Mary Secutor, confession of drunkeness, 1767 December 27


[note (type: abstract): Mary Secutor confesses to drunkenness and lewd conduct.][note (type: handwriting): Document is written in Eleazar Wheelock's hand, exclusive of the signature.][note (type: paper): Single small sheet is in fair-to-good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, yellowing and wear.][note (type: ink): Black-brown.][note (type: signature): Ralph Wheelock and Bezaleel Woodward sign as witnesses. Mary Secutor’s signature is likely in her own hand.]
I Mary [Sequatar | Secutor]SequatarSecutor[pers0468.ocp] acknowl[illegible]edge, and [deſire | desire]deſiredesire to do it with Shame and [Bluſhing | blushing]Bluſhingblushing before God and all who are acquainted with my Sins, that I have been repeatedly Scandalously guilty of the Sin of [Drunkeneſs | drunkenness]Drunkeneſsdrunkenness, and partic[illegible]ularly [laſt | last]laſtlast Evening being the Evening following the Lords Day [Dec.r | December]Dec.rDecember 27. 1767. I went into the School[org0098.ocp] while I was intoxicated with Liquor and there behaved [myſelf | myself]myſelfmyself in a [Lude | lewd]Ludelewd and very [immodeſt | immodest]immodeſtimmodest manner among the School Boys, I also in a vile manner [profained | profaned]profainedprofaned the [Secred | sacred]Secredsacred name of God. Whereby I have brought Reproach and Ruin upon [myſelf | myself]myſelfmyself my Character and my precious Soul, have [greived | grieved]greivedgrieved the Heart of my Reverend Patron[pers0036.ocp] Who has been unwearied in his Labours of Love [& | and]&and Care and [kindneſs | kindness]kindneſskindness for me and for the School[org0098.ocp], I have brought irreparable Reproach upon the School[org0098.ocp] and the important [Cauſe | cause]Cauſecause which I ought to have regarded more than even my own Life, and have awfully [diſappointed | disappointed]diſappointeddisappointed [& | and]&and [blaſted | blasted]blaſtedblasted all the hopes that have been conceived that I might in my Place have [born | borne]bornborne my part in furthering the Same. I have Set a [moſt | most]moſtmost Ill Example before the [Schollars | scholars]Schollarsscholars which if they follow they can expect nothing but that the [Cauſes | causes]Cauſescauses of God denounced [againſt | against]againſtagainst Such will take place upon them, and that
that with me they [muſt | must]muſtmust Bear their part in that eternal [miſery | misery]miſerymisery to Which I Stand [Juſtly | justly]Juſtlyjustly [condemd | condemned]condemdcondemned. but [moſt | most]moſtmost of all is the wound which I have given, to, and the Reproach I have Cast, upon the Name of God, and the [Cauſe | cause]Cauſecause of the dear Redeemer — this I have done [againſt | against]againſtagainst multiplied learning [Councils | counsels]Councilscounsels, [Inſtructions | instructions]Inſtructionsinstructions and all [appointd | appointed]appointdappointed means and Endeavours from Day to day used with me. I desire ^[above] to^to humble [myſelf | myself]myſelfmyself before God and man for What I have done and implore divine pardon through the Blood of Christ. I also [aſk | ask]aſkask [forgiveneſs | forgiveness]forgiveneſsforgiveness of the [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev. [Doctr | Dr.]DoctrDr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp], and of all his family [& | and]&and School[org0098.ocp] and of all who are knowing to my heinous offenses — and I [promiſe | promise]promiſepromise by divine Grace to walk humbly and in all [Reſpects | respects]Reſpectsrespects circumspectly, in all [Reſpects | Respects]ReſpectsRespects for time to come — and it is my full purpose to leave off the use of all Spirituous Liquors for time to come — I [confeſs | confess]confeſsconfess it is [Juſt | just]Juſtjust if I am [ſent | sent]ſentsent away with [diſgrace | disgrace]diſgracedisgrace from this School[org0098.ocp] as unworthy [illegible][guess (cassandrah): Such]Such the Honour of being a member of it, but if it m[illegible]ay [conſiſt | consist]conſiſtconsist with the Glory of God [& | and]&and the Reputation of this School[org0098.ocp] I [earneſtly | earnestly]earneſtlyearnestly [& | and]&and humbly [deſire | desire]deſiredesire I may yet be continued upon trial, and if my fruits Shall be becoming a [penitant | penitent]penitantpenitent, that I [illegible]may be admitted ^[above] [reſtored | restored]reſtoredrestored^[reſtored | restored]reſtoredrestored and my Scandalous Crimes be [conceald | concealed]concealdconcealed as much as may be from my Nation and from the world.
Mary Secutor[pers0468.ocp] {Ralph Wheelock[pers0578.ocp] {[Bezal | Bezaleel]BezalBezaleel Woodward[pers0610.ocp]
[left] [guess (h-dawnd): [Teſt | Test]TeſtTest][Teſt | Test]TeſtTest[illegible]
[guess (h-dawnd): [Teſt | Test]TeſtTest][Teſt | Test]TeſtTest[illegible]
Mary Secuter[pers0468.ocp]s Confession [Jan.y | January]Jan.yJanuary or [Feby | February]FebyFebruary — 1768
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pers0468.ocp Mary Sequatar Secutor writer Secutor, Mary
pers0036.ocp Reverend Patron mentioned Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0036.ocp Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0468.ocp Mary Secutor writer Secutor, Mary
pers0578.ocp Ralph Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Rodulphus
pers0610.ocp Beza l Bezaleel Woodward mentioned Woodward, Bezaleel
pers0468.ocp Mary Secuter writer Secutor, Mary

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org0098.ocp the School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp this School Moor’s Indian Charity School

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Type Original Regularized
variation Sequatar Secutor
modernization deſire desire
modernization Bluſhing blushing
modernization Drunkeneſs drunkenness
modernization laſt last
modernization myſelf myself
variation Lude lewd
modernization immodeſt immodest
variation profained profaned
variation Secred sacred
variation greived grieved
modernization kindneſs kindness
modernization Cauſe cause
modernization diſappointed disappointed
modernization blaſted blasted
variation born borne
modernization moſt most
variation Schollars scholars
modernization Cauſes causes
modernization againſt against
modernization muſt must
modernization miſery misery
modernization Juſtly justly
variation condemd condemned
variation Councils counsels
modernization Inſtructions instructions
variation appointd appointed
modernization aſk ask
modernization forgiveneſs forgiveness
modernization Revd Rev.
modernization Doctr Dr.
modernization promiſe promise
modernization Reſpects respects
modernization Reſpects Respects
modernization confeſs confess
modernization Juſt just
modernization ſent sent
modernization diſgrace disgrace
modernization conſiſt consist
modernization earneſtly earnestly
modernization reſtored restored
modernization Teſt Test

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Abbreviation Expansion
Dec.r December
& and
penitant penitent
conceald concealed
Bezal Bezaleel
Jan.y January
Feby February

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