David Avery, letter to Eleazar Wheelock, 1769 June 26


[note (type: abstract): Avery writes from Yale about the conversion of fellow students. He adds a postscript regarding Wheelock's son John.][note (type: handwriting): Formal handwriting is clear and legible. The trailer is in an unknown hand.][note (type: paper): Single large sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining, creasing and wear. The seal is intact.][note (type: ink): Brown.]
    Reverend Doctor, 
In my [laſt | last]laſtlast informed the Doctor[pers0036.ocp]  of one of Perrey's[pers0418.ocp] Brother's being hope ­fully brought into Light of late — [& | and]&and  [alſo | also]alſoalso that Perrey[pers0418.ocp] [himſelf | himself]himſelfhimself (a member  of College[org0107.ocp]) was under serious [Impreſ ­sions | impres sions]Impreſ ­sionsimpres sions — His convictions [increaſed | increased]increaſedincreased — was  brought very clearly to see his State —  the work of humiliation appeared to  be quite genuine [&c | etc.]&cetc. and this Monday[1769-06-26]  Night will be week since he was hope ­fully converted — He has had several  turns of [Darkneſs | darkness]Darkneſsdarkness as well as Light  — and appears to have built sure on  the Rock of Ages — [manifeſts | manifests]manifeſtsmanifests a  sweet, humble, [Chriſtlike | Christ­like]ChriſtlikeChrist­like [Diſpoſition | disposition]Diſpoſitiondisposition.  What Joy, [Rev,d | Rev.]Rev,dRev. Doctor, an account so  well grounded, will afford You — I can
pretty [eaſily | easily]eaſilyeasily imagine — There are a few  who appear to be thoughtful and a little  concerned — God's Children seem to renew  their Strength — and we cant hope but God  is on his way to [Viſit | visit]Viſitvisit this Society! "Oh! that  God would Rend the Heavens and come down"!  we [deſire | desire]deſiredesire the Saints in Lebanon[place0122.ocp] to help  by their strong, united [& | and]&and fervent prayers  to the Father of Mercy for a Shower of  Divine Grace — Oh! that God had set a  Timothy at the head of this School of  the Prophets!
I hope [D,r | Dr.]D,rDr. Gale's[pers0212.ocp] [preſcriptions | prescriptions]preſcriptionsprescriptions are well  suited to my [Diſorder | disorder]Diſorderdisorder[pleaſe | please]pleaſeplease to accept  myuch Duty and filial [Reſpect | respect]Reſpectrespect from,
   Reverend Doctor,   Yours [moſt | most]moſtmost   dutifully    David Avery[pers0064.ocp]  [Rev,d | Rev.]Rev,dRev. [D,r | Dr.]D,rDr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]
P. S. 27.[1769-06-27][Rev,d | Rev.]Rev,dRev. [D,r | Dr.]D,rDr. your Son[pers0576.ocp] has [applyed | applied]applyedapplied five  times to the Authority to get Liberty to  board out of Commons— but can not ob­ tain it, [tho' | though]tho'though the affair is not finally  determined — "The [Eſtablished | established]Eſtablishedestablished Laws [& | and]&and Decrees  of the Corporation can't be [diſpenſed | dispensed]diſpenſeddispensed with."  If Jonne[pers0576.ocp] can not board out he will write  the Doctor[pers0036.ocp] soon to [deſire | desire]deſiredesire he would write  [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Baldwin[pers1759.ocp]— He would be [sorrey | sorry]sorreysorry if the  Doctor should draw from this [Poſtſcript | postscript]Poſtſcriptpostscript  that he is sick— he is [is | is]isis a well as com­ mon — and sends Duty with your's [gap: blotted_out][guess (maggiec): [& | and]&and][& | and]&andc   [D.A. | David Avery]D.A.David Avery[pers0064.ocp]
From David Avery[pers0064.ocp]  June 26. 1769[1769-06-26] 
To The Reverend  Eleazar Wheelock D. D.[pers0036.ocp]  Lebanon[place0122.ocp]
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pers0036.ocp Doctor recipient Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0418.ocp Perrey's mentioned Perry, James
pers0418.ocp Perrey mentioned Perry, James
pers0212.ocp Gale's mentioned Gale
pers0064.ocp David Avery writer Avery, David
pers0036.ocp D, r Dr. Wheelock recipient Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0576.ocp your Son mentioned Wheelock, John
pers0576.ocp Jonne mentioned Wheelock, John
pers1759.ocp M r Mr. Baldwin mentioned Baldwin, Ebenezer
pers0064.ocp D.A. David Avery writer Avery, David
pers0064.ocp David Avery writer Avery, David
pers0036.ocp Eleazar Wheelock D. D. recipient Wheelock, Eleazar

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place0122.ocp Lebanon Lebanon

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org0107.ocp Yale College Yale University
org0107.ocp College Yale University

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1769-06-26 June 26 th 1769.
1769-06-26 Monday
1769-06-27 27.
1769-06-26 June 26. 1769

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modernization himſelf himself
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modernization Darkneſs darkness
modernization manifeſts manifests
modernization Chriſtlike Christ­like
modernization Diſpoſition disposition
modernization Rev,d Rev.
modernization eaſily easily
modernization Viſit visit
modernization deſire desire
modernization D,r Dr.
modernization preſcriptions prescriptions
modernization Diſorder disorder
modernization pleaſe please
modernization Reſpect respect
modernization moſt most
variation applyed applied
modernization Eſtablished established
modernization diſpenſed dispensed
modernization Mr Mr.
variation sorrey sorry
modernization Poſtſcript postscript

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& and
tho' though
D.A. David Avery

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