Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Samson Occom, 1769 March 9


[note (type: abstract): Wheelock writes that he has heard rumours about Occom being drunk. He reports that Hezekiah Calvin is in prison for forging a pass for a Negro, and that Joseph Johnson has not been heard from.][note (type: handwriting): Informal handwriting is small and somewhat crowded, yet mostly clear and legible. The trailer appears to be in Occom's hand.][note (type: paper): Small single sheet appears to have been torn from a larger sheet. It is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.][note (type: ink): Dark-brown.][note (type: noteworthy): An editor, likely 19th-century, has added a note to the trailer on one verso. This note, which has not been included in the transcription, obscures a portion of the original text.]
My dear [ſir | sir]ſirsir. 
There is an ugly report bruited of You in  Windham[place0243.ocp] [gap: stain][guess (h-dawnd): by]by [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. [Proſper | Prosper]ProſperProsper Wetmore[pers0571.ocp] of [Chilſey | Chelsea]ChilſeyChelsea[place0035.ocp]. [illegible]  it is Said to come from him viz. that You was  [over taken | overtaken]over takenovertaken with [exceſsive | excessive]exceſsiveexcessive Drinking at [Chilſey | Chelsea]ChilſeyChelsea[place0035.ocp] near  the Time You was here — and [ y.t | that] y.tthat You had been Several  Times [diſguiſed | disguised]diſguiſeddisguised by it — I gave no credit to it [& | and]&and told all  I heard [diſcourſe | discourse]diſcourſediscourse about it, that I [beleived | believed]beleivedbelieved there was  no truth in it. If it be fact indeed, it is Sad indeed, and  a greater wound to [Chriſt | Christ]ChriſtChrist and his [Cauſe | cause]Cauſecause than Your former  Error —
I want much to See You to [converſe | converse]converſeconverse relative to your  [deſigned | designed]deſigneddesigned Tour into the [Wilderneſs | wilderness]Wilderneſswilderness this Spring — for many  [Reaſons | reasons]Reaſonsreasons I think it will be [beſt | best]beſtbest You [Shod | should]Shodshould go as Soon as the  ways [& | and]&and [Seaſon | season]Seaſonseason will [permitt | permit]permittpermit — And it would be [beſt | best]beſtbest you  Should be there while [Meſsrſrs | Messrs.]MeſsrſrsMessrs. [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0287.ocp] and Kirtland[pers0315.ocp] are  at Home that you might Supply the [Onoidas | Oneidas]OnoidasOneidas[org0075.ocp] in part  while they are from them — John Matthews[pers0364.ocp] gives Some  Grounds to hope he has met with a Saving Change. I hope  that he [& | and]&and Abraham[pers0487.ocp] will be useful men — there are  near 40 who have got a hope Since this late [Seaſon | season]Seaſonseason of  Gods Special Favour towards us began. —
Where is [Dr | Dr.]DrDr. H[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): e]ews Daughter[pers0148.ocp] which you gave me [Reaſon | reason]Reaſonreason  to expect? — Have you concluded to take David[pers0155.ocp] with  You to [errect | erect]errecterect a School Among the Onondagas[org0078.ocp]? —
do Write me of these things as Soon as may be, that I may  know what to depend upon.
I hear that poor [Hez | Hezekiah]HezHezekiah Calvin[pers0008.ocp] has got into [Priſon | prison]Priſonprison at  [Littleaſe | Little Ease]LittleaſeLittle Ease[place0324.ocp] for forging a [paſs | pass]paſspass for a Negro, [& | and]&and that it is  probable he will fare hardly — I hope God will humble  him [& | and]&and do him Good by it — [Jo. | Joseph]Jo.Joseph [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0288.ocp] [hant | have not]hanthave not yet been  seen in these parts — I think he is going in the same track  with others — I give my love to you [& | and]&and yours, and am —
yours very heartily  Eleazar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp] 
[Rev.d | Rev.]Rev.dRev. [Sampſon | Samson]SampſonSamson Occom[pers0030.ocp]
[D.r | Dr.]D.rDr. [W[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): s] s | Wheelock's]W[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): s] sWheelock's[pers0036.ocp]
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id Text in document Role in header Authorized Name
pers0571.ocp M. r Mr. Proſper Prosper Wetmore mentioned Wetmore, Prosper
pers0287.ocp Johnſon Johnson mentioned Johnson, Jacob W.
pers0315.ocp Kirtland mentioned Kirkland, Samuel
pers0364.ocp John Matthews mentioned Matthews, John
pers0487.ocp Abraham mentioned Simon, Abraham
pers0148.ocp D r Dr. H e ws Daughter mentioned Hews
pers0155.ocp David mentioned Fowler, David
pers0008.ocp Hez Hezekiah Calvin mentioned Calvin, Hezekiah
pers0288.ocp Jo. Joseph Johnſon Johnson mentioned Johnson, Joseph
pers0036.ocp Eleazar Wheelock writer Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0030.ocp Rev. d Rev. Sampſon Samson Occom recipient Occom, Samson
pers0036.ocp D. r Dr. W s Wheelock's writer Wheelock, Eleazar

Places identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
place0122.ocp Lebanon Lebanon
place0243.ocp Windham Windham
place0035.ocp Chilſey Chelsea Chelsea Landing
place0324.ocp Littleaſe Little Ease Franklinville

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org0075.ocp OnoidasOneidas Oneida Nation
org0078.ocp Onondagas Onondaga Nation

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1769-03-09 9th9th March 1769

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Type Original Regularized
variation 9th 9th
modernization ſir sir
modernization M.r Mr.
modernization Proſper Prosper
variation Chilſey Chelsea
variation over taken overtaken
modernization exceſsive excessive
modernization y.t that
modernization diſguiſed disguised
modernization diſcourſe discourse
variation beleived believed
modernization Chriſt Christ
modernization Cauſe cause
modernization converſe converse
modernization deſigned designed
modernization Wilderneſs wilderness
modernization Reaſons reasons
modernization beſt best
modernization Seaſon season
variation permitt permit
modernization Meſsrſrs Messrs.
modernization Johnſon Johnson
variation Onoidas Oneidas
modernization Dr Dr.
modernization Reaſon reason
variation errect erect
modernization Priſon prison
modernization Littleaſe Little Ease
modernization paſs pass
modernization Rev.d Rev.
modernization Sampſon Samson
modernization D.r Dr.

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Abbreviation Expansion
& and
Shod should
Hez Hezekiah
Jo. Joseph
hant have not
W[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): s] s Wheelock's

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