Allyn Mather, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 November 20


[note (type: abstract): Mather writes that he is not content at college.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is small and slanting, yet formal and clear. The trailer is in an unknown hand.][note (type: paper): Single large sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear. There are signs of old tape on one verso.][note (type: noteworthy): An editor, likely 19th-century, has added a note under the trailer on one verso. This note has not been included in the transcription.]
  [Rev.d | Rev.]Rev.dRev. [& | and]&and Honoured Sir/ 
[Senſible | Sensible]SenſibleSensible of the [oblagations | obligations]oblagationsobligations that I am under  of Duty [& | and]&and affection. — I would in ^[above] a^a [submiſsive | submissive]submiſsivesubmissive humble  manner [addreſs | address]addreſsaddress you with a few Lines,— Your [kindneſs | kindness]kindneſskindness  [& | and]&and Paternal care you have [exerciſed | exercised]exerciſedexercised towards me, give  me the [greateſt | greatest]greateſtgreatest [reaſon | reason]reaſonreason to think that you are [alwais | always]alwaisalways [con‐ ſulting | con‐ sulting]con‐ ſultingcon‐ sulting my good, [& | and]&and [happineſs | happiness]happineſshappiness, [& | and]&and that it would be [exceding | exceeding]excedingexceeding   [agreable | agreeable]agreableagreeable to hear from me, every opportunity.  which I would [enforme | inform]enformeinform you through a kind [& | and]&and indulgent  providence, [Injoy | enjoy]Injoyenjoy a [Tollerable | tolerable]Tollerabletolerable good s^[above] t^tate of heath, [& | and]&and [ſhould | should]ſhouldshould be  able to follow my Studies with [eaſe | ease]eaſeease [& | and]&and delight, if it was  not for [thoſe | those]thoſethose many [arrands | errands]arrandserrands which do [almoſt | almost]almoſtalmost keep me upon  continu^[above] al^al run, for this I have been obliged ^[above] to^to study [Evinings | evenings]Eviningsevenings, [till | until]tilluntil   my Eyes have felt the bad affects thereof.  [Reſpecting | Respecting]ReſpectingRespecting College affairs, I believe [ingeneral | in general]ingeneralin general are conducted  very [wiſly | wisely]wiſlywisely, peace [& | and]&and good [ordere | order]ordereorder seems to prevail.  the [Preſidend | president]Preſidendpresident[pers0624.ocp] [appeairs | appears]appeairsappears to be [frindly | friendly]frindlyfriendly, [& | and]&and Tutors [likwiſs | likewise]likwiſslikewise  [Notwithſtanding | Notwithstanding]NotwithſtandingNotwithstanding I enjoy not that [contentedneſs | contentedness]contentedneſscontentedness of Mind which  I [uſe | use]uſeuse to do while under your care [& | and]&and [inſtruction | instruction]inſtructioninstruction, for my  [pr^[above] i^iviliges | privileges]pr^[above] i^iviligesprivileges are not so great as they were then, particular  as to divinity, I am as ignorant as when I came from home  if not more so —, the [Preſident | president]Preſidentpresident[pers0624.ocp] has set apart [Satturd^[above] a^ay | Saturday]Satturd^[above] a^aySaturday   for that [purpoſe | purpose]purpoſepurpose that we may study Divinity, I hope it will  be [somwhat | somewhat]somwhatsomewhat better, but I am afraid not, we recite the [Aſsem‐ blies | assem‐ blies]Aſsem‐ bliesassem‐ blies shorter [Catechiſm | catechism]Catechiſmcatechism.— It is my [preſent | present]preſentpresent thought this ^[above] is^is not the place  to [qa^[above] [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): l]l^[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): l]llify | qualify]qa^[above] [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): l]l^[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): l]llifyqualify ^[above] a^a [Miſsionary | missionary]Miſsionarymissionary for Indian service, [som | some]somsome private School I [shoud | should]shoudshould   I should think would be better [fror | for]frorfor that [purpoſe | purpose]purpoſepurpose, I have [som | some]somsome   [reaſons | reasons]reaſonsreasons to give tim why, it is so, itf time would [parmit | permit]parmitpermit it is now[illegible]  twelve [oclock | o'clock]oclock o'clock at Night, I [muſt | must]muſtmust [aſk | ask]aſkask liberty to [subſcribe | subscribe]subſcribesubscribe  [my self | myself]my selfmyself. —
Your [Dutifull | dutiful]Dutifulldutiful Pupil  [& | and]&and [Moſt | most]Moſtmost obedient humble [Servent | servant]Serventservant   Allyn Mather[pers0361.ocp] 
To the [Rev.d | Rev.]Rev.dRev. [E | Eleazar]EEleazar Wheelock D.D.[pers0036.ocp]
Allyn [Marther | Mather]MartherMather[pers0361.ocp]s  [Nov.r | November]Nov.rNovember 20. 1767[1767-11-20]
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pers0624.ocp the Preſidend president mentioned Daggett, Naphtali
pers0624.ocp the Preſident president mentioned Daggett, Naphtali
pers0361.ocp Allyn Mather writer Mather, Allyn
pers0036.ocp E Eleazar Wheelock D.D. recipient Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0361.ocp Allyn Marther Mather writer Mather, Allyn

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place0162.ocp New Haven New Haven

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1767-11-20 NovenberNovember 20. 1767
1767-11-20 Nov.rNovember 20. 1767

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variation Novenber November
modernization Rev.d Rev.
modernization Senſible Sensible
variation oblagations obligations
modernization submiſsive submissive
modernization addreſs address
modernization kindneſs kindness
modernization exerciſed exercised
modernization greateſt greatest
modernization reaſon reason
variation alwais always
modernization con‐ ſulting con‐ sulting
modernization happineſs happiness
variation exceding exceeding
variation agreable agreeable
variation enforme inform
variation Injoy enjoy
variation Tollerable tolerable
modernization ſhould should
modernization eaſe ease
modernization thoſe those
variation arrands errands
modernization almoſt almost
variation Evinings evenings
variation till until
modernization Reſpecting Respecting
variation ingeneral in general
modernization wiſly wisely
variation ordere order
modernization Preſidend president
variation appeairs appears
variation frindly friendly
modernization likwiſs likewise
modernization Notwithſtanding Notwithstanding
modernization contentedneſs contentedness
modernization uſe use
modernization inſtruction instruction
variation pr^[above] i^iviliges privileges
modernization Preſident president
variation Satturd^[above] a^ay Saturday
modernization purpoſe purpose
variation somwhat somewhat
modernization Aſsem‐ blies assem‐ blies
modernization Catechiſm catechism
modernization preſent present
variation qa^[above] [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): l]l^[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): l]llify qualify
modernization Miſsionary missionary
variation som some
variation shoud should
variation fror for
modernization reaſons reasons
variation parmit permit
variation oclock o'clock
modernization muſt must
modernization aſk ask
modernization subſcribe subscribe
variation my self myself
variation Dutifull dutiful
modernization Moſt most
variation Servent servant
variation Marther Mather

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& and
E Eleazar
Nov.r November

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