Connecticut Board of Correspondents, letter, to Sir William Johnson, 1765 July 17


[note (type: abstract): The Connecticut Board writes to Sir William Johnson, seeking his advice and support for a plan to send Wheelock and Whitaker to Europe to raise funds for the Indian Charity School, and to obtain a Royal Charter for a new location. Wheelock appends a note saying that he forgot to enclose the Board’s letter with one written by Wheelock and sent by Occom.][note (type: handwriting): Unknown hand is largely clear and legible.][note (type: paper): Large single sheet is in fair condition, with moderate creasing, staining and wear.][note (type: ink): Brown.][note (type: signature): There are three signatories, with Wheelock's signature after the addendum. The signatures are all in the same hand.][note (type: noteworthy): This document is almost certainly a copy.]

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

We take Leave to inform your Excellency that the Board of [Correſpondents | Correspondents]CorreſpondentsCorrespondents [Commiſsioners | Commissioners]CommiſsionersCommissioners in Connecticut[org0034.ocp] of the Society in Scotland for promoting [Chriſtian | Christian]ChriſtianChristian Knowledge[org0096.ocp] did at their Meeting in Lebanon[place0122.ocp] the [2d | 2nd]2d2nd of this [Inſtant | Instant]InſtantInstant July[1765-07-02] Vote to [ſend | send]ſendsend [ſome | some]ſomesome [ſuitable | suitable]ſuitablesuitable [Perſons | persons]Perſonspersons to Europe[place0070.ocp] to [ſolicit | solicit]ſolicitsolicit the Charities of good people there for the Benefit of the Indian Charity School[org0098.ocp] under the Care of the [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev. [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp], [& | and]&and for the [ſupport | support]ſupportsupport of [Miſsionaries | missionaries]Miſsionariesmissionaries among the Indians. And as the [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev.[Meſſrs | Messrs.]MeſſrsMessrs. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp] and Whitaker[pers0037.ocp] are the [Perſons | persons]Perſonspersons we expect will go on that [Buſi­ neſs, | busi­ness,]Buſi­ neſs,busi­ness, we have [deſired | desired]deſireddesired them to wait on your Excellency to [deſire | desire]deſiredesire your Advice and [aſsiſtance | assistance]aſsiſtanceassistance in it, and your Advice with [Reſpect | respect]Reſpectrespect to the fixing a place for the [ſaid | said]ſaidsaid Charity School[org0098.ocp], it being [neceſsary | necessary]neceſsarynecessary that a [Houſe | house]Houſehouse [ſhould | should]ſhouldshould be built to accommodate the [ſame | same]ſamesame and as it is judged expedient by [ſome | some]ſomesome that it [ſhould | should]ſhouldshould be removed nearer to the Indian Tribes, to ask your advice therein, and to your [Aſsiſtance | assistance]Aſsiſtanceassistance to obtain the Royal Favour for a Charter for [ſaid | said]ſaidsaid School, and any other things relative to it as they [ſhall | shall]ſhallshall judge proper. Perhaps your Excellency will think in the View of the whole Affair, that to [ſettle | settle]ſettlesettle the School[org0098.ocp] in the Indian Country[place0105.ocp] will more than any other [Meaſure | measure]Meaſuremeasure that can be gone into contribute to promote the temporal and eternal Welfare of the Indians; to advance his [Majeſty | Majesty]MajeſtyMajesty[pers0305.ocp]'s [Intereſt | interest]Intereſtinterest the Peace of his North American Subjects, and that no [Meaſure | measure]Meaſuremeasure can [raiſe ſo | raise so]raiſe ſoraise so great [& | and]&and [laſting | lasting]laſtinglasting a Name and Honour to your Excellency. If [theſe | these]theſethese things [ſhould | should]ſhouldshould appear to you in [ſuch | such]ſuchsuch a Light, we [aſsure | assure]aſsureassure [ourſelves | ourselves]ourſelvesourselves you will readily give your Weight and Influence to [ſuch | such]ſuchsuch an important [Deſign | design]Deſigndesign And we doubt not but if a good Plan was laid, and a fair [Proſpect | prospect]Proſpectprospect opened for the [Extenſion | extension]Extenſionextension [& | and]&and greater [Uſefulneſs | usefulness]Uſefulneſsusefulness of this [Deſign | design]Deſigndesign, much greater Bounties millegibleight be obtained to [proſecute | prosecute]proſecuteprosecute it, and even a Fund to perpetuate it. But whatever your Thoughts are we pray your Excellency to
to give us your [beſt | best]beſtbest ^[above] [& | and]&and [moſt | most]moſtmost friendly^[& | and]&and [moſt | most]moſtmost friendly Advice. If the Gentlemen appointed to wait on your Excellency [ſhould | should]ſhouldshould through [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]'s [Indiſpoſition | indisposition]Indiſpoſitionindisposition, or any other Act of Divine Providence fail to attend you we pray you will be [ſo | so]ſoso good as to write your thoughts to us.
We are Sir, with great [Reſpects | Respects]ReſpectsRespects,  Your Excellency's [moſt | most]moſtmost obedient  humble Servants Solomon Williams[pers0039.ocp] [Benja | Benjamin]BenjaBenjamin Pomeroy[pers0432.ocp] Richard Salter[pers0033.ocp]
[right] {Committee {of the Board {of [Correſpondents | Correspondents]CorreſpondentsCorrespondents[org0034.ocp]
{Committee {of the Board {of [Correſpondents | Correspondents]CorreſpondentsCorrespondents[org0034.ocp]
To his Excellency Sir [Wm | William]WmWilliam [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp]
Lebanon[place0122.ocp] [17th | 17th]17th17th July 1765[1765-07-17] [Hond | Honoured]HondHonoured Sir
I ask your Excellency's Pardon for my Inad­ vertency when I [ſealed | sealed]ſealedsealed my Letter to you by [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp] this Morning I forgot to [incloſe | enclose]incloſeenclose the Letter from the Committee of the Board of [Correſpondents | Correspondents]CorreſpondentsCorrespondents[org0034.ocp] which [occaſions | occasions]occaſionsoccasions you [& | and]&and me this Trouble. I hope it may by [ſome | some]ſomesome kind hand [ſeaſonably | seasonably]ſeaſonablyseasonably reach you.
from Your Excellency's [moſt | most]moſtmost obedient humble Servant Eleazar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]
[left] [Let: | Letter:]Let:Letter: to [S.r | Sir]S.rSir [Wm | William]WmWilliam Johnson[pers0292.ocp] by [Meſs | Messrs.]MeſsMessrs. Williams[pers0039.ocp] Pomeroy[pers0432.ocp] [& | and]&and Salter[pers0033.ocp]. July 17. 1765[1765-07-17]
[Let: | Letter:]Let:Letter: to [S.r | Sir]S.rSir [Wm | William]WmWilliam Johnson[pers0292.ocp] by [Meſs | Messrs.]MeſsMessrs. Williams[pers0039.ocp] Pomeroy[pers0432.ocp] [& | and]&and Salter[pers0033.ocp]. July 17. 1765[1765-07-17]
Sir [Wm | William]WmWilliam [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp]
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pers0036.ocp M r Mr. Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0036.ocp Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0037.ocp Whitaker mentioned Whitaker, Nathaniel
pers0305.ocp his Majeſty Majesty mentioned Frederick, George William
pers0039.ocp Solomon Williams mentioned Williams, Solomon
pers0432.ocp Benj a Benjamin Pomeroy mentioned Pomeroy, Benjamin
pers0033.ocp Richard Salter mentioned Salter, Richard
pers0292.ocp W m William Johnſon Johnson recipient Johnson, William
pers0030.ocp M r Mr. Occom mentioned Occom, Samson
pers0036.ocp Eleazar Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0292.ocp W m William Johnson recipient Johnson, William
pers0039.ocp Williams mentioned Williams, Solomon
pers0432.ocp Pomeroy mentioned Pomeroy, Benjamin
pers0033.ocp Salter mentioned Salter, Richard
pers0292.ocp Sir W m William Johnſon Johnson recipient Johnson, William

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place0122.ocp Lebanon Lebanon
place0070.ocp Europe Europe
place0105.ocp the Indian Country Indian Country

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org0034.ocp Board of CorreſpondentsCorrespondents CommiſsionersCommissioners in Connecticut Connecticut Board of Correspondents of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
org0096.ocp Society in Scotland for promoting ChriſtianChristian Knowledge Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
org0098.ocp Indian Charity School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp Charity School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp the School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0034.ocp Board {of CorreſpondentsCorrespondents Connecticut Board of Correspondents of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
org0034.ocp Board of CorreſpondentsCorrespondents Connecticut Board of Correspondents of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge

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1765-07-02 2d2nd of this InſtantInstant July
1765-07-17 17th17th July 1765
1765-07-17 July 17. 1765

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modernization 2d 2nd
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modernization ſend send
modernization ſome some
modernization ſuitable suitable
modernization Perſons persons
modernization ſolicit solicit
modernization Revd Rev.
modernization Mr Mr.
modernization ſupport support
modernization Miſsionaries missionaries
modernization Meſſrs Messrs.
modernization Buſi­ neſs, busi­ness,
modernization deſired desired
modernization deſire desire
modernization aſsiſtance assistance
modernization Reſpect respect
modernization ſaid said
modernization neceſsary necessary
modernization Houſe house
modernization ſhould should
modernization ſame same
modernization Aſsiſtance assistance
modernization ſhall shall
modernization ſettle settle
modernization Meaſure measure
modernization Majeſty Majesty
modernization Intereſt interest
modernization raiſe ſo raise so
modernization laſting lasting
modernization theſe these
modernization ſuch such
modernization aſsure assure
modernization ourſelves ourselves
modernization Deſign design
modernization Proſpect prospect
modernization Extenſion extension
modernization Uſefulneſs usefulness
modernization proſecute prosecute
modernization beſt best
modernization moſt most
modernization Indiſpoſition indisposition
modernization ſo so
modernization Reſpects Respects
modernization Johnſon Johnson
variation 17th 17th
modernization ſealed sealed
variation incloſe enclose
modernization occaſions occasions
modernization ſeaſonably seasonably
modernization Meſs Messrs.

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& and
Benja Benjamin
Wm William
Hond Honoured
Let: Letter:
S.r Sir

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