Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Sir William Johnson, 1767 April 23


[note (type: abstract): Wheelock discusses hostilities among the Naragansett tribe and asks for Johnson's assistance. He also discusses a possible location to build a school.][note (type: handwriting): Relatively clear and formal for Wheelock. Trailer is in a different hand. "Kirtland” is added beneath the trailer in yet another hand, possibly that of Solomon Williams.][note (type: paper): Good condition, with minimal wear.]
[ſir | Sir]ſirSir 
Tobias Shattock[pers0476.ocp] of the [Naraganſett | Naragansett]NaraganſettNaragansett  Tribe[org0066.ocp] of Indians, now a member of my School[org0098.ocp]  [deſires | desires]deſiresdesires me to inform your [Excellcy | Excellency]ExcellcyExcellency[pers0292.ocp] — That a  number of his Tribe[org0066.ocp], and who ^[above] Such as^Such as are of the [worſt | worst]worſtworst  characters ^[above] in it^in it being [Inſtigated | instigated]Inſtigatedinstigated by their Sachem[pers0392.ocp]  continue to injure and [abuſe | abuse]abuſeabuse the religious  and Steady part of that Tribe greatly — They  have forcibly taken away the [Poſseſsions | possessions]Poſseſsionspossessions of  many of their [Nieghbours | neighbours]Nieghboursneighbours, and taken [poſseſsion | possession]poſseſsionpossession  of their Labours, and Seem [deſignd | designed]deſignddesigned to ruin  the Tribe[org0066.ocp] as fast as they can — the Indians[org0066.ocp]  there are in Such Difficulty that they know not  which way to turn — Their Eyes are to your  [Excellcy | Excellency]ExcellcyExcellency[pers0292.ocp], under God, to [releive | relieve]releiverelieve them — Those  [Engliſh | English]EngliſhEnglish people who have bought Land of their  Sachem[pers0392.ocp] are using every artifice to improve them  — they try to [intice | entice]inticeentice the Indians to [referr | refer]referrrefer their [con­ ­troverſies | con troversies]con­ ­troverſiescon troversies to them for [Deciſion | decision]Deciſiondecision: [& | and]&and he fears that,  by delays they will Suffer [greally | greatly]greallygreatly in their Interest  This Toby[pers0476.ocp] appears to be a very [honeſt | honest]honeſthonest, Steady,  prudent man perhaps as much [ſo | so]ſoso as any of that  Tribe[org0066.ocp], he is one of their Council, and I Suppose  has more Influence among them than any Other  of   
of Tthem — When your Excellency[pers0292.ocp] Shall do me the  Favour which I [requeſted | requested]requeſtedrequested in my [Laſt | last]Laſtlast; if you  would [pleaſe | please]pleaſeplease to give Some Council [& | and]&and Direction  in their Case you would greatly oblige them.
I have done nothing towards providing [Miſsi­ onaries | missi onaries]Miſsi­ onariesmissi onaries and [School Maſters | schoolmasters]School Maſtersschoolmasters to Supply the vacancies  in your vicinity, nor Shall I do [any thing | anything]any thinganything  about it, till I know your mind —
I herewith [incloſe | enclose]incloſeenclose a Narrative, which [pleaſe | please]pleaſeplease  to accept [& | and]&and [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. [Kirtland | Kirkland]KirtlandKirkland[pers0315.ocp] can give you [acco.t | account]acco.taccount  of late advices from Home [reſpecting | respecting]reſpectingrespecting this  [Deſign | design]Deſigndesign, which are too long to write — And  also what [meaſures | measures]meaſuresmeasures have been taken to determine  the Place to fix this School[org0098.ocp]. —
It is Strongly Recommended from Philadelphia[place0186.ocp]  to fix it on the Ohio[place0178.ocp] about 30 or 40 miles  below [Pittsburg | Pittsburgh]PittsburgPittsburgh[place0187.ocp] — what [dos | does]dosdoes your [Excellcy | Excellency]ExcellcyExcellency[pers0292.ocp] think  of that place? I am with much [Eſteem | esteem]Eſteemesteem  and [Reſpect | respect]Reſpectrespect,
Your Excellency[pers0292.ocp]'s  [moſt | most]moſtmost [Obed.t | obedient]Obed.tobedient [& | and]&and [moſt | most]moſtmost  Humble Servant Eleazar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp] 
Sir [W.m | William]W.mWilliam [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp]. 
[right] To [Genl | Gen.]GenlGen. Johnson[pers0292.ocp] April [23d | 23rd]23d23rd  1767[1767-04-23]
To [Genl | Gen.]GenlGen. Johnson[pers0292.ocp] April [23d | 23rd]23d23rd  1767[1767-04-23]  [Kirtland | Kirkland]KirtlandKirkland[pers0315.ocp]   
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pers0476.ocp Tobias Shattock mentioned Shattock, Tobias
pers0292.ocp Excell cy Excellency recipient Johnson, William
pers0392.ocp their Sachem mentioned Ninigret, Thomas
pers0476.ocp Toby mentioned Shattock, Tobias
pers0292.ocp Excellency recipient Johnson, William
pers0315.ocp M. r Mr. Kirtland Kirkland mentioned Kirkland, Samuel
pers0036.ocp Eleazar Wheelock writer Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0292.ocp Sir W. m William Johnſon Johnson recipient Johnson, William
pers0292.ocp Gen l Gen. Johnson recipient Johnson, William
pers0315.ocp Kirtland Kirkland mentioned Kirkland, Samuel

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place0122.ocp Lebanon Lebanon
place0186.ocp Philadelphia Philadelphia
place0178.ocp the Ohio Ohio River
place0187.ocp Pittsburg Pittsburgh Pittsburgh

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org0066.ocp NaraganſettNaragansett Tribe Narragansett Tribe
org0098.ocp my School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0066.ocp his Tribe Narragansett Tribe
org0066.ocp the Tribe Narragansett Tribe
org0066.ocp Indians Narragansett Tribe
org0066.ocp that Tribe Narragansett Tribe
org0098.ocp this School Moor’s Indian Charity School

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1767-04-23 23.d23rd April. 1767
1767-04-23 April 23d23rd 1767

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modernization 23.d 23rd
modernization ſir Sir
modernization Naraganſett Naragansett
modernization deſires desires
modernization worſt worst
modernization Inſtigated instigated
modernization abuſe abuse
modernization Poſseſsions possessions
variation Nieghbours neighbours
modernization poſseſsion possession
variation deſignd designed
variation releive relieve
modernization Engliſh English
variation intice entice
variation referr refer
modernization con­ ­troverſies con troversies
modernization Deciſion decision
modernization honeſt honest
modernization ſo so
modernization requeſted requested
modernization Laſt last
modernization pleaſe please
modernization Miſsi­ onaries missi onaries
variation School Maſters schoolmasters
variation any thing anything
variation incloſe enclose
modernization M.r Mr.
variation Kirtland Kirkland
modernization reſpecting respecting
modernization Deſign design
modernization meaſures measures
variation Pittsburg Pittsburgh
variation dos does
modernization Eſteem esteem
modernization Reſpect respect
modernization moſt most
modernization Johnſon Johnson
modernization Genl Gen.
modernization 23d 23rd

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Excellcy Excellency
& and
acco.t account
Obed.t obedient
W.m William

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