Jonathan Murdock, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1767 February 26


[note (type: abstract): Murdock lists the various reasons why he cannot undertake a mission.][note (type: handwriting): Formal handwriting is somewhat uneven, yet clear and legible. The trailer is in an unknown hand.][note (type: paper): Large sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear. There is a prominent watermark.][note (type: ink): Brown ink is lightly faded.][note (type: layout): The first page of the letter is on one recto, but the second page is on two recto, not one verso.]
Reverend Sir. — 
I have [recieved | received]recievedreceived your  Letter dated the [ | 17th]17.th17th ultimo[1767-01-17]. and now  improve the first Opportun^[above] i^ity I have  had to return you my sincere Thanks  for the kind [& | and]&and honorable Proposal you  have made me and for the Love and  Regard you have [expreſs'd | expressed]expreſs'dexpressed for me. —  But at Present Sir, there are several  Obstacles against my undertaking the  Office of a [Miſsionary | Missionary]MiſsionaryMissionary [amoung | among]amoungamong the  Natives of America: [tho' | though]tho'though it is true I  once entertained Thoughts of it and  [propos'd | proposed]propos'dproposed it to my Friends but they  were utterly averse to it; and I have  no Doubt but they still remain [ſo | so]ſoso. —  But were my Friends willing I could  not at Present look on myself, who   
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
Am an [unexperienc'd | inexperienced]unexperienc'dinexperienced Youth, fit or  [quali[illegible]fy'd | qualified]quali[illegible]fy'dqualified to undertake [ſuch | such]ſuchsuch a great  and important Work, which, as I  must think, requires a Man of Years,  Knowledge [& | and]&and Experience. —  But if the Objections I have [menti= on'd | menti‐ oned]menti= on'dmenti‐ oned were [remov'd | removed]remov'dremoved, my present ill State  of Health would by no Means allow  of my undertaking the Work of a [Miſ =sionary | Mis‐ sionary]Miſ =sionaryMis‐ sionary, which requires [ſo | so]ſoso much  Strength of Body as well as of Mind.  For these Reasons, Sir, I must at   [Pre= ſent | pre‐ sent]Pre= ſentpre‐ sent lay aside all Thoughts of under‐ taking the great Work you have [pro= pos'd | pro‐ posed]pro= pos'dpro‐ posed to me. — But that [guess (h-dawnd): you]you God may  [bleſs | bless]bleſsbless [& | and]&and prosper your great [& | and]&and noble  Designs [& | and]&and Endeavours of gospelizing  the Indian Natives, is the hearty Desire [& | and]&and  Prayer of [Rev.nd | Rev.]Rev.ndRev. Sir,   
your sincere Friend [& | and]&and Humble  Servant — Jonathan Murdock[pers0387.ocp]  New [H. | Haven]H.Haven[place0162.ocp] [Feeb. | February]Feeb.February 26. AD 1767[1767-02-26] 
From Jonathan Murdock[pers0387.ocp]  [Feby | February]FebyFebruary 26. 1767[1767-02-26]   
To  The [Rev.nd | Rev.]Rev.ndRev.   Eleazar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]  at  Lebanon[place0122.ocp]
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pers0387.ocp Jonathan Murdock writer Murdock, Jonathan
pers0036.ocp Eleazar Wheelock recipient Wheelock, Eleazar

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place0162.ocp New H. Haven New Haven
place0122.ocp Lebanon Lebanon

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1767-01-17 17.th17th ultimo
1767-02-26 Feeb.February 26. AD 1767
1767-02-26 FebyFebruary 26. 1767

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variation recieved received
modernization 17th
modernization expreſs'd expressed
modernization Miſsionary Missionary
variation amoung among
variation propos'd proposed
modernization ſuch such
modernization Miſ =sionary Mis‐ sionary
modernization ſo so
modernization Pre= ſent pre‐ sent
modernization bleſs bless
modernization Rev.nd Rev.

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& and
tho' though
ſo so
unexperienc'd inexperienced
quali[illegible]fy'd qualified
menti= on'd menti‐ oned
remov'd removed
pro= pos'd pro‐ posed
H. Haven
Feeb. February
Feby February
Rev.nd Rev.

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