Solomon Williams, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1765 January 5


[note (type: abstract): Williams writes to voice his objection to the proposed trip of Occom to England.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is loose and occasionally difficult to decipher.][note (type: paper): Single large sheet is in good conditon with light-to-moderate creasing, staining and wear. There is some tearing near remnants of seal, but it results in no loss of text.][note (type: ink): Brown-black.]

EventsMason Land Case

  [Revd | Rev.]Revd Rev. [& | and]&and dear Sir 
Your [Favr | favour]Favrfavour of [Decr | December]DecrDecember 31[1764-12-31]. I [Recd | received]Recdreceived  this Morning. the [Lr | letter]Lrletter you Refer to of [ye | the]yethe 11   I [Recd | received]Recd received [laſt | last]laſtlast week. I [aſk | ask]aſkask Pardon for Not [An Swerg | an swering]An Swergan swering that before Now. but Indeed the wea ­ther [& | and]&and [Travelling | traveling]Travellingtraveling has been [ſuch | such]ſuchsuch that I knew  of No way to get a Letter to you [& | and]&and now  I am quite at [aloſs | a loss]aloſsa loss to know what to [ſay | say]ſaysay to  your proposals. the Snow is [ſo | so]ſoso deep, falls  [ſo | so]ſoso often [& | and]&and the Cold Renders [travelling | traveling ]travelling traveling [ſo | so]ſoso  Difficult that I doubt a meeting [Coud | could]Coudcould be  [obtaind | obtained]obtaindobtained yet a while. I have [ſome | some]ſomesome Difficult  ties In My Mind [abt | about]abtabout [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Occum | Occom]OccumOccom[pers0030.ocp]s going to  England[place0068.ocp], [Eſpecially | especially]Eſpeciallyespecially as Sent by the [Commiſsrs | Commissioners]CommiſsrsCommissioners [org0034.ocp] not only because I am [Suſpicious | suspicious]Suſpicioussuspicious he will be  [prevaild | prevailed]prevaildprevailed on to Take [Epiſcopal | Episcopal]EpiſcopalEpiscopal orders, but [be cauſe | be cause]be cauſebe cause, he has by his [Medling | meddling]Medlingmeddling in the Indian  Affairs very much [Diſguſted | disgusted]Diſguſteddisgusted the Government  [& | and]&and A Good Deal [Diſaffected | disaffected]Diſaffecteddisaffected [ſome | some]ſomesome to the Indian  School[org0098.ocp] who before had a Favourable Opini on of it. [& | and]&and if he goes as Sent by Us Now I [no | know]noknow  [Maſon | Mason]MaſonMason[pers0357.ocp] is in England [ſolliciting | soliciting]ſollicitingsoliciting the old [Maſon | Mason]MaſonMason  Affair it will be Difficult to make [ye | the]yethe [Govt | government]Govtgovernment[org0027.ocp]  believe that we have no [Eie | eye]Eieeye to that or that  [Occums | Occom's]OccumsOccom's[pers0030.ocp] being there will have no Influence  upon it. there is Nothing lies in My Mind  [againſt | against]againſtagainst [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Braynerd | Brainerd]BraynerdBrainerd[pers0004.ocp]s going or in any proper  way [deſiring | desiring]deſiringdesiring the [Aſsiſtance | assistance]Aſsiſtanceassistance of the [N | New]NNew York [& | and]&and  [N | New]NNew [Jerſey | Jersey]JerſeyJersey board of [Correſpndents | Correspondents]CorreſpndentsCorrespondents[org0069.ocp] In the Affair, but  Really My Mind is too Dark to judge [Abt | about]Abtabout it in  Expedients   
I am [Sr | Sir]SrSir your [Affte | affectionate]Affteaffectionate [Br | brother]Brbrother [& | and]&and [Servt | servant]Servtservant  [Solo: | Solomon]Solo:Solomon Williams[pers0039.ocp]   
[right] [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. [Sol | Solomon]SolSolomon Williams[pers0039.ocp] Letter  [Jany | January]JanyJanuary 5. 1765[1765-01-05]
[M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. [Sol | Solomon]SolSolomon Williams[pers0039.ocp] Letter  [Jany | January]JanyJanuary 5. 1765[1765-01-05]   
To The [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev.  [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. [Eleazer | Eleazar]EleazerEleazar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]  In Lebanon[place0122.ocp]
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People identified in this document:

id Text in document Role in header Authorized Name
pers0030.ocp M r Mr. Occum Occom mentioned Occom, Samson
pers0357.ocp Maſon Mason mentioned Mason
pers0030.ocp Occum s Occom's mentioned Occom, Samson
pers0004.ocp M r Mr. Braynerd Brainerd mentioned Brainerd, John
pers0039.ocp Solo: Solomon Williams writer Williams, Solomon
pers0039.ocp M. r Mr. Sol Solomon Williams writer Williams, Solomon
pers0036.ocp M r Mr. Eleazer Eleazar Wheelock recipient Wheelock, Eleazar

Places identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
place0122.ocp Leb n Lebanon Lebanon
place0068.ocp England England
place0122.ocp Lebanon Lebanon

Organizations identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
org0034.ocp the CommiſsrsCommissioners Connecticut Board of Correspondents of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
org0098.ocp Indian School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0027.ocp yethe Govtgovernment Colony of Connecticut
org0069.ocp NNew York &and NNew JerſeyJersey board of CorreſpndentsCorrespondents The New York/New Jersey Board of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge

Dates identified in this document:

Standard Form Text
1765-01-05 JanyJanuary 5 1765
1764-12-31 DecrDecember 31
1765-01-05 JanyJanuary 5. 1765

Regularized text:

Type Original Regularized
modernization Revd Rev.
modernization ye the
modernization laſt last
modernization aſk ask
variation Travelling traveling
modernization ſuch such
variation aloſs a loss
modernization ſay say
modernization ſo so
variation travelling traveling
variation Coud could
modernization ſome some
modernization Mr Mr.
variation Occum Occom
modernization Eſpecially especially
modernization Suſpicious suspicious
variation prevaild prevailed
modernization Epiſcopal Episcopal
modernization be cauſe be cause
variation Medling meddling
modernization Diſguſted disgusted
modernization Diſaffected disaffected
variation no know
modernization Maſon Mason
variation ſolliciting soliciting
variation Eie eye
variation Occums Occom's
modernization againſt against
variation Braynerd Brainerd
modernization deſiring desiring
modernization Aſsiſtance assistance
modernization Jerſey Jersey
modernization M.r Mr.
modernization Revd Rev.
variation Eleazer Eleazar

Expanded abbreviations:

Abbreviation Expansion
Lebn Lebanon
Jany January
& and
Favr favour
Decr December
Recd received
Lr letter
Recd received
An Swerg an swering
obtaind obtained
abt about
Commiſsrs Commissioners
Govt government
N New
Abt about
Sr Sir
Affte affectionate
Br brother
Servt servant
Solo: Solomon
Sol Solomon

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