Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to John Thornton, 1768 August 25


[note (type: abstract): Wheelock writes that Occom refuses to return money that was inadvertently advanced to him; he fears Occom has been given delusions of grandeur by his treatment in England.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is relatively neat and clear. Letter case is frequently difficult to decipher. The trailer is in an unknown hand.][note (type: paper): Large sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.][note (type: ink): Black-brown.][note (type: noteworthy): It is uncertain to whom Wheelock refers when he mentions Occom's "Youngest Child," and so he or she has been left untagged. In the left margin of one recto, Wheelock notes that the letter was never sent. When Wheelock mentions the Messrs. Lathrop, he is referring to Daniel Lathrop[pers1476.ocp] and Joshua Lathrop[pers1477.ocp]. The contents of this letter are similar to those of manuscript 768673.1]

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

   My dear Sir. 
On [ſight | sight]ſightsight of [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Keen[pers0301.ocp]'s order by, [& | and]&and [inFav.r | in favour]inFav.rin favour of  [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp], I drew on [Meſsrs | Messrs.]MeſsrsMessrs. Lathrops [illegible]in [illegible] [Fav.r | favour]Fav.rfavour for the  Money before I had been informed that he had received of  the [Truſt | Trust]TruſtTrust in England[org0103.ocp] an Allowance for the Support of his [Fami‐ ‐ly | fami‐ ly]Fami‐ ‐lyfami‐ ly in his [Abſence | absence]Abſenceabsence, the [greateſt | greatest]greateſtgreatest part of which had been at the  [Expence | expense]Expenceexpense of the School[org0098.ocp] — Soon after [D.r | Dr.]D.rDr. Whitaker[pers0037.ocp] arrived, [& | and]&and  had [inform'd | informed]inform'dinformed me of the true State of the Affair I Sent [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  Woodward[pers0610.ocp] my Bookkeeper to Settle the [Acco.t | account]Acco.taccount with him, and  receive what was due to the School[org0098.ocp]. But, [illegible][M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Woodward[pers0610.ocp] [ſays | says]ſayssays  he treated him with an air of Slight [& | and]&and Contempt, Said he would  Settle [y.e | the]y.ethe [acco.t | account]acco.taccount with none but with me — that he laid out all  the money in England[place0068.ocp] which he received of the [Truſt | Trust]TruſtTrust[org0103.ocp] as an Allow ‐ance for Support of his Family. And that He had paid away the  [greateſt | greatest]greateſtgreatest part of what he had [rec.d | received]rec.dreceived of [Meſsrs | Messrs.]MeſsrsMessrs. Lathrops by virtue  of my order; and had [occaſion | occasion]occaſionoccasion for the [reſt | rest]reſtrest to lay out in  Labour upon his Farm [&c. | etc.]&c.etc. and that, though it was [reaſonable | reasonable]reaſonablereasonable  the money Should be refunded to the School[org0098.ocp], it [illegible][Muſt | must]Muſtmust wait [till | 'til]till'til  he could get it Some Other way — On [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Woodward[pers0610.ocp]s [Enqui ‐ry | inqui‐ ry]Enqui ‐ryinqui‐ ry how it came to [paſs | pass]paſspass that the Allowance made him in  England[place0068.ocp] was so Soon Spent? he [aſsigned | assigned]aſsignedassigned this as one [Reaſon | reason]Reaſonreason  that he bought a [conſiderable | considerable]conſiderableconsiderable Collection of Books for the  School[org0098.ocp] but [after wards | afterwards]after wardsafterwards for fear of Blame he took them to [him ‐ſelf | him‐ self]him ‐ſelfhim‐ self and charged them to his own [Acco.t | account]Acco.taccount — upon which [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Woodward[pers0610.ocp]  proposed taking those Books for the School[org0098.ocp], as he wanted to  Sell them, but he would not [conſent | consent]conſentconsent to it without a [cuſtomary | customary]cuſtomarycustomary  Advance. Neither (as [appeard | appeared]appeardappeared upon Trial) with Such Advance.  but would have the Money in Hand or not part with the  Books. — [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Woodward[pers0610.ocp] finally [deſired | desired]deſireddesired him to [viſit | visit]viſitvisit me  Soon and Settle the Affair [otherwiſe | otherwise]otherwiſeotherwise an [acco.t | account]acco.taccount of it [muſt | must]muſtmust  be [tranſmitted | transmitted]tranſmittedtransmitted to England[place0068.ocp]. this he [promiſed | promised]promiſedpromised to do in a few  Days, Since which Six Weeks have elapsed and I have heard  nothing from him — After [illegible]this I was [informd | informed]informdinformed that half  the Order he had on [Meſsrs | Messrs.]MeſsrsMessrs. Lathrops remained unpaid; on which  [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Woodward[pers0610.ocp] wrote [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp] in my Name, informing him  that I had heard of it. and expected that he would order [Meſsrs | Messrs.]MeſsrsMessrs.   Lathrops to pay it to the School[org0098.ocp], upon the Receipt of which  Letter  ^[left] This Letter was never Sent.^This Letter was never Sent.   
Letter he immediately [Applyed | applied]Applyedapplied to them for the Money and  could not by them be [prevaild | prevailed]prevaildprevailed upon to [conſent | consent]conſentconsent that the  School[org0098.ocp] Should have it. —   I [adviſed | advised]adviſedadvised him [ſoon | soon]ſoonsoon after he came Home to dispose of his  Family [& | and]&and Affairs [agreably | agreeably]agreablyagreeably to make [himſelf | himself]himſelfhimself a Settlement in the  [Wilderneſs | wilderness]Wilderneſswilderness, where he may have an Advantage which no [Engliſhman | Englishman]EngliſhmanEnglishman  can have. viz. as much of the [beſt | best]beſtbest of their Lands as he could  [reaſonably | reasonably]reaſonablyreasonably [deſire | desire]deſiredesire. I proposed that he Should take his Wife[pers0029.ocp] and  two of his Children with him. viz. his [Eldeſt | eldest]Eldeſteldest Son[pers0026.ocp] and fix him in a  School under his Guidance and [Inſpection | inspection]Inſpectioninspection, and his [Youngeſt | youngest]Youngeſtyoungest Child to  live with him, and I would take all the [reſt | rest]reſtrest of his Children into my  School[org0098.ocp] ['till | 'til]'till'til his [Circumſtances | circumstances]Circumſtancescircumstances Should invite to take them with him,  but he [Seemd | seemed]Seemdseemed [diſinclind | disinclined]diſinclinddisinclined to it — and I hear is [imploying | employing]imployingemploying a Number  of Labourers about his [Houſe | house]Houſehouse and Farm and I but little expect  either to get the [Ballance | balance]Ballancebalance of the School[org0098.ocp]'s [acco.t | account]acco.taccount which is about  ₤75. Sterling, or that he will ever Settle in Such a [Miſsion | mission]Miſsionmission  I fear his Tour to England[place0068.ocp], and the great [Reſpect | Respect]ReſpectRespect [Shewn | shown]Shewnshown him  there will have the Sad Effect to make him [aſpire | aspire]aſpireaspire after [Grandure | grandeur]Granduregrandeur  [& | and]&and [Eaſe | ease]Eaſeease, and prevent his [illegible]future [usefulneſs | usefulness]usefulneſsusefulness, at [leaſt | least]leaſtleast in a great  [Meaſure | measure]Meaſuremeasure. I [hant | haven't]hanthaven't Yet Seen him to [diſcourſe | discourse]diſcourſediscourse the Affair with  him. Nor can I flatter [my Self | myself]my Selfmyself with any great Benefit by it, if  I Should, Since I can offer no more forcible Arguments than  [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Woodward[pers0610.ocp] urged without [Suceeſs | success]Suceeſssuccess.   I have Confidence in Your Prudence and have [Obſerved | observed]Obſervedobserved [illegible]with  [Pleaſure | pleasure]Pleaſurepleasure, the [Expreſsions | expressions]Expreſsionsexpressions of Your [Eſteem | esteem]Eſteemesteem [& | and]&and [Friendſhip | friendship]Friendſhipfriendship towards  him, or I Should not have [dar'd | dared]dar'ddared to [expreſs | express]expreſsexpress [myſelf | myself]myſelfmyself with So much  freedom as I have done upon this Head.   I have, Since I [tranſmitted | transmitted]tranſmittedtransmitted my [laſt | last]laſtlast [accots | accounts]accotsaccounts, [beſides | besides]beſidesbesides the ₤100.  to pay [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp], drawn on You for the following Sums viz.  ₤100. [Sterl.g | sterling]Sterl.gsterling in [Fav.r | favour]Fav.rfavour of [Meſsrs | Messrs.]MeſsrsMessrs. Lathrops. June [20th | 20th]20th20th[1768-06-20]  ₤100— in [Fav.r | favour]Fav.rfavour of [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. John Baker Brimmer[pers0096.ocp] June 20[1768-06-20].  ₤39.5.— in [Fav.r | favour]Fav.rfavour of [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. George Green[pers0233.ocp] June 25[1768-06-25].  ₤100. — in [Favr | favour]Favrfavour of [Meſs rs | Messrs.]Meſs rsMessrs. Lathrops [Aug.t | August]Aug.tAugust 12[1768-08-12].   I have drawn for no more than has been [Neceſsary | necessary]Neceſsarynecessary; and  have used the [greateſt | greatest]greateſtgreatest [illegible]economy [& | and]&and Prudence I have been  [Maſter | master]Maſtermaster of in all my layings out.   I conclude You will See what I write my [Hon.d | Honoured]Hon.dHonoured Patrons[org0103.ocp]  to which I [muſt | must]muſtmust refer you for Intelligence in the great Affair.   And [Subſcribe | subscribe]Subſcribesubscribe with much Affection [& | and]&and [Eſteem | Esteem]EſteemEsteem.   
Yours in the [deareſt | dearest]deareſtdearest Bonds    Eleazar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp] 
John Thornton [Esq.r | Esq.]Esq.rEsq.[pers0541.ocp]   
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
To [Esq.r | Esq.]Esq.rEsq. Thornton[pers0541.ocp]   [Aug.t | August]Aug.tAugust 25. 1768[1768-08-25].
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pers0301.ocp M. r Mr. Keen mentioned Keen, Robert
pers0030.ocp M. r Mr. Occom mentioned Occom, Samson
pers0037.ocp D. r Dr. Whitaker mentioned Whitaker, Nathaniel
pers0610.ocp M r Mr. Woodward mentioned Woodward, Bezaleel
pers0610.ocp M. r Mr. Woodward mentioned Woodward, Bezaleel
pers0029.ocp his Wife mentioned Occom, Mary (née Fowler)
pers0026.ocp Eldeſt eldest Son mentioned Occom, Aaron
pers0096.ocp M. r Mr. John Baker Brimmer mentioned Brimmer, John Baker
pers0233.ocp M. r Mr. George Green mentioned Green, George
pers0036.ocp Eleazar Wheelock writer Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0541.ocp John Thornton Esq. r Esq. recipient Thornton, John
pers0541.ocp Esq. r Esq. Thornton recipient Thornton, John

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org0103.ocp TruſtTrust in England Trust in England
org0098.ocp the School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp the School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0103.ocp the TruſtTrust Trust in England
org0098.ocp my School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0103.ocp Hon.dHonoured Patrons Trust in England

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1768-08-25 Aug.tAugust 25. 1768.
1768-06-20 June 20th20th
1768-06-20 June 20
1768-06-25 June 25
1768-08-12 Aug.tAugust 12
1768-08-25 Aug.tAugust 25. 1768

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variation Enqui ‐ry inqui‐ ry
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modernization aſsigned assigned
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modernization conſiderable considerable
modernization him ‐ſelf him‐ self
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modernization Wilderneſs wilderness
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modernization Eldeſt eldest
modernization Inſpection inspection
modernization Youngeſt youngest
variation 'till 'til
modernization Circumſtances circumstances
variation Seemd seemed
variation diſinclind disinclined
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modernization Houſe house
variation Ballance balance
modernization Miſsion mission
modernization Reſpect Respect
variation Shewn shown
modernization aſpire aspire
variation Grandure grandeur
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modernization expreſs express
modernization myſelf myself
modernization laſt last
modernization beſides besides
modernization 20th 20th
modernization Meſs rs Messrs.
modernization Neceſsary necessary
modernization Maſter master
modernization Subſcribe subscribe
modernization Eſteem Esteem
modernization deareſt dearest
modernization Esq.r Esq.

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Aug.t August
& and
Fav.r favour
inform'd informed
Acco.t account
acco.t account
rec.d received
dar'd dared
accots accounts
Sterl.g sterling
Favr favour
Hon.d Honoured

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