Mary Secutor, confession, 1768 March 11


[note (type: abstract): Secutor confesses to drunkeness and rude conduct at a tavern.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is possibly that of Bezaleel Woodward. It is formal and clear. The hand is the same as in manuscript 768211.1][note (type: paper): Small single sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.][note (type: ink): Strong black-brown ink bleeds through the paper.][note (type: noteworthy): The contents of this document are very similar to those of manuscript 768211.1.][note (type: signature): The signature is possibly in Secutor's hand.]
I Mary [Secuter | Secutor]SecuterSecutor[pers0468.ocp] do with [shamefacedneſs | shamefacedness]shamefacedneſsshamefacedness acknowledge that on the evening of the [ | 8th]8..th8th [Inst: | instant]Inst:instant [1768-03-08] I was guilty of going to the tavern [& | and]&and tarrying there with much rude [& | and]&and vain company[till | 'til]till'til a very unseasonable time of night, in ^[above] where was^where was dancing [& | and]&and ^[above] in^in behaving in other respects very ^[above] rude [& | and]&and^rude [& | and]&and unseemly [& | and]&and wickedly^[above] conduct^conduct, [& | and]&and in particular drinking too much [spiritous | spirituous]spiritousspirituous liquor whereby I was exposed to practice ^[above] commit^commit many [groſs | gross]groſsgross sins, which offence is doubly [aggre‐vated | aggra‐vated]aggre‐vatedaggra‐vated in that it is a direct violation of a late promise which I have [publickly | publicly]publicklypublicly made before this school[org0098.ocp] — all which wicked [& | and]&and Sinful conduct of mine, I am fully [sensable | sensible]sensablesensible is much to the dishonour of God [& | and]&and very prejudicial to the design [& | and]&and reputation of this school[org0098.ocp], and in opposition to the good of my own souls [& | and]&and the souls of my mates — for which I deserve to be turned out of this school[org0098.ocp] [& | and]&and be deprived of all the pri‐vileges of it — I desire to lie low in the dust [therefor | therefore]therefortherefore [& | and]&and do now ask [forgiveneſs | forgiveness]forgiveneſsforgiveness of God, the [ Rev.d | Rev.] Rev.dRev. [Doct.r | Dr.]Doct.rDr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp], his family and school[org0098.ocp], and all others whom I have hereby offended — [& | and]&and do with my whole heart promise that and I desire now with my whole heart to renew my former engagement that I will never more drink any [spiritous | spirituous]spiritousspirituous liquor on any occasion ^[above] where [neceſsity | necessity]neceſsitynecessity does not require it^where [neceſsity | necessity]neceſsitynecessity does not require it whatsoever, and I do promise that (by the grace of god) I will ^[above] amend my past life [& | and]&and^amend my past life [& | and]&and never offend
by any of the like or any other misconduct. for time to come — And desire once more to warn all my mates not to take occasion by this or any other instance of my misconduct, to commit the like or any other evil — and I beg the privi[illegible]lege of continuing ^[above] still^still a member of this school[org0098.ocp] [& | and]&and that I may enjoy the privileges of it, for a further ^[above] trial^trial of the sincerity of this my [confeſsion | confession]confeſsionconfession [& | and]&and ^[above] my^my engagements [illegible]for an amendment of life
Mary [Secuter | Secutor]SecuterSecutor[pers0468.ocp]
Lebanon[place0122.ocp] — } March [ | 11th]11.th11th 1768[1768-03-11]} Present.{[D.r | Dr.]D.rDr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]  {[B. | Bezaleel]B.Bezaleel Woodward[pers0610.ocp]
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id Text in document Role in header Authorized Name
pers0468.ocp Mary Secuter Secutor writer Secutor, Mary
pers0036.ocp Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0036.ocp D. r Dr. Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0610.ocp B. Bezaleel Woodward mentioned Woodward, Bezaleel

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place0122.ocp Lebanon Lebanon

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org0098.ocp this school Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp school Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp this school Moor’s Indian Charity School

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Standard Form Text
1768-03-08 8..th8th Inst:instant
1768-03-11 March 11.th11th 1768

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Type Original Regularized
variation Secuter Secutor
modernization shamefacedneſs shamefacedness
modernization 8th
variation till 'til
variation spiritous spirituous
modernization groſs gross
variation aggre‐vated aggra‐vated
variation publickly publicly
variation sensable sensible
variation therefor therefore
modernization forgiveneſs forgiveness
modernization Doct.r Dr.
modernization neceſsity necessity
modernization confeſsion confession
modernization 11th
modernization D.r Dr.

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Abbreviation Expansion
Inst: instant
& and
Rev.d Rev.
B. Bezaleel

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