Suhnaugearot, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 December 28


[note (type: abstract): Suhnaugearot thanks Wheelock for educating his son.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is that of Samuel Kirkland. It is formal and clear. The trailer is in an unknown hand.][note (type: paper): Large sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light creasing, staining and wear.][note (type: noteworthy): There is text in, presumbably, Oneida on two verso beneath the address; its meaning is unknown. As noted in an N.B., Kirkland served as interpreter.][note (type: signature): Signed Suhnaugearot, but in Kirkland's hand.]
To the great Minister that takes [ye | the]yethe Care of Indians. Father.
We, the Parents of William[pers0592.ocp], give o[illegible]ur Service to you. we thank God we are alive. we hope you are yet alive, [& | and]&and [yt | that]ytthat all Things are well with you. — [Fathr | Father]FathrFather, we are we are [wery | very]weryvery thankful for [ye | the]yethe Care you have taken of our Son. yes Father we thank you heartily. we are exceedingly [pleas'd w.h | pleased with]pleas'd w.hpleased with [ye | the]yethe Instruction you have given our Son. he was always dear to us — [& | and]&and [appeard | appeared]appeardappeared a good child — but now much better. you have made his mind more straight [& | and]&and upright, we are greatly [rejoicd | rejoiced]rejoicdrejoiced to see it. [Fathr | Father]FathrFather, we desire you [woud | would]woudwould go on to take [ye | the]yethe Caere [& | and]&and [inſtruction | instruction]inſtructioninstruction of our Son — for which we shall be ever Thankful, [& | and]&and we thank God too. — we think perhaps in two years more — he may be fit to return. we hope you will keep him closely to his books now, [yt | that]ytthat he may Make [ye | the]yethe greater speed. If he [shoud | should]shoudshould be sick [& | and]&and like to die, you will please to send us word. This is all we have to say. — [& | and]&and once more give our hearty service to you.
[farewel | Farewell]farewelFarewell Father. — The greater king Minister Suhnaugearot[pers0526.ocp]
P.S. Peter[pers0716.ocp], [yt | that]ytthat went down [wh | with]whwith [David | Dawet]DavidDawet[pers0739.ocp], is of my Blood, [& | and]&and belongs to me, he is something of a bad child, rough Temper [& | and]&and not wise, I desire [Fathr | Father]FathrFather, you exert yourself in [administring | administering]administringadministering means for forming his Temper [& | and]&and mind [strait^[below] gh^gh | straight]strait^[below] gh^ghstraight ^[above] [illegible]^[illegible] [& | and]&and making him wise, — [& | and]&and If you find you cant [maſter | master]maſtermaster it, [& | and]&and are quite discouraged, send me word, [& | and]&and I will let you know mind —  Suhnaugearot[pers0526.ocp].
[left] N.B. interpreted [& | and]&and wrote by, yours [&c | etc.]&cetc. [S.K–d | Samuel Kirtland]S.K–dSamuel Kirtland[pers0315.ocp]
N.B. interpreted [& | and]&and wrote by, yours [&c | etc.]&cetc. [S.K–d | Samuel Kirtland]S.K–dSamuel Kirtland[pers0315.ocp]
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
From [Wm | William]WmWilliam [Onoida | Oneida]OnoidaOneida[pers0592.ocp]'s Parents  [Dec.r | December]Dec.rDecember 28. 1767
To— The [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev. [Dr | Dr.]DrDr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp] ne Rajieheastajighko}  Raoughyadonsera,} ne dorheans nongade.}  thanagere.} N. England[place0158.ocp]
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pers0592.ocp William mentioned William
pers0526.ocp Suhnaugearot writer Suhnaugearot
pers0716.ocp Peter mentioned Peter
pers0739.ocp David Dawet mentioned Dawet
pers0315.ocp S.K–d Samuel Kirtland mentioned Kirkland, Samuel
pers0592.ocp W m William Onoida Oneida mentioned William
pers0036.ocp Rev d Rev. D r Dr. Wheelock recipient Wheelock, Eleazar

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place0179.ocp Onida Oneida Oneida
place0158.ocp N. England New England

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1767-12-28 28 Deecm:December AD 1767

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variation Onida Oneida
modernization ye the
modernization yt that
variation wery very
variation appeard appeared
variation rejoicd rejoiced
variation woud would
modernization inſtruction instruction
variation shoud should
variation farewel Farewell
variation David Dawet
variation administring administering
variation strait^[below] gh^gh straight
modernization maſter master
modernization &c etc.
variation Onoida Oneida
modernization Revd Rev.
modernization Dr Dr.

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Deecm: December
& and
Fathr Father
pleas'd w.h pleased with
wh with
S.K–d Samuel Kirtland
Wm William
Dec.r December

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