lrletter [datd | dated]datddated Albany[place0001.ocp] 11. [Inſtt | Instant]InſttInstant[1772-07-11] on his way from  Montreal[place0145.ocp] to Connecticut[place0048.ocp] informs me of an [openg | opening]opengopening there for  a [School Maſter | schoolmaster]School Maſterschoolmaster among the Indians. [Johnſon's | Johnson's]Johnſon'sJohnson's[pers0288.ocp] Character is [ſuch | such]ſuchsuch  among their [Brethn | brethren]Brethnbrethren [ye | the]yethe [Onoidas | Oneidas]OnoidasOneidas[org0075.ocp] [y.t | that]y.tthat it wont do to [ſend | send]ſendsend him, but  perhaps [y.r | your]y.ryour [Br | brother]Brbrother Jacob[pers0018.ocp], is [ye | the]yethe very man [pleaſe | please]pleaſeplease to let me hear from  [yo | you]yoyou [& | and]&and [aſsure | assure]aſsureassure [yrſlf | yourself]yrſlfyourself [y.t | that]y.tthat however uncharitable, unbrotherly,  [& | and]&and in Some [Inſtances | instances]Inſtancesinstances cruel [yr | your]yryour [Treatmt | treatment]Treatmttreatment of me has [appeard | appeared]appeardappeared  I have Steadily [endeavord | endeavoured]endeavordendeavoured to [ſhow | show]ſhowshow [myſelf | myself]myſelfmyself to be [& | and]&and continue to be 
[yr | your]yryour [beſt | best]beſtbest earthly Friend.  [Eleaz.r | Eleazar]Eleaz.rEleazar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp] 
To [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp] July 28  1772[1772-07-28]   
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pers0030.ocp M. r Mr. Occom recipient Occom, Samson
pers0541.ocp Esq. r Esq. Thornton mentioned Thornton, John
pers0070.ocp cap t Capt. N Nathaniel Backus mentioned Backus, Nathaniel
pers0018.ocp B. r brother Jacob mentioned Fowler, Jacob
pers0288.ocp Jos Joseph mentioned Johnson, Joseph
pers0288.ocp Johnſon Johnson mentioned Johnson, Joseph
pers0062.ocp M. r Mr. Auſtin Austin mentioned Austin
pers0288.ocp Johnſon's Johnson's mentioned Johnson, Joseph
pers0018.ocp Jacob mentioned Fowler, Jacob
pers0036.ocp Eleaz. r Eleazar Wheelock writer Wheelock, Eleazar

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place0090.ocp great Britain Great Britain
place0001.ocp Albany Albany
place0145.ocp Montreal Montreal
place0048.ocp Connecticut Connecticut

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org0037.ocp Dart.Dartmouth Coll.College Dartmouth College
org0095.ocp BoſtonBoston Board The Company for Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the parts adjacent in America
org0098.ocp my School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0075.ocp OnoidasOneidas Oneida Nation

Dates identified in this document:

Standard Form Text
1772-07-28 July. 28..th28th 1772
1772-07-03 3.d3rd Inſt tInstant
1772-07-11 11. InſttInstant
1772-07-28 July 28 1772

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Type Original Regularized
modernization 28..th 28th
modernization M.r Mr.
modernization y.e the
modernization 3.d 3rd
modernization Esq.r Esq.
modernization diſcharge discharge
variation beleive believe
modernization beſt best
modernization ſell sell
modernization capt Capt.
modernization uſe use
modernization generouſly generously
modernization ſhall shall
modernization ſupply supply
variation ingage engage
modernization ye the
variation propoſd proposed
modernization eſteem esteem
modernization y.t that
modernization honeſtly honestly
variation ingagd engaged
variation inlarge enlarge
modernization cauſe cause
modernization yſ this
modernization thoſe those
modernization Boſton Boston
modernization profeſsedly professedly
modernization yr [guess (): your]your
variation conſiſtantly consistently
variation with out without
variation ofence offense
modernization myſelf myself
variation collectd collected
modernization pleaſe please
variation rejoyce rejoice
modernization Johnſon Johnson
modernization coſt cost
modernization Auſtin Austin
modernization School Maſter schoolmaster
modernization Johnſon's Johnson's
modernization ſuch such
variation Onoidas Oneidas
modernization ſend send
modernization aſsure assure
modernization Inſtances instances
variation appeard appeared
variation endeavord endeavoured
modernization ſhow show

Expanded abbreviations:

Abbreviation Expansion
Dart. Dartmouth
Coll. College
Yrs Yours
Inſt t Instant
y.r your
Favr favour
& and
yr your
Sterlg Sterling
wc which
y.o you
ſho.d should
N Nathaniel
yo you
Miſſn mission
ſouthwd southward
nothg nothing
neceſsy necessary
w.t what
Redeemr Redeemer
agn again
wo who
und.r under
Objt object
givg giving
expoſg exposing
mattr matter
B.r brother
Jos Joseph
Wk work
Lr letter
datd dated
Inſtt Instant
openg opening
Brethn brethren
ye the
Br brother
yrſlf yourself
Treatmt treatment
Eleaz.r Eleazar

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