Minutes of Matters to be Narrated, 1765 September 3


[note (type: abstract): A list of of the various Charity School expenses have been informally noted. The trailer indicates that these items will be listed in official accounts.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is informal and loose, yet clear and legible. It appears that another hand, likely Wheelock's, has made edits to the document in a different ink.][note (type: paper): Large sheet folded into quarters is in good condition, with light-to-moderate creasing, yellowing and wear. There is a large central watermark.][note (type: ink): There are both dark-brown and black inks on the document.][note (type: noteworthy): The contents of this document relate to those of manuscripts 767306.2 and 767306.3.]

EventsBuilding of Occom’s house

  In the Chargese of Supplies for the [Miſsionaries | Missionaries]MiſsionariesMissionaries, Interpreters [& | and]&and [School Maſters | schoolmasters]School Maſtersschoolmasters the following Things are included
[Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Pomeroy[pers0432.ocp]’s [& | and]&and [Radulphus | Rodulphus]RadulphusRodulphus Wheelock[pers0578.ocp]’s [Miſsion | Mission]MiſsionMission
[Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Aſhpo | Ashpo]AſhpoAshpo[pers0002.ocp]’s [Miſsion | Mission]MiſsionMission 3 1/2 Months
paid towards [mr | Mr.]mrMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp]’s [Houſe | House]HouſeHouse [& | and]&and Support of his Family
[Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Titus Smith[pers0503.ocp]’s [Miſsion | Mission]MiſsionMission [& | and]&and his Interpreter about 6 Months —
[Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Chamberlain[pers0009.ocp] ^[above] [& | and]&and his Interpreter^[& | and]&and his Interpreter [& | and]&and [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Kirtland | Kirkland]KirtlandKirkland[pers0315.ocp]s [Miſsion | Mission]MiſsionMission ^[above] and an [occaſional | occasional]occaſionaloccasional Interpreter^and an [occaſional | occasional]occaſionaloccasional Interpreter about a Year [& | and]&and a half ^[above] 8 months^8 months with their Interpreters
Support of [gap: omitted] 5 [Schoolmaſters | schoolmasters]Schoolmaſtersschoolmasters
[Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Kirtland | Kirkland]KirtlandKirkland[pers0315.ocp]’s [Houſe | House]HouſeHouse
David Fowler[pers0155.ocp] [& | and]&and his Wife[pers0742.ocp]
[Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Chamberlain[pers0009.ocp]’s Debt at College
[Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Kinne[pers0308.ocp] [Miſsion | Mission]MiſsionMission [gap: omitted] months
In the Charge of Board [&c | etc.]&cetc.[illegible: [guess (h-dawnd): a]a] is included a [Horſe | Horse]HorſeHorse [& | and]&and [ſundries | sundries]ſundriessundries for General [Tekanande | Tekananda]TekanandeTekananda[pers0944.ocp]
also [Mc Cluer | McClure]Mc CluerMcClure[pers0368.ocp] [& | and]&and Avery[pers0064.ocp]’s Support at College— 6 months
[illegible]Remains on hand a [conſiderable | considerable]conſiderableconsiderable Stock of Clothing
the [Miſsionaries | Missionaries]MiſsionariesMissionaries [& | and]&and [School maſters | schoolmasters]School maſtersschoolmasters have [ſupplies | supplies]ſuppliessupplies enough for this year—
about 40 have been the Subjects of Charity the year past in the School[org0098.ocp] [& | and]&and [Wilderneſs | Wilderness]WilderneſsWilderness
the Work done by the Females for the School[org0098.ocp] amounts to about £31— Sterling [beſides | besides]beſidesbesides [conſiderable | considerable]conſiderableconsiderable they have done of which no Account has been kept.
Number of^[above] in^in the Schools in the [Wilderneſs | Wilderness]WilderneſsWilderness have been about 100—
about 30 at [preſent | present]preſentpresent Subjects of Charity
Minutes of Matters
to be narrated
in [y.e | the]y.ethe School[org0098.ocp] [Acco.t | Account]Acco.tAccount from [Septr | September]SeptrSeptember 3. 1765[1765-09-03] to May 6. 1767[1767-05-06].
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pers0432.ocp M r Mr. Pomeroy mentioned Pomeroy, Benjamin
pers0578.ocp Radulphus Rodulphus Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Rodulphus
pers0002.ocp M r Mr. Aſhpo Ashpo mentioned Ashpo, Samuel
pers0030.ocp m r Mr. Occom mentioned Occom, Samson
pers0503.ocp M r Mr. Titus Smith mentioned Smith, Titus
pers0009.ocp M r Mr. Chamberlain mentioned Chamberlain, Theophilus
pers0315.ocp M r Mr. Kirtland Kirkland mentioned Kirkland, Samuel
pers0155.ocp David Fowler mentioned Fowler, David
pers0742.ocp his Wife mentioned Fowler, Hannah (née Garrett)
pers0308.ocp M r Mr. Kinne mentioned Kinne, Aaron
pers0944.ocp General Tekanande Tekananda mentioned Tekananda
pers0368.ocp M c Cluer McClure mentioned McClure, David
pers0064.ocp Avery mentioned Avery, David

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org0098.ocp the School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp y.ethe School Moor’s Indian Charity School

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1765-09-03 SeptrSeptember 3. 1765
1767-05-06 May 6. 1767

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modernization Miſsionaries Missionaries
variation School Maſters schoolmasters
modernization Mr Mr.
variation Radulphus Rodulphus
modernization Miſsion Mission
modernization Aſhpo Ashpo
modernization mr Mr.
modernization Houſe House
variation Kirtland Kirkland
modernization occaſional occasional
modernization Schoolmaſters schoolmasters
modernization &c etc.
modernization Horſe Horse
modernization ſundries sundries
variation Tekanande Tekananda
variation Mc Cluer McClure
modernization conſiderable considerable
variation School maſters schoolmasters
modernization ſupplies supplies
modernization Wilderneſs Wilderness
modernization beſides besides
modernization preſent present
modernization y.e the

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& and
Acco.t Account
Septr September

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