Robert Roath, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 May 30


[note (type: abstract): Roath writes to ask for help in securing money owed to him by Occom.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is slanted and and somewhat looping though mostly clear and legible.][note (type: paper): Small square sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.][note (type: ink): Dark black-brown.][note (type: noteworthy): The money owed by Occom is also mentioned in manuscript number 764572. The person mentioned on line nine has not been tagged because his name is illegible.]
[Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Whelock | Wheelock]WhelockWheelock[pers0036.ocp] Sir.
this is to [in forme | inform]in formeinform you that I am in gReat want of my [wadges | wages]wadgeswages for my Labour which I Did on [mr | Mr.]mrMr. [Ocom | Occom]OcomOccom[pers0030.ocp]s house which I Did in [fraiming | framing]fraimingframing of it and if you can help me To It quick I [ſhould | should]ſhouldshould Be very gLad for I am In great want of [mony | money]monymoney [Jest | just]Jestjust now and If you are ComIng Down to norwich[place0174.ocp] quick If you Dont [Sea | see]Seasee me you may [Leve | leave]Leveleave It [att | at]attat [mr | Mr.]mrMr. [Joſeph | Joseph]JoſephJoseph [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): Traces]Traces In the Town the [Sume | sum]Sumesum is Thirty five [Shilings | shillings]Shilingsshillings —£1=14^[above] S^S=0^[above] d^d
Robert Roath[pers0446.ocp]
Roath[pers0446.ocp]'s [Acc.t | account]Acc.taccount of work on [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp]'s [Houſe | house]Houſehouse
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People identified in this document:

id Text in document Role in header Authorized Name
pers0036.ocp M r Mr. Whelock Wheelock recipient Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0030.ocp m r Mr. Ocom Occom mentioned Occom, Samson
pers0446.ocp Robert Roath writer Roath, Robert
pers0446.ocp Roath writer Roath, Robert
pers0030.ocp M. r Mr. Occom mentioned Occom, Samson

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id Text in document Authorized Name
place0174.ocp Norwich Norwich
place0174.ocp norwich Norwich

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1765-05-30 may 30 Day 1765

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Type Original Regularized
modernization Mr Mr.
variation Whelock Wheelock
variation in forme inform
variation wadges wages
modernization mr Mr.
variation Ocom Occom
variation fraiming framing
modernization ſhould should
variation mony money
variation Jest just
variation Sea see
variation Leve leave
variation att at
modernization Joſeph Joseph
variation Sume sum
variation Shilings shillings
modernization M.r Mr.
modernization Houſe house

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Abbreviation Expansion
Acc.t account

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