David Avery, letter, to David McClure, 1768 August 14


[note (type: abstract): Avery writes a collegial letter, over a few days and in segments, about the people and conditions at his mission. He notes that he will travel to Canajoharie to recruit an interpreter, and then writes from there as well.][note (type: handwriting): Informal handwriting is largely clear and legible; it is occasionally difficult to decipher punctuation.][note (type: paper): Medium-sized single sheet is in fair condition, with moderate staining, creasing and wear. Large portions of the wax seal remain.][note (type: ink): Dark-brown.][note (type: noteworthy): The authorship of this letter has been determined by 1) the trailer on one verso, and 2) the fact that the handwriting does appear to be Avery's. The letter's date is taken from the trailer on one verso; it is written over the course of at least three days. The undated segments beginning "Monday Morning" and "wrote to you either..." appear to have been written previous to the section dated August 17, and likely from Kanawalohale[place0114.ocp]. It is uncertain to whom Avery refers when he mentions "the Queen," however, she is possibly Molly Brant, William Johnson[pers0292.ocp]'s consort."The Peregrina" or “pilgrim" is likely a reference to Avery himself. It is uncertain whether “little Jonne Williams’s Brother" refers to a little Jonne, William’s brother, or the brother of little Jonne Williams, and so these names have been left untagged. The identity of “Johnson" is uncertain, and so he has been left untagged; however, he is possibly Joseph Johnson[pers0288.ocp] or Jacob Johnson[pers0287.ocp]. The identity of Mr. M– is uncertain and so he has been left untagged.][note (type: signature): It is uncertain whether the signature "G.H.S." is a nickname between two former classmates, an abbreviation for a saying, or something else entirely.][note (type: layout): The letter is written in segments, in several different orientations on the page.]
leg-go-ro-hoh-quon-ye-[Suckeweſat | Suckewesat]SuckeweſatSuckewesat  yo-yonnereh..T^[above] h^he Indians bear [y.o | your]y.oyour avery[pers0064.ocp]  tender regard— ho [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): !]! yonnereh, quógh!  [y.a | They]y.aThey are very kind to me— [conſtantly | constantly]conſtantlyconstantly bringing  one thing [& | and]&and another—Father Isaac[pers0276.ocp] is a  Father indeed— little Jonne W[gap: tear][guess (h-dawnd): [illi][illiam's Bro  ther often brings [preſents | presents]preſentspresents— it [w.d | would]w.dwould have  made you [laught | laugh]laughtlaugh to see [ye | the]yethe little shaver  [y.s | thus]y.sthus come [w.h | with]w.hwith a small [baſket | basket]baſketbasket of Cucumbers  indian like slung on his head— another  little boy of [ye | the]yethe school about 4 years old  made a [prest | present]prestpresent: [laſt | last]laſtlast saturday of three very  small [shuiners | shiners]shuinersshiners! The Queen is going to  see her Son at [N | New]NNew England[place0158.ocp]= [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): Tuebhuns]Tuebhuns[& | and]&and hope  to hear from at her return—adieu! adieu!   Yours ut supra   [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): G.]G. H. S. 
[Canajohare | Canajoharie]CanajohareCanajoharie[place0026.ocp] [Aug.t | August]Aug.tAugust 17[1768-08-17]….  Came here today very much [fatieauged | fatigued]fatieaugedfatigued.—  the [Diſaffection | disaffection]Diſaffectiondisaffection [& | and]&and [Inſenſibity | insensibility]Inſenſibityinsensibility of [ye | the]yethe dutch  [illegible]are enough to provoke [ye | the]yethe righteous [diſpleaſure | displeasure]diſpleaſuredispleasure  of a good man— Give more Love to [Friſbie | Frisbie]FriſbieFrisbie[pers0209.ocp]  for his Letter [y.n | than]y.nthan can be [expreſt | expressed]expreſtexpressed by my old [blunderg. | blundering]blunderg.blundering [Quil | quill]Quilquill  [Suppoſed | Supposed]SuppoſedSupposed Ripley[pers0444.ocp] non datur or should have wrote him  by [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Kinne[pers0308.ocp]..— [wiſh | Wish]wiſhWish you all a happy Commencement—  remember an [abſent | absent]abſentabsent friend ^[above] to^to C… Brethren…[yo | you]yoyou will all write  me either by [ye | the]yethe [Miſsionary | missionary]Miſsionarymissionary or [ye | the]yethe Queen..fiat! fiat!…. 
[Canajohare | Canajoharie]CanajohareCanajoharie[place0026.ocp] [Augt | August]AugtAugust 18[1768-08-18].  The Indians of [y.s | this]y.sthis [Caſtle | Castle]CaſtleCastle[place0026.ocp]  are laden with Iniquity—  drunken [& | and]&and [drinkg | drinking]drinkgdrinking. [con‐  ‐ſtantly | con stantly]con‐  ‐ſtantlycon stantly[laſt | Last]laſtLast Evening  two [drinken | drunken]drinkendrunken Sober  Gentlemen of [ye | the]yethe [D–l | Devil]D–lDevil  came to make me a  [Viſit | visit]Viſitvisit! however, they  could not [git | get]gitget right of me.   pray for me— —  my hand trembles so  [thro | through]throthrough [weakneſs | weakness]weakneſsweakness am not  able to mend [theſe | these]theſethese [Tera  ‐bles | terri bles]Tera  ‐blesterri bles — Thanks to  [Meſsrs | Messrs.]MeſsrsMessrs. Allis[pers0053.ocp], Dudley[pers0172.ocp]  [& | and]&and Johnson for [y.r | your]y.ryour Letters—.  [ye | the]yethe doctor's [cauſed | caused]cauſedcaused me a  good hearty Laugh! Dud‐  ley[pers0172.ocp] wrote on [ye | the]yethe Lady of  [Friendſhip | Friendship]FriendſhipFriendship!— —  hope to procure some  more [curioſities | curiosities]curioſitiescuriosities for  [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. M. write about [y.[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): m]m | them]y.[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): m]mthem  if [y.o | you]y.oyou see [ye | the]yethe [D.rs | doctor's]D.rsdoctor's [yo | you]yoyou will see [w.t | what]w.twhat  a [hurleburley | hurly-burly]hurleburleyhurly-burly [ye | the]yethe Peregrina is in. 
wrote you either [laſt | last]laſtlast night or [y.s | this]y.sthis [Morg. | morning]Morg.morning be‐  twixt one [& | and]&and four — not being able to sleep—  as Sleep is wont to depart from my Eyes—  am going to [Canajohare | Canajoharie]CanajohareCanajoharie[place0026.ocp] to [git | get]gitget [Joannes | Johannes]JoannesJohannes[pers0282.ocp]  if [poſsible | possible]poſsiblepossible for Interpreter—   
[M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. D. Avery—[pers0064.ocp]  [Aug.t | August]Aug.tAugust 14. 1768[1768-08-14]   
To—   [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. David [McClure | McClure]McClureMcClure[pers0368.ocp]   Lebanon[place0122.ocp]   Connecticut[place0048.ocp]  By [ye | the]yethe Queen}    among thy    ^[bottom] Nonsense^Nonsense  ^[bottom] Nonvo Portu–^Nonvo Portu–  ^[bottom] Coppecticut–sm^Coppecticut–sm  ^[bottom] Novanglia^Novanglia
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pers0064.ocp avery writer Avery, David
pers0276.ocp Father Isaac mentioned Isaac
pers0209.ocp Friſbie Frisbie mentioned Frisbie, Levi
pers0444.ocp Ripley mentioned Ripley, Sylvanus
pers0308.ocp M r Mr. Kinne mentioned Kinne, Aaron
pers0053.ocp Allis mentioned Allis
pers0172.ocp Dudley mentioned Dudley
pers0172.ocp Dud‐ ley mentioned Dudley
pers0282.ocp Joannes Johannes mentioned Johannes
pers0064.ocp M. r Mr. D. Avery— writer Avery, David
pers0368.ocp David M c Clure McClure recipient McClure, David

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place0158.ocp N New England New England
place0026.ocp Canajohare Canajoharie Canajoharie
place0026.ocp y. s this Caſtle Castle Canajoharie
place0122.ocp Lebanon Lebanon
place0048.ocp Connecticut Connecticut

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1768-08-17 Aug.tAugust 17
1768-08-18 AugtAugust 18
1768-08-14 Aug.tAugust 14. 1768

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modernization Suckeweſat Suckewesat
modernization y.a They
modernization conſtantly constantly
modernization preſents presents
variation laught laugh
modernization ye the
modernization y.s thus
modernization baſket basket
variation prest present
modernization laſt last
variation shuiners shiners
variation Canajohare Canajoharie
variation fatieauged fatigued
modernization Diſaffection disaffection
variation Inſenſibity insensibility
modernization diſpleaſure displeasure
modernization Friſbie Frisbie
modernization y.n than
variation expreſt expressed
variation Quil quill
modernization Suppoſed Supposed
modernization Mr Mr.
modernization wiſh Wish
modernization abſent absent
modernization Miſsionary missionary
modernization y.s this
modernization Caſtle Castle
variation drinkg drinking
modernization con‐  ‐ſtantly con stantly
modernization laſt Last
variation drinken drunken
modernization Viſit visit
variation git get
variation thro through
modernization weakneſs weakness
modernization theſe these
variation Tera  ‐bles terri bles
modernization Meſsrs Messrs.
modernization cauſed caused
modernization Friendſhip Friendship
modernization curioſities curiosities
modernization y.[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): m]m them
variation hurleburley hurly-burly
variation Joannes Johannes
modernization poſsible possible
modernization M.r Mr.
variation McClure McClure

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y.o your
& and
w.d would
w.h with
N New
Aug.t August
blunderg. blundering
yo you
Augt August
D–l Devil
y.r your
y.o you
D.rs doctor's
w.t what
Morg. morning

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