Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to George Whitefield, 1761 November 25


[note (type: abstract): Wheelock writes on the progress of the school and various missions, describes some of his Indian students, notes the support of William Johnson, and touches on Occom’s recent mission to the Oneidas.][note (type: handwriting): Informal handwriting is small and crowded, with several deletions and additions that interfere with legibility. There are some uncrossed t’s that have been corrected by the transcriber.][note (type: paper): Large sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with moderate creasing, staining and wear. The worn outside edge of one recto results in a minor loss of text.][note (type: ink): Dark-brown ink varies in intensity.][note (type: noteworthy): This document is likely a draft. The contents of this document are very similar to those of manuscript 761616. The identity of the "Farmington Boy" is uncertain, and so he had been left untagged. Wheelock makes reference to Occom’s journal from his mission to the Oneidas. Two journals in Rauner Special Collections at Dartmouth, and included in the Occom Circle, chronicle this mission: 761330.1, and 761515.1. An edtior, likely 19th-century, has added the note “Nov.r 1761," after the trailer on two verso. This note has not been included in the transcription.][note (type: signature): The letter is signed twice; both signatures are abbreviated.]

EventsOccom’s First Mission to the Oneidas

  [Rev.d | Rev.]Rev.dRev. and dear Sir 
[Laſt | Last]LaſtLast week, I was [inform'd | informed]inform'dinformed by a Letter  from [Miſs | Miss]MiſsMiss. Smith[pers0498.ocp] of Boston[place0013.ocp] that You have  [rec.d | received]rec.dreceived of [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Hardy[pers0246.ocp], a Donation ^[above] to this Indian School[org0098.ocp]^to this Indian School[org0098.ocp] of £25. Sterling  for this Indian School.[org0098.ocp] The Lord return a [thouſand | thousand]thouſandthousand  fold into his generous [Booſom | bosom]Booſombosom, And reward this Liberality with ^[above] his^his [everlaſting | everlasting]everlaſtingeverlasting Loving [kindneſs | kindness]kindneſskindness. It comes  at a time when it is much wanted, and I [truſt | trust]truſttrust in [anſ | ans]anſans-  -wer to Prayer. I [beleive | believe]beleivebelieve there is Much Peace, and  [Quietneſs | quietness]Quietneſsquietness, in [Truſting | trusting]Truſtingtrusting in, and living upon God. but I  am [ſo | so]ſoso dull a [Schollar | scholar]Schollarscholar, [ſo | so]ſoso [heedleſs | heedless]heedleſsheedless, forgetful and So open to a  [Thouſand | thousand]Thouſandthousand Allurements, that I [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): make but poor Proficiency in the]make but poor Proficiency in the  Art of living by Faith keep the Road but a little [illegible][illegible][guess (h-dawnd): while]while [togathe[gap: worn_edge][guess (h-dawnd): r]r | together]togathe[gap: worn_edge][guess (h-dawnd): r]rtogether  and make but poor Proficiency in the Art of living by faith.  It is good for me to be often tried ^[above] [croſsed | crossed]croſsedcrossed^[croſsed | crossed]croſsedcrossed and [diſopointed | disappointed]diſopointeddisappointed, and there by taug[gap: worn_edge][guess (h-dawnd): h^[above] t^t]h^[above] t^t  to make but little [acco.t | account]acco.taccount of my own Plans, and Devices. ^[above] and know [yt | that]ytthat^and know [yt | that]ytthat The Council of  the Lord that Shall [ſtand | stand]ſtandstand. 'Tis enough [illegible]that I [ſee | see]ſeesee my way Step by Step,  and [illegible]know that Providence ^[above] will^will Steers a better [Courſe | course]Courſecourse than I can [deviſe | devise]deviſedevise, [tho' | though]tho'though  often quite out of My Sight [till | 'til]till'til the End be [accompliſhed | accomplished]accompliſhedaccomplished. And when I  [ſee | see]ſeesee the [Courſe | course]Courſecourse of Divine Providence from time to time ^[above] in Many [Inſtances | instances]Inſtancesinstances^in Many [Inſtances | instances]Inſtancesinstances in many [Inſt | inst]Inſtinst  -ances In favour of the great [Deſign | design]Deſigndesign I am [purſuing | pursuing]purſuingpursuing ^[above] and [illegible]^and [illegible] [notwithſtanding | notwithstanding]notwithſtandingnotwithstanding  all the [Oppoſition | opposition]Oppoſitionopposition of My unbelief, [diſtruſt | distrust]diſtruſtdistrust and carnal [ſelf | self]ſelfself, I ^[above] am^am [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): cant]cant  [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): be]be[Senſibly | sensibly]Senſiblysensibly encouraged to think [y.t | that]y.tthat it is really of God, and that he [deſigns | designs]deſignsdesigns to  own and [bleſs | bless]bleſsbless it.
when I came home from [Boſton | Boston]BoſtonBoston[place0013.ocp] this Fall, I found one of my [Mo- -hawke | Mo- hawk]Mo- -hawkeMo- hawk Boys in a low State of Health, which I [ſupposed | supposed]ſupposedsupposed was [occaſion^[above] d^d | occasioned]occaſion^[above] d^doccasioned  by his eating three Times a Day and too much at a Time, [togather | together]togathertogether  with his Inactivity. The common Road in which, I [ſuppose | suppose]ſupposesuppose, Num  -bers have [loſt | lost]loſtlost their Lives [ſoon | soon]ſoonsoon after they have been devoted to  Learning. And it was peculiarly difficult to [reſtrain | restrain]reſtrainrestrain him  by [Reaſon | reason]Reaſonreason of his Jealous Temper ^[above] [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): Make]Make, and his Ignorance of our Language [& | and]&and our^[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): Make]Make, and his Ignorance of our Language [& | and]&and our not being able to Under-  -[ſtand | stand]ſtandstand a word of [Engliſh | English]EngliſhEnglish when he came. [illegible] and [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): we]we could find  none ^[above] [any body | anybody]any bodyanybody^[any body | anybody]any bodyanybody who could [diſcourſe | discourse]diſcourſediscourse him [ſo | so]ſoso freely as ^[above] Enough^Enough to make him under  [ſtand | stand]ſtandstand the [Reaſons | reasons]Reaſonsreasons of [illegible]^[above] [illegible]^[illegible][illegible] of ourany Conduct ^[above] towards him^towards him if we had tried^[below] which [ſhould | should]ſhouldshould be at all out of [ye | the]yethe usual [courſe | course]courſecourse it was peculiarly Difficult^which [ſhould | should]ſhouldshould be at all out of [ye | the]yethe usual [courſe | course]courſecourse it was peculiarly Difficult  to [reſtrain | restrain]reſtrainrestrain him. [Doct.r | Dr.]Doct.rDr. Huntington[pers1363.ocp] [adviſed | advised]adviſedadvised me to [ſend | send]ſendsend him  Home [ſoon | soon]ſoonsoon, while he was able to ride. [& | and]&and Accordingly I [ſent | sent]ſentsent  him away [Oct.r | October]Oct.rOctober 13[1761-10-13]. with another of My [Mohawke | Mohawk]MohawkeMohawk Boys to ac-  -company him. And on the [3.d | 3rd]3.d3rd [Inſtant | Instant]InſtantInstant[1761-11-03] I [ſent | sent]ſentsent Young Kirt-  -land[pers0315.ocp] an [Engliſh | English]EngliſhEnglish Charity [Schollar | scholar]Schollarscholar, [illegible]of whom I wrote you ^[above] in my [laſt | last]laſtlast^in my [laſt | last]laſtlast acco-  -mpanied by the other [Mohawke | Mohawk]MohawkeMohawk Youth, with [deſign | design]deſigndesign that [illegible]when  these two ^[above] have made their [viſit | visit]viſitvisit to their Friends^have made their [viſit | visit]viſitvisit to their Friends he Sh[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): ould]ouldall [illegible] accompany [y.m | them]y.mthem back to this School[org0098.ocp] ^[above] with^with four  more of those Nations[org0062.ocp] if [Gen.l | Gen.]Gen.lGen. [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp], according to his  hope [& | and]&and Expectation had found Such as are likely and willing  to come. And I expect theymwill return as^[above] very^very [ſoon | soon]ſoonsoon as those ^[above] [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): two]two^[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): two]two Boys who  went from hence have made their [viſit | visit]viſitvisit to their Friends. I have also  ordered Kirtland[pers0315.ocp] to bring the Farmington Boy with him, when  he returns.
My black Son [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp], has ^[above] lately^lately [returnd | returned]returndreturned from his [Miſsion | mission]Miſsionmission to  the [Onoyadas | Oneidas]OnoyadasOneidas[org0075.ocp] [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): there]there   
And the [laſt | last]laſtlast week I had the [Pleaſure | pleasure]Pleaſurepleasure to [ſee | see]ſeesee him with one of  theat [Onoyadas | Oneidas]OnoyadasOneidas[org0075.ocp]^[above] Nation[org0075.ocp]^Nation[org0075.ocp] (who [deſigns | designs]deſignsdesigns to winter with him and learn  the [Engliſh | English]EngliſhEnglish TongueLanguage [& | and]&and teach [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp] [Mohawke | Mohawk]MohawkeMohawk) and I  was [agreably | agreeably]agreablyagreeably entertained with [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp]'s Journal. ^[above] only^only a few  things [moſt | most]moſtmost material [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): in which I]in which I it I can ^[above] only^only [ſuggeſt | suggest]ſuggeſtsuggest to you a few things  [moſt | most]moſtmost material in it. And ^[above] to^to begin where I left off. in my [Laſt | last]Laſtlast
when we [firſt | first]firſtfirst came among them they [ſeemd | seemed]ſeemdseemed [ſhy | shy]ſhyshy of him [thro' | through]thro'through  a [Jealoſie | jealousy]Jealoſiejealousy that there was [ſomething | something]ſomethingsomething ^[above] [waſ | was]waſwas^[waſ | was]waſwas [deſigned | designed]deſigneddesigned by the [Engliſh | English]EngliſhEnglish [againſt | against]againſtagainst  them. but when [Gen.l | Gen.]Gen.lGen. [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp] had read his Letters Recomenda-  -tory, they appeared well [Satiſfied | satisfied]Satiſfiedsatisfied [& | and]&and much [pleaſed | pleased]pleaſedpleased. and as a  [Teſtimony | testimony]Teſtimonytestimony of it the Kings of the [Onoydas | Oneidas]OnoydasOneidas[org0075.ocp], and [Tuſcarar[illegible]as | Tuscaroras]Tuſcarar[illegible]asTuscaroras[org0104.ocp], [& | and]&and  many others of their [Cheifs | chiefs]Cheifschiefs came a [ſhook | shook]ſhookshook hands with him  and bid him [wellcome | welcome]wellcomewelcome among them. their [Cheifs | chiefs]Cheifschiefs then held a  council to fix upon the [beſt | best]beſtbest methods to [accomodate | accommodate]accomodateaccommodate him with  that which was [neceſsary | necessary]neceſsarynecessary for his comforta[illegible]ble [Subſiſtance | subsistence]Subſiſtancesubsistence among  them. and You would not wonder that their [Cheifs | chiefs]Cheifschiefs held a [councel | council]councelcouncil  upon this Head if You knew how [extreamly | extremely]extreamlyextremely poor they are, having  [Scarſe | scarce]Scarſescarce [any thing | anything]any thinganything that may be [calld | called]calldcalled Bread or any thing else except-  -ing what they get by Hunting to [ſubſiſt | subsist]ſubſiſtsubsist upon, they proposed  to [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp] to [illegible][Chuſe | choose]Chuſechoose where to Live, and whether to live in a  [houſe | house]houſehouse already Built. he [choſe | chose]choſechose the Place and let them know [y.t | that]y.tthat  he [choſe | chose]choſechose to live with David[pers0155.ocp] (my Indian [Schollar | scholar]Schollarscholar) and to live  by [themſelves | themselves]themſelvesthemselves. they [im̅ediately | immediately]im̅ediatelyimmediately built him a [Houſe | house]Houſehouse the Structure  where of which could the Form, [& | and]&and [workmanſhip | workmanship]workmanſhipworkmanship thereof be truly  [repreſented | represented]repreſentedrepresented, ^[above] might gratify not a little the [Curioſity | curiosity]Curioſitycuriosity of a^might gratify not a little the [Curioſity | curiosity]Curioſitycuriosity of a[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): would [doubtleſs | doubtless]doubtleſsdoubtless by]would [doubtleſs | doubtless]doubtleſsdoubtless by [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): [Brittons | Britons]BrittonsBritons][Brittons | Britons]BrittonsBritons, be [eſteemed | esteemed]eſteemedesteemed rare, [& | and]&and enter-  -taining, though there was nothing in it [y.t | that]y.tthat [reſembled | resembled]reſembledresembled the Temple  of old [ſave | save]ſavesave this that there was not the [Noiſe | noise]Noiſenoise of Axes or Hammers  in the Building of it. The Materials were the [ſimple | simple]ſimplesimple Product  of Nature. the Remains of The [Oakes | oaks]Oakesoaks [& | and]&and [Cheſtnuts | chestnuts]Cheſtnutschestnuts, fell many Years  ago by the violence of wind, comp[illegible][guess (h-dawnd): act]act [togather | together]togathertogether without the [Em- -beliſhments | em bellishments]Em- -beliſhmentsem bellishments of Art. — many of them attended his [Miniſtry | ministry]Miniſtryministry ^[above] [& | and]&and appeared attentive^[& | and]&and appeared attentive Numbers from [diſtant | distant]diſtantdistant Nations came to hear him. And [ſome | some]ſomesome  [Seemd | seemed]Seemdseemed really [deſirous | desirous]deſirousdesirous to [underſtand | understand]underſtandunderstand and know the truths which  [moſt | most]moſtmost nearly [concernd | concerned]concerndconcerned them. And when he was about to leave  them their [Cheifs | chiefs]Cheifschiefs held another Council. The [conſequence | consequence]conſequenceconsequence of which  was, that Old Connoquies[pers0805.ocp] (who had been King among the  [onoydas | Oneidas]onoydasOneidas[org0075.ocp] but ^[above] had now^had now [reſignd | resigned]reſigndresigned by [Reaſon | reason]Reaſonreason of Age) The King of the [Tuscar- -rars | Tuscar oras]Tuscar- -rarsTuscar oras[org0104.ocp] and other [Cheifs | chiefs]Cheifschiefs, [preſented | presented]preſentedpresented him a Belt of wampum to  be delivered to [thoſe | those]thoſethose Gentlemen who [ſent | sent]ſentsent [illegible] him with  these [Inſtructions | instructions]Inſtructionsinstructions which he received from Old Connoquies[pers0805.ocp]. viz.  1. we are glad from the [inſide | inside]inſideinside of our Hearts that You are come  [hear | here]hearhere to teach us the right way of God. we are also thankful to  those who [ſent | sent]ſentsent you. and above all to God.  2. We intend by the help of God to repent of all our [ſins | sins]ſinssins and all  our [heatheniſh | heathenish]heatheniſhheathenish ways [& | and]&and [Cuſtoms | customs]Cuſtomscustoms. we will put them all behind  our Backs, and will never look on them again but will look  [ſtrait | straight]ſtraitstraight forward, and run after [Chriſtianity | Christianity]ChriſtianityChristianity.  3. if we [ſhall | shall]ſhallshall try to [ſet | set]ſetset up a School we beg the [Aſsiſtance | assistance]Aſsiſtanceassistance of  the [Engliſh | English]EngliſhEnglish, if they [ſee | see]ſeesee fit.  4. we [deſire | desire]deſiredesire that [ſtrong | strong]ſtrongstrong Drink may be prohibited, that it may  not be brought Among us, for we find it kills our Bodies  and souls; and we will try to hinder ait here.  5. we [deſire | desire]deſiredesire to be protected on our Lands, that none may [mo- -leſt | molest]mo- -leſtmolest, or [incroach | molest]incroachmolest upon, us.  6 This Belt of Wampum [ſhall | shall]ſhallshall bind us [faſt | fast]faſtfast [togather | together]togathertogether in perpetual  Love, and [Friendſhip | friendship]Friendſhipfriendship.  [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp] delivered it to those Gentlemen to whom it  was directed, but [obtaind | obtained]obtaindobtained their Leave to bring it hither.  to gratify my [Curioſity | curiosity]Curioſitycuriosity, and a Curious Girdle it is [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr.  occom[pers0030.ocp] [ſays | says]ſayssays it could not be made for [leſs | less]leſsless than £15. [ſterlg | sterling]ſterlgsterling   
David[pers0155.ocp] has made good Proficiency in their Language which  is [ſome | some]ſomesome [compenſation | compensation]compenſationcompensation for riding a [thouſand | thousand]thouſandthousand miles, and  more among them. it is [thot | thought]thotthought that under [ſuch | such]ſuchsuch advan-  -tages he might become a [Maſter | master]Maſtermaster of their Language in  one year more [& | and]&and I am more and more [ſatiſfied | satisfied]ſatiſfiedsatisfied of  the Expediency of fitting their youth, who live among  the [Engliſh | English]EngliſhEnglish both for Interpreters [& | and]&and [Miſsionaries | missionaries]Miſsionariesmissionaries.  [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Occom[pers0030.ocp] is now [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): [Envyed | envied]Envyedenvied][Envyed | envied]Envyedenvied at home but not among  them  one of [ye | the]yethe Girls which [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Brainerd[pers0004.ocp] [ſent | sent]ſentsent was taken  [ſick | sick]ſicksick at E[illegible] Harbour, before [ſhe | she]ſheshe went on board the  [veſsel | vessel]veſselvessel and returned. the other is come and is a [pritty | pretty]prittypretty  little black [Chriſtian | christian]Chriſtianchristian I think [ſhe | she]ſheshe walks in [ye | the]yethe fear of  God and in the Comfort of the Holy [Ghoſt | Ghost]GhoſtGhost. the Fruit  of dear [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Brainerd[pers0004.ocp]s Labour among them.
There is [moſt | most]moſtmost certainly a very general and un- -[uſual | usual]uſualusual concern among the Indians. and a great  [deſire | desire]deſiredesire to be fully [Informd | informed]Informdinformed of that which by the  Report of one and another they [underſtand | understand]underſtandunderstand  concerns their future and Eternal [ſtate | state]ſtatestate. I long to  have my Boys fit for [y.r | their]y.rtheir [Miſsion | mission]Miſsionmission among them.  who knows my dear Sir, but God [deſigns | designs]deſignsdesigns to honour  you to be a [principle | principal]principleprincipal [Inſtrument | instrument]Inſtrumentinstrument of Supporting [& | and]&and  carrying on this great [Deſign | design]Deſigndesign. [bleſsed | blessed]bleſsedblessed be his  Name for the [ſucceſs | success]ſucceſssuccess of your Endeavours already  used.
The [Rev.d | Rev.]Rev.dRev. [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Graves[pers0228.ocp] Epi[illegible]scopal [Miſs y | missionary]Miſs ymissionary at New[place0164.ocp]  London has Sent me word [y.t | that]y.tthat if I will procure  him a likely Indian Boy he will Educate him at  his own Expence. and I have by Kirtland[pers0315.ocp] informed  [Gen.l | Gen.]Gen.lGen. [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp] of the generous proposal, and [deſired | desired]deſireddesired  him to find and [ſend | send]ſendsend [ſuch | such]ſuchsuch a Boy to him.
A [thouſand | thousand]thouſandthousand things more I would communicate  and you would Love to hear which [muſt | must]muſtmust be [omittd | omitted]omittdomitted  my dear Sir,  pray for   
  Yours in [ye | the]yethe [Deareſt | dearest]Deareſtdearest Bonds   [Eleaz.r | Eleazar]Eleaz.rEleazar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]    The [Rev.d | Rev.]Rev.dRev. [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Whitefield[pers0038.ocp]   
P.S. ^[above] [Nov.r | November]Nov.rNovember 26[1761-11-26]. ^[Nov.r | November]Nov.rNovember 26[1761-11-26]. [laſt | last]laſtlast Evening ^[above] My^My Kirtland[pers0315.ocp] Returned and informs me [y.t | that]y.tthat  he left the [Mohawke | Mohawk]MohawkeMohawk Youth who went up with with two  more Boys of [y.e | the]y.ethe Six Nations[org0090.ocp] at albany[place0001.ocp] on their way  hither and that he left [y.e | the]y.ethe other who accompanied him  [y.t | that]y.tthat was Sick, at Mount [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[place0146.ocp] in order to accompany  four more as Soon as they return from their Hunting perhaps  ^[above] within four or 5 weeks^within four or 5 weeks he Says that [Gen.l | Gen.]Gen.lGen. [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp] is [illegible]^[above] greatly^greatly [pleaſed | pleased]pleaſedpleased with the  [Deſign | design]Deſigndesign and [promiſes | promises]promiſespromises to use his Influence with a  Number of Gentlemen of his Acquaintance (I [ſuppose | suppose]ſupposesuppose  In Ireland[place0108.ocp]) in favour of it ^[above] [& | and]&and^[& | and]&and the ^[above] [genl | Gen.]genlGen.[pers0292.ocp]^[genl | Gen.]genlGen.[pers0292.ocp] writes ^[above] me^me very [Frendly | friendly]Frendlyfriendly indeed to [y.e | the]y.ethe  ^[above] Same [purpoſe | purpose]purpoſepurpose^Same [purpoſe | purpose]purpoſepurpose The Indians ^[above] also^also [ſeem | seem]ſeemseem well [pleaſed | pleased]pleaſedpleased [& | and]&and willing to let their Children come  [Nov.r | November]Nov.rNovember 27[1761-11-27]. The Three [Mohawke | Mohawk]MohawkeMohawk Lads ^[above] Boys^Boys are now come, and  you would laugh to [ſee | see]ſeesee how [pleaſed | pleased]pleaſedpleased the poor little  Naked Creatures look they cant [ſpeak | speak]ſpeakspeak a word of [Engliſh | English]EngliſhEnglish  nor any way to communicate but by Joseph[pers0093.ocp] [ye | the]yethe  Youth before mentioned. I [illegible]  the Farmington Boy will be here within a few Days.  by all [accots | accounts]accotsaccounts he is a real [Chriſtian | Christian]ChriſtianChristian, and a very [promiſing | promising]promiſingpromising  Youth indeed.  [Gen.l | Gen.]Gen.lGen. [Johnſon | Johnson]JohnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp] [Deſigns | designs]Deſignsdesigns to Send an Indian Boy to [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Graves[pers0228.ocp]
I have wrote [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. DeBerdt[pers0014.ocp] [y.t | that]y.tthat we much want a Bell [y.t | that]y.tthat  may be well heard a Mile (not for Ornament for we are all  in the [illegible][guess (h-dawnd): R]Rough but for the Benefit of the School[org0098.ocp]. and it [wo.d | would]wo.dwould  indeed be very useful, the [Maſters | masters]Maſtersmasters complain [y.t | that]y.tthat It is ^[above] often^often difficult  to get [ye | the]yethe Boys [togather | together]togathertogether at their Proper Hours. And 'tis likely  it would make us more regular in all our [Exerciſes | exercises]Exerciſesexercises. [&c | etc.]&cetc.  [pleaſe | please]pleaſeplease to let our Good [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Smith[pers0497.ocp] have the Sight of this if he  be yet in England[place0068.ocp]. I am My [Hon.d | honoured]Hon.dhonoured and Dear Sir,  yours [moſt | most]moſtmost heartily  [Eleaz.r | Eleazar]Eleaz.rEleazar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]   
[left] Letter to [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Whitefield[pers0038.ocp].  1761[1761]. [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. [Hardy.s | Hardy's]Hardy.sHardy's[pers0246.ocp] Donation  Bell. =
Letter to [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. Whitefield[pers0038.ocp].  1761[1761]. [M.r | Mr.]M.rMr. [Hardy.s | Hardy's]Hardy.sHardy's[pers0246.ocp] Donation  Bell. =   
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People identified in this document:

id Text in document Role in header Authorized Name
pers0498.ocp Miſs Miss . Smith mentioned Smith
pers0246.ocp M. r Mr. Hardy mentioned Hardy, Charles
pers1363.ocp Doct. r Dr. Huntington mentioned Huntington, Jonathan Sr.
pers0315.ocp Kirt- -land mentioned Kirkland, Samuel
pers0292.ocp Gen. l Gen. Johnſon Johnson mentioned Johnson, William
pers0315.ocp Kirtland mentioned Kirkland, Samuel
pers0030.ocp M. r Mr. Occom mentioned Occom, Samson
pers0155.ocp David mentioned Fowler, David
pers0805.ocp Old Connoquies mentioned old Connoquies
pers0030.ocp M. r Mr. occom mentioned Occom, Samson
pers0004.ocp M. r Mr. Brainerd mentioned Brainerd, John
pers0004.ocp M r Mr. Brainerd mentioned Brainerd, John
pers0228.ocp M. r Mr. Graves mentioned Graves, Matthew
pers0036.ocp Eleaz. r Eleazar Wheelock writer Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0038.ocp M. r Mr. Whitefield recipient Whitefield, George
pers0292.ocp Gen. l Gen. Johnſon Johnson mentioned Johnson, William
pers0292.ocp gen l Gen. mentioned Johnson, William
pers0093.ocp Joseph mentioned Brant, Joseph
pers0014.ocp M. r Mr. DeBerdt mentioned DeBerdt, Dennys
pers0497.ocp M. r Mr. Smith mentioned Smith, John
pers0246.ocp M. r Mr. Hardy. s Hardy's mentioned Hardy, Charles

Places identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
place0122.ocp Lebanon Lebanon
place0013.ocp Boston Boston
place0013.ocp Boſton Boston Boston
place0164.ocp New New London
place0001.ocp albany Albany
place0146.ocp Mount Johnſon Johnson Mount Johnson
place0108.ocp Ireland Ireland
place0068.ocp England England

Organizations identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
org0098.ocp Indian School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp Indian School. Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp this School Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0062.ocp Nations Mohawk Nation
org0075.ocp OnoyadasOneidas Oneida Nation
org0075.ocp Nation Oneida Nation
org0075.ocp OnoydasOneidas Oneida Nation
org0104.ocp TuſcararasTuscaroras Tuscarora Nation
org0075.ocp onoydasOneidas Oneida Nation
org0104.ocp Tuscar--rarsTuscaroras Tuscarora Nation
org0090.ocp Six Nations Six Nations
org0098.ocp the School Moor’s Indian Charity School

Dates identified in this document:

Standard Form Text
1761-11-25 Nov.rNovember 25. 1761
1761-10-13 Oct.rOctober 13
1761-11-03 3.d3rd InſtantInstant
1761-11-26 Nov.rNovember 26
1761-11-27 Nov.rNovember 27
1761 1761

Regularized text:

Type Original Regularized
modernization Rev.d Rev.
modernization Laſt Last
modernization Miſs Miss
modernization M.r Mr.
modernization thouſand thousand
variation Booſom bosom
modernization everlaſting everlasting
modernization kindneſs kindness
modernization truſt trust
modernization anſ ans
variation beleive believe
modernization Quietneſs quietness
modernization Truſting trusting
modernization ſo so
variation Schollar scholar
modernization heedleſs heedless
modernization Thouſand thousand
variation togathe[gap: worn_edge][guess (h-dawnd): r]r together
modernization croſsed crossed
variation diſopointed disappointed
modernization yt that
modernization ſtand stand
modernization ſee see
modernization Courſe course
modernization deviſe devise
variation till 'til
modernization accompliſhed accomplished
modernization Inſtances instances
modernization Inſt inst
modernization Deſign design
modernization purſuing pursuing
modernization notwithſtanding notwithstanding
modernization Oppoſition opposition
modernization diſtruſt distrust
modernization ſelf self
modernization Senſibly sensibly
modernization y.t that
modernization deſigns designs
modernization bleſs bless
modernization Boſton Boston
variation Mo- -hawke Mo- hawk
modernization ſupposed supposed
variation occaſion^[above] d^d occasioned
modernization ſuppose suppose
modernization loſt lost
modernization ſoon soon
modernization reſtrain restrain
modernization Reaſon reason
modernization Engliſh English
variation any body anybody
modernization diſcourſe discourse
modernization Reaſons reasons
modernization ſhould should
modernization ye the
modernization courſe course
modernization Doct.r Dr.
modernization adviſed advised
modernization ſend send
modernization ſent sent
variation Mohawke Mohawk
modernization 3.d 3rd
modernization Inſtant Instant
modernization laſt last
modernization deſign design
modernization viſit visit
modernization y.m them
modernization Gen.l Gen.
modernization Johnſon Johnson
variation returnd returned
modernization Miſsion mission
variation Onoyadas Oneidas
modernization Pleaſure pleasure
variation agreably agreeably
modernization moſt most
modernization ſuggeſt suggest
modernization Laſt last
modernization firſt first
variation ſeemd seemed
modernization ſhy shy
variation Jealoſie jealousy
modernization ſomething something
modernization waſ was
modernization deſigned designed
modernization againſt against
modernization Satiſfied satisfied
modernization pleaſed pleased
modernization Teſtimony testimony
variation Onoydas Oneidas
variation Tuſcarar[illegible]as Tuscaroras
variation Cheifs chiefs
modernization ſhook shook
variation wellcome welcome
modernization beſt best
variation accomodate accommodate
modernization neceſsary necessary
variation Subſiſtance subsistence
variation councel council
variation extreamly extremely
variation Scarſe scarce
variation any thing anything
variation calld called
modernization ſubſiſt subsist
variation Chuſe choose
modernization houſe house
modernization choſe chose
modernization themſelves themselves
modernization Houſe house
modernization workmanſhip workmanship
modernization repreſented represented
modernization Curioſity curiosity
modernization doubtleſs doubtless
variation Brittons Britons
modernization eſteemed esteemed
modernization reſembled resembled
modernization ſave save
modernization Noiſe noise
modernization ſimple simple
variation Oakes oaks
modernization Cheſtnuts chestnuts
variation Em- -beliſhments em bellishments
modernization Miniſtry ministry
modernization diſtant distant
modernization ſome some
variation Seemd seemed
modernization deſirous desirous
modernization underſtand understand
variation concernd concerned
modernization conſequence consequence
variation onoydas Oneidas
variation reſignd resigned
variation Tuscar- -rars Tuscar oras
modernization preſented presented
modernization thoſe those
modernization Inſtructions instructions
modernization inſide inside
modernization ſins sins
modernization heatheniſh heathenish
modernization Cuſtoms customs
variation ſtrait straight
modernization Chriſtianity Christianity
modernization ſhall shall
modernization ſet set
modernization Aſsiſtance assistance
modernization deſire desire
modernization ſtrong strong
modernization mo- -leſt molest
variation incroach molest
modernization faſt fast
modernization Friendſhip friendship
variation obtaind obtained
modernization ſays says
modernization leſs less
modernization compenſation compensation
variation thot thought
modernization ſuch such
modernization Maſter master
modernization ſatiſfied satisfied
modernization Miſsionaries missionaries
variation Envyed envied
modernization ſick sick
modernization ſhe she
modernization veſsel vessel
variation pritty pretty
modernization Chriſtian christian
modernization Ghoſt Ghost
modernization Mr Mr.
modernization uſual usual
variation Informd informed
modernization ſtate state
modernization y.r their
modernization Inſtrument instrument
modernization bleſsed blessed
modernization ſucceſs success
modernization deſired desired
modernization muſt must
variation omittd omitted
modernization Deareſt dearest
modernization y.e the
modernization promiſes promises
modernization genl Gen.
variation Frendly friendly
modernization purpoſe purpose
modernization ſeem seem
modernization ſpeak speak
modernization Chriſtian Christian
modernization promiſing promising
modernization Deſigns designs
modernization Maſters masters
modernization Exerciſes exercises
modernization &c etc.
modernization pleaſe please
modernization Hardy.s Hardy's

Expanded abbreviations:

Abbreviation Expansion
Nov.r November
inform'd informed
rec.d received
acco.t account
tho' though
& and
Oct.r October
thro' through
im̅ediately immediately
ſterlg sterling
Miſs y missionary
Eleaz.r Eleazar
accots accounts
wo.d would
Hon.d honoured

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