Joseph Johnson, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 November 10


[note (type: abstract): Johnson writes to Wheelock about his safe arrival in Oneida, the state of his life and school there, and about two young boys who could, in time, be likely pupils for the charity school.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is small and tightly spaced, but formal and legible.][note (type: paper): Large sheet folded vertically to form four pages is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, yellowing and wear. Significant portions of the seal remain, and tearing around the seal results in no loss of text.][note (type: ink): Brown ink has sustained some fading.]
[Revd | Rev.]RevdRev. and [Hond Doct.r | Honoured Doctor]Hond Doct.rHonoured Doctor   
Suffer me as an Indian and a good  for nothing one, to Subscribe myself your [dutifull | dutiful]dutifulldutiful Pupil, or one  that will Endeavour ^[above] to be [dutifull | dutiful]dutifulldutiful,^to be [dutifull | dutiful]dutifulldutiful, for time to come;  [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev. Sir, by the mere [goodneſs | goodness]goodneſsgoodness of God we arrived Safe up here  the Eleventh day from your house; [& | and]&and Experienced much of the [good= =neſs | good ness]good= =neſsgood ness of God, in many [Inſtances | instances]Inſtancesinstances; Praised be his ^[above] Name^Name that he has all things  at his Command, [& | and]&and distempers at his beck, they go and come at his  pleasure. [Blesſsed | Blessed]BlesſsedBlessed be the Lord God that has carried us [ſafe | safe]ſafesafe  when the Arrows of Death were flying thick about us, he worked  a [wounderfull | wonderful]wounderfullwonderful [deliverence | deliverance]deliverencedeliverance for our Bodies, and may it please him in  Infinite Mercy and [condeſention | condescension]condeſentioncondescension to work much more [wounderfull | wonderful]wounderfullwonderful  [deliverence | deliverance]deliverencedeliverance to my precious Soul. and may the Lord Enable me to give  due thanks for his kind [preſervation | preservation]preſervationpreservation, and may his [goodneſs | goodness]goodneſsgoodness lead  me to a hearty Repentance. [& | and]&and may he please to fill my heart [brim full | brim ful]brim fullbrim ful of Gratitude to him and my kind Benefactors, I feel a [dispoſition | disposition]dispoſitiondisposition  and a heart to Spend all for God and to Enlarge the dear Redeemers  Kingdom in the world, as far as lies in my power. I think I have no  [Reaſon | reason]Reaſonreason to take it hard to Endure [heardſhips | hardships]heardſhipshardships. Since our [Bleſsed | Blessed]BleſsedBlessed Lord  [Jeſus | Jesus]JeſusJesus has been before me he has led the way; He was acquainted  with all these [heardſhips | hardships]heardſhipshardships before me; he was no Stranger to Hunger,  Thirst, cold, nor yet Temptations, as he was man. yea may I not think  it hard if he call for my Life in his [cauſe | cause]cauſecause, to let it go freely; for it is no  more than he did, and may I go through all [theſe | these]theſethese Trials with [Eaſe | ease]Eaſeease for  his Sake: Seeing he has led the way Set a [patorn | pattern]patornpattern for all [thoſe | those]thoſethose that  will follow him, he has been [pleaſed | pleased]pleaſedpleased to tell us beforehand of [theſe | these]theſethese things  he was reviled, here he Sought a glorious Example of humiliation that  when he was reviled he reviled not again, he was [perſicuted | persecuted]perſicutedpersecuted for my Sins  thereby to learn me that I must in like manner go through [perſicu= =tions | persecu­ ­tions]perſicu= =tionspersecu­ ­tions, and that I must not think it hard to be [perſicuted | persecuted]perſicutedpersecuted called to [nought | naught]noughtnaught  for his Names Sake, for he was [perſecuted | persecuted]perſecutedpersecuted for my Sins Sake.  He Spilled his [Seacred | Sacred]SeacredSacred Blood for me he groaned out his Life for  my [Wickedneſs | wickedness]Wickedneſswickedness, he had no Self-Glory in his Sufferings; all he had  in view was the Salvation of Man — that Guilty man [maight | might]maightmight be  Reconciled to its maker: now through his death [& | and]&and Sufferings  the [Aposſtate | apostate]Aposſtateapostate Man may [converſe | converse]converſeconverse with its Creator. through a —  Mediator. He has dearly purchased a Heaven of [happineſs | happiness]happineſshappiness  for every one that will believe in him. only believing heaven is mine  Eternal [happineſs | happiness]happineſshappiness is mine, Christ is mine, nay all the [happineſs | happiness]happineſshappiness in  in this Life [& | and]&and the Life to come is all mine only for [Recieving | receiving]Recievingreceiving.  [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev. [Doct.r | Doctor]Doct.rDoctor I would [Enform | inform]Enforminform you that that by the [goodneſs | goodness]goodneſsgoodness of God  I Enjoy my health as [uſual | usual]uſualusual. 
as Sir, I would [feign | fain]feignfain hope that by the Same [goodneſs | goodness]goodneſsgoodness you Enjoy yours,  I would [Enform | inform]Enforminform you likewise that I have entered the School  which your Son[pers0578.ocp] Opened for me when he was up here.  I Entered on the [Seecond | second]Seecondsecond [tuſeday | Tuesday]tuſedayTuesday of November. had only 5 Sc[illegible]holars  they are all [abſent | absent]abſentabsent yet and perhaps will not return long before  New Year. But they [promiſe | promise]promiſepromise me three more this week, who are gone  only to fetch Some flesh from the Hunters. they behave very kind  to me Since I came here, all that they have is free to me as one Born  and brought up in the [houſe | house]houſehouse.  I have plenty of Victuals Such as they can afford, [& | and]&and they are good  Enough, better [then | than]thenthan I [deſerve | deserve]deſervedeserve, Nothing wanting but a [thankfull | thankful]thankfullthankful  heart, they have plenty of Corn, fish, [Squaſhes | squashes]Squaſhessquashes at [preſent | present]preſentpresent.  I have nothing that is Strange to [Enform | inform]Enforminform you in this Letter, you  Said Something to me about [chuſing | choosing]chuſingchoosing a Lad out of my School  and Send him down to you, I think at [preſent | present]preſentpresent there is no choice  I am not able to discern their [Genious | genius]Geniousgenius, here is two very likely boys  look as if they would make men (in time) are about 12 [o | or]oor 13 years of Age  I cant tell which of them is best, (they are [booth | both]boothboth ^[above] branches^branches of the royal family  In their Nation[org0075.ocp] and town) perhaps in the Sprindg I Shall be more  able to [distinguiſh | distinguish]distinguiſhdistinguish them, when I have Seen what Proficiency they  make. no more at [preſent | present]preſentpresent only [hond | Honoured]hondHonoured Sir, I [deſire | desire]deſiredesire Still to be under thy  Direction, [pleaſe | please]pleaſeplease Sir, to Remember me in thy prayers, Pray that God  would fill my heart with Gratitude [booth | both]boothboth to him and my Kind Bene [= | ­]=­factors. — that he would keep me from pride [& | and]&and Ingratitude; which  has ruined many a youth. pray that he would grant me Prudence;  and that I may put my whole [Truſt | trust]Truſttrust in him [booth | both]boothboth Soul [& | and]&and body.  for time [& | and]&and Eternity, that he may Enable me to live above the World, as,  not having my [treaſure | treasure]treaſuretreasure on Earth, but in the heavens, where neither  moth nor [ruſt | rust]ruſtrust corrupteth; nor [theives | thieves]theivesthieves [brake | break]brakebreak [though | through]thoughthrough and Steal.  Pray that he would grant me wisdom from on high, Such as none  but a God can give; that he would grant me wisdom So to [be have | behave]be havebehave  [myſelf | myself]myſelfmyself as not to [diſhonour | dishonour]diſhonourdishonour or bring disgrace to Religion. that he would  make one a [bleſsing | blessing]bleſsingblessing to the Children which he has [commited | committed]commitedcommitted to my charge. 
This is the true and Sincere, hearty [deſire | desire]deſiredesire, of me, thy [Dutifull | dutiful]Dutifulldutiful [tho | though]thothough  Unworthy Pupil.  [Joſeph | Joseph]JoſephJoseph [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0288.ocp]. 
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
From Joseph Johnson[pers0288.ocp] [Onoida | Oneida]OnoidaOneida[place0179.ocp]  [Nov.r | November]Nov.rNovember [ | 10th]10.th10th 1767[1767-11-10]   
To —  The [Rev.d | Rev.]Rev.dRev. [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Eleazer | Eleazar]EleazerEleazar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]. [Doct.r | Doctor]Doct.rDoctor Divinity  Min^[above] i^ister of the [Goſpel | Gospel]GoſpelGospel of Christ at Lebanon[place0122.ocp].  [N. England | New England]N. EnglandNew England[place0158.ocp]. —  Connecticut[place0048.ocp]. —    [Pr | Per]PrPer favour of }  William[pers0763.ocp] }
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1767-11-10 November. 10.th10th AD. 1767
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variation Genious genius
variation o or
variation booth both
modernization distinguiſh distinguish
modernization deſire desire
modernization pleaſe please
modernization = ­
modernization Truſt trust
modernization treaſure treasure
modernization ruſt rust
variation theives thieves
variation brake break
variation be have behave
modernization myſelf myself
modernization diſhonour dishonour
modernization bleſsing blessing
variation commited committed
variation Dutifull dutiful
variation tho though
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modernization Johnſon Johnson
modernization Rev.d Rev.
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variation Eleazer Eleazar
modernization Goſpel Gospel

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Hond Doct.r Honoured Doctor
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Doct.r Doctor
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Nov.r November
N. England New England
Pr Per

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