Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Dennys DeBerdt, 1764 September 3


[note (type: abstract): Wheelock writes to DeBerdt about the petition to the King for a land grant, an offer by the Hebron Society of 1,000 pounds, and Occom's prospective mission.][note (type: handwriting): Informal handwriting is small, crowded and occasionally difficult to decipher.][note (type: paper): Single large sheet is in good condition, with light staining, creasing and wear.][note (type: ink): Bold black ink bleeds through the paper.][note (type: noteworthy): This document appears to be a draft.]
[M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. De Berdt[pers0014.ocp]    My dear [& | and]&and [Hond | Honoured]HondHonoured Friend   
Though I [ſeldom | seldom]ſeldomseldom of late receive a Line from you,  yet I [underſtand | understand]underſtandunderstand by [D.r | Dr.]D.rDr. Gifford[pers0221.ocp] you are not [unmindfull | unmindful]unmindfullunmindful of  nor [unactive | inactive]unactiveinactive in My Affair; and I have been willing to [admitt | admit]admittadmit as  [excuſe | excuse]excuſeexcuse for your writing no oftener, your great crowd of [Buſs ‐neſs | busi ness]Buſs ‐neſsbusi ness. however as the fixing the Place and Building for this  School[org0098.ocp] ^[above] which is now become so needful.^which is now become so needful. is [Suſpended | suspended]Suſpendedsuspended [till | 'til]till'til we hear the [Succeſs | success]Succeſssuccess of my Suit for a  Grant of Lands for it, [&c. | etc.]&c.etc. which I have committed to your Care  and Conduct, I should be very Glad to hear if there be any  [Proſpect | prospect]Proſpectprospect of [Succeſs | success]Succeſssuccess therein. My Hope is only in God, in [Whoſe | Whose]WhoſeWhose  Hand is the Heart of the King[pers0305.ocp] and all about him. And the  Signal Appearances of Gods Hand ^[above] all along^all along in Favour of the [deſign | design]deſigndesign encou ‐rages me to Hope, in Favour of his Mercy Still, that he has  yet further and Greater Favours in Store for it.
The [firſt | First]firſtFirst Society in Hebron[org0130.ocp] ^[above] about 6 miles from hence^about 6 miles from hence Where [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Pomeroy[pers0432.ocp] is [Miniſter | Minister]MiniſterMinister offer  me £1000 lawful Money. (that is about a quarter poorer than  Sterling) for I the use of theis School[org0098.ocp], and to be in part paid im ‐mediately in Building for the School[org0098.ocp] if I will [conſent | consent]conſentconsent to fix it  there. and a Gentleman from Windham[place0243.ocp] about 9 miles ^[above] from hence^from hence distant  told me the[illegible] ^[above] a few^a few Days ^[above] ago^ago he Thought it likely ^[above] ([tho' | though]tho'though no trial has yet been made)^([tho' | though]tho'though no trial has yet been made) [y.t | that]y.tthat they would give  Two [Thouſand | thousand]Thouſandthousand, to have it there, but no trial has ^[above] yet^yet been made there
[Purſuant | Pursuant]PurſuantPursuant to the Orders of our new [formd | formed]formdformed Board of [Corriſpondants | Correspondants]CorriſpondantsCorrespondants[org0034.ocp]  [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp] ^[above] (being [diſchargd | discharged]diſchargddischarged from [y.e | the]y.ethe Service of [ye | the]yethe London [Com̅iſrs | Commissioners]Com̅iſrsCommissioners in [Boſton | Boston]BoſtonBoston[org0095.ocp])^(being [diſchargd | discharged]diſchargddischarged from [y.e | the]y.ethe Service of [ye | the]yethe London [Com̅iſrs | Commissioners]Com̅iſrsCommissioners in [Boſton | Boston]BoſtonBoston[org0095.ocp]) Sat out with David Fowler[pers0155.ocp] the Senior Indian in this  School[org0098.ocp] on their Long Journey to meet [gen.l | General]gen.lGeneral [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp], if it may  be before the Parties from Remote Tribes of Indians, who have  [Joynd | joined]Joyndjoined him, Shall be [diſperſed | dispersed]diſperſeddispersed in Order to preach [Chriſt | Christ]ChriſtChrist to them  and make Proposals to them of Receiving [School Maſters | schoolmasters]School Maſtersschoolmasters [& | and]&and [Miſsrs | missionaries]Miſsrsmissionaries  among their [Reſpective | respective]Reſpectiverespective Tribes; The opportunity [appeard | appeared]appeardappeared [ſo | so]ſoso favou‐ rable, and the Importance of our being Speedy therein So great that we  ventured to Send them without Money to Support their [Miſsion | mission]Miſsionmission. and for  a Supply have directed them to wait upon [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Whitefield[pers0038.ocp] who is now at  New York[place0308.ocp], on their way— and if his [Neceſsities | necessities]Neceſsitiesnecessities for his Orphan House[org0079.ocp],  (for which a Sum is required far exceeding his Expectations) dont forbid it  we hope they may be [Supplyed | supplied]Supplyedsupplied ^[above] through his Influence.^through his Influence. and in Case that fails, I have [orderd | ordered]orderdordered  [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp] to hire it upon my Credit. I hope the [Iſsue | issue]Iſsueissue will be [ſuch | such]ſuchsuch as  may [Juſtify | justify]Juſtifyjustify our Conduct, and if not, that the greater Importance of our being  [before hand | beforehand]before handbeforehand [illegible]of the bad people whom we expect will crowd into that coun‐ try ^[above] as Soon as [y.e | the]y.ethe War is over, only to Service themselves^as Soon as [y.e | the]y.ethe War is over, only to Service themselves, will be rightly [conſidered | considered]conſideredconsidered and be [eſteemed | esteemed]eſteemedesteemed Sufficient to Secure us from  much Blame. I have also directed him ^[above] with the Advice [& | and]&and [Aſsiſtance | assistance]Aſsiſtanceassistance of [Gen.l | General]Gen.lGeneral [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp]^with the Advice [& | and]&and [Aſsiſtance | assistance]Aſsiſtanceassistance of [Gen.l | General]Gen.lGeneral [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp] to procure 15. or 20. likely Youth  with the Advice and [Aſsiſtance | assistance]Aſsiſtanceassistance of [Gen.l | General]Gen.lGeneral [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp], from Tribes as remote as  may be for this School[org0098.ocp],— the Boys I have with me in general  behave exceedingly well. We hope to be able to [furniſh | furnish]furniſhfurnish if a Support for  them may be had, to [furniſh | furnish]furniſhfurnish out two or three [Miſsionaries | missionaries]Miſsionariesmissionaries of the right Sort  and as many [School Maſters | schoolmasters]School Maſtersschoolmasters next Spring.
[Pleaſe | Please]PleaſePlease to point out my [Miſtakes | mistakes]Miſtakesmistakes to me, and correct me as much as you  [pleaſe | please]pleaſeplease. pray for me and believe that I am.   Your very Affectionate Brother   Much obliged   and very humble [Serv.t | servant]Serv.tservant  Eleazar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]
Letter to [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. De Berdt[pers0014.ocp]  [Sept-r | September]Sept-rSeptember 1764.[1764-09]
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pers0014.ocp M. r Mr. De Berdt recipient DeBerdt, Dennys
pers0221.ocp D. r Dr. Gifford mentioned Gifford, Andrew
pers0305.ocp the King mentioned Frederick, George William
pers0432.ocp M. r Mr. Pomeroy mentioned Pomeroy, Benjamin
pers0030.ocp M. r Mr. Occom mentioned Occom, Samson
pers0155.ocp David Fowler mentioned Fowler, David
pers0292.ocp gen. l General Johnſon Johnson mentioned Johnson, William
pers0038.ocp M. r Mr. Whitefield mentioned Whitefield, George
pers0292.ocp Gen. l General Johnſon Johnson mentioned Johnson, William
pers0036.ocp Eleazar Wheelock writer Wheelock, Eleazar

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place0122.ocp Lebanon Lebanon
place0243.ocp Windham Windham
place0308.ocp New York New York City

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org0098.ocp this School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0130.ocp firſtFirst Society in Hebron First Society in Hebron
org0098.ocp theis School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp the School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0034.ocp Board of CorriſpondantsCorrespondants Connecticut Board of Correspondents of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
org0095.ocp London Com̅iſrsCommissioners in BoſtonBoston The Company for Propagation of the Gospel in New England and the parts adjacent in America
org0098.ocp this School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0079.ocp Orphan House Bethesda Academy

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1764-09-03 3 Sept.rSeptember 1764.
1764-09 Sept-rSeptember 1764.

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modernization M.r Mr.
modernization ſeldom seldom
modernization underſtand understand
modernization D.r Dr.
variation unmindfull unmindful
variation unactive inactive
variation admitt admit
modernization excuſe excuse
modernization Buſs ‐neſs busi ness
modernization Suſpended suspended
variation till 'til
modernization Succeſs success
modernization &c. etc.
modernization Proſpect prospect
modernization Whoſe Whose
modernization deſign design
modernization firſt First
modernization Miniſter Minister
modernization conſent consent
modernization y.t that
modernization Thouſand thousand
modernization Purſuant Pursuant
variation formd formed
modernization Corriſpondants Correspondants
modernization diſchargd discharged
modernization y.e the
modernization ye the
modernization Com̅iſrs Commissioners
modernization Boſton Boston
modernization Johnſon Johnson
variation Joynd joined
modernization diſperſed dispersed
modernization Chriſt Christ
variation School Maſters schoolmasters
modernization Reſpective respective
variation appeard appeared
modernization ſo so
modernization Miſsion mission
modernization Neceſsities necessities
variation Supplyed supplied
variation orderd ordered
modernization Iſsue issue
modernization ſuch such
modernization Juſtify justify
variation before hand beforehand
modernization conſidered considered
modernization eſteemed esteemed
modernization Aſsiſtance assistance
modernization furniſh furnish
modernization Miſsionaries missionaries
modernization Pleaſe Please
modernization Miſtakes mistakes
modernization pleaſe please

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Sept.r September
& and
Hond Honoured
tho' though
gen.l General
Miſsrs missionaries
Gen.l General
Serv.t servant
Sept-r September

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