Samson Occom's Journal, 1761 September 15-October 22


[note (type: abstract): Occom details his travels over the course of September and October of 1761.][note (type: handwriting): The legibility of Occom’s usually clear handwriting is heavily mitigated by the poor condition of the paper.][note (type: paper): Small sheets folded into a booklet and sewn together with thread/twine are in poor condition, with heavy staining, yellowing, fading and wear. There is a hole in the bottom of one recto/verso.][note (type: ink): Brown ink is heavily faded.][note (type: noteworthy): There are several uncrossed t's and crossed l's that have been corrected by the transcriber. An editor, likely 19th-century, has overwritten Occom’s hand in black ink; these edits have not been transcribed. On one recto, in the second line, the word beginning "Conn…" likely refers to an Oneida or Onondaga town. The town could possibly be: 1) Gannentaha, the site of a Jesuit mission among the Onondagas; 2) Kaunehsuntahkeh, a Tuscarora village east of Oneida creek; 3) Canasaraga, in the Onondaga territory near present-day Syracuse; or 4) Kauhanauka, a Tuscarora town. In several instances, it is uncertain as to whether a name refers to a person or place; these names have been left untagged. It is possible, however, that these uncertain names refer to inns or taverns and the names of their owners. Starting on the bottom of five verso and finishing on one verso, the phrase "Samson Occom of Mohegan" is written upside-down in large letters, indicating that Occom was reusing paper for the pages of this journal.]

EventsOccom’s First Mission to the Oneidas

[Sepr | September]SeprSeptember [ye | the]yethe 15[1761-09-15]

I [Sot | set]Sotset out from  Conn[illegible]oo[illegible]ah by way  of [Tuſcarora | Tuscarora]TuſcaroraTuscarora[place0288.ocp] and took  my Leave of them [a bout | about]a boutabout  10 [O'C | o'clock]O'Co'clock Several of the India^[above] ns^ns  went with me to [onoyda | Oneida]onoydaOneida[place0179.ocp]  got there about 1 in the  [after-Noon | afternoon]after-Noonafternoon — was [kndly | kindly]kndlykindly  [Receivd | received]Receivdreceived by the [onoydas | Oneidas]onoydasOneidas[org0075.ocp] 

Sabbath [Sepr | September]SeprSeptember [ye | the]yethe 20[1761-09-20]

[Preachd | Preached]PreachdPreached  at [onoyda | Oneida]onoydaOneida[place0179.ocp] a great Num  ber of the Indians Came to  gether from all of the [Caſtle | Castle]CaſtleCastle[place0179.ocp]  to hear the word of god. I  [Baptizd | baptized]Baptizdbaptized 3 [Perſons | persons]Perſonspersons  at Night Several made  a [Publick | public]Publickpublic [Confeſ | confes]Confeſconfes[illegible][guess (ivys): te]teon  three of the [gap: tear]Heads of [ye | the]yethe  3 [Caſtles | Castles]CaſtlesCastles [gap: tear][guess (ivys): ma]made a [PC | public confession]PCpublic confession  and [returnd | returned]returndreturned thanks by a  Belt of Wampum [&c | etc.]&cetc. 

Monday [Sepr | September]SeprSeptember [ye | the]yethe 21[1761-09-21] 

I Left [onoyda | Oneida]onoydaOneida[place0179.ocp] and  Several [a Companyd | accompanied]a Companydaccompanied  me to fort [Herkermer | Herkimer]HerkermerHerkimer[place0077.ocp].  my mare got away  from me at Night,  and did not find me  her [till | 'til]till'til [Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Juſt | just]Juſtjust  Night,

Saturday [Sepr | September]SeprSeptember  [ye | the]yethe 26[1761-09-26]

we [Sot | set]Sotset away from  Fort [Herkummer | Herkimer]HerkummerHerkimer[place0077.ocp]s — got  about 4 miles below  Sir William [Jahnſon | Johnson]JahnſonJohnson[pers0292.ocp]s 

[Sabath | Sabbath]SabathSabbath [Sepr | September]SeprSeptember [ye | the]yethe 27[1761-09-27]

[Sot | set]Sotset  out very Early, and  got to Schenectady[place0202.ocp] a  bout 10. went Meeting  with the People 
^[bottom] om of Mohegan[place0143.ocp]^om of Mohegan[place0143.ocp] 
hear^[above] d^d [mr | Mr.]mrMr. Vroman[pers1021.ocp] Preach,  but I [Cou'd | could]Cou'dcould not [underſt | underst]underſtunderst[illegible][guess (ivys): d]d  went to See the [Preaſt | priest]Preaſtpriest  in the Evening and the  Next morning, he treatde^[above] d^d  very Kindly gave me  a Moha[illegible: [guess (h-dawnd): q]q]ue Book —  [Sot | Set]SotSet ut out about 9 got  to Albany[place0001.ocp] at 12  and Several [Inſiſted | insisted]Inſiſtedinsisted upon ^[above] my^my  [Saying | staying]Sayingstaying at Albany[place0001.ocp] the week  out, and to Preach on the  Sabbath, and I at Len^[above] g^gth  I [Complyd | complied]Complydcomplied with their [Diſire | desire]Diſiredesire 

[Sabath | Sabbath]SabathSabbath [octor | October]octorOctober [ye | the]yethe 4[1761-10-04]

I [Preachd | preached]Preachdpreached  in the morning in the City  Hall[place0430.ocp], to [Prebyterian | Presbyterian]PrebyterianPresbyterian Con‐ gregation, and in the [af  ter Noon | af ternoon]af  ter Noonaf ternoon I [Preachd | preached]Preachdpreached in  the [Engliſh | English]EngliſhEnglish Church—  Monday. Married a 
[Cupple | couple]Cupplecouple in Albany[place0001.ocp], had  3 [Dolars | dollars]Dolarsdollars Marrying. —  and the Pe  [Sot | set]Sotset out in the after  Noon towards Home, got  So far as [Quemuns | Coeymans]QuemunsCoeymans[place0435.ocp]. — 

[Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday. [Octr | October]OctrOctober [ye | the]yethe 6[1761-10-06]

[Sot | Set]SotSet  out very Early in the  Morning, and [Reachd | reached]Reachdreached  to Kings Bridge[place0434.ocp] at Night 

october [ye | the]yethe 7[1761-10-07]

we [Sot | set]Sotset out  from the Kings Bridge[place0434.ocp] very  Early in the Morning, and  about the [Midle | middle]Midlemiddle of the after  Noon my mare was about  Sli[illegible][guess (ivys): nk]nking her fold and we  were obliged to Put up  at [gap: omitted] 
[Sot | set]Sotset out very early in the  Morning [for ward | forward]for wardforward and [illegible]  Stop at [Poughkeepſie | Poughkeepsie]PoughkeepſiePoughkeepsie[place0191.ocp] to [illegible]  Preach in the Evening.  and about Candle Light  we began our [Exerciſe | exercise]Exerciſeexercise in  the State [Houſe | House]HouſeHouse[place0436.ocp] and there  was a great Number of  People to attend, and at  tended very [Seriouſly | seriously]Seriouſlyseriously  and they [gatherd | gathered]gatherdgathered [illegible]  ^[above] £^£1: 7: 0. for me —; and they  were very [Soliſcitous | solicitous]Soliſcitoussolicitous to  have me Stay the Sabbath  over but I [Cou'd | could]Cou'dcould not to be  my Duty to Comply — 

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Octr | October]OctrOctober [ye | the]yethe 9[1761-10-09]

we [Sot | set]Sotset  out from [Poughkeepſie | Poughkeepsie]PoughkeepſiePoughkeepsie[place0191.ocp]  Towards York[place0308.ocp]. and got  So far as Rogers at Nig 
and so far as Roger's  at Night, and there [turn'd | turned]turn'dturned  in.

Saturday [Octr | October]OctrOctober [ye | the]yethe 10[1761-10-10] 

we [Sot | set]Sotset out very Early in  the Morning on our Jour‐ ney, and got So far as  Browns by [Dobs's | Dobbs]Dobs'sDobbs ferry[place0431.ocp], and  there [turnd | turned]turndturned in, but met  with very [Diſagreeable | disagreeable]Diſagreeabledisagreeable  Company,— 

Sabbath [Octr | October]OctrOctober [ye | the]yethe 11[1761-10-11]

about  2 o'C in the after we [Sot | set]Sotset  out for [N. | New]N.New York[place0308.ocp] and by  way of [White ^[above] Sone^Sone | Whitestone]White ^[above] Sone^SoneWhitestone Ferry[place0437.ocp] and  [Lodgd | lodged]Lodgdlodged by the Ferry — 

Monday [Octr | October]OctrOctober [ye | the]yethe 12[1761-10-12]

about  9 we got over upon Long  Islangd[place0129.ocp], and from there [Sot | set]Sotset  away for [N | New]NNew York[place0308.ocp] and  got into the City about 
[Sot | set]Sotset [illegible] went to M wells  and were very Kindly  [Receiv'd | received]Receiv'dreceived, found them all  well [& | and]&and — Next Day went  to [viſiting | visiting]viſitingvisiting my Friends was  kindly [Receivd | received]Receivdreceived by all — 

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday October ye 16[1761-10-16]

to‐ wards Night we went over  to Long Island[place0129.ocp] [gap: faded] and to  [Jamaca | Jamaica]JamacaJamaica[place0433.ocp] at Night, and 

Saturday [Octr | October]OctrOctober [ye | the]yethe 17[1761-10-17]

[Sot | set]Sotset  Early in the Morning, and  got to Huntington[place0406.ocp] at Nig[gap: stain]  and [illegible] kept Sabbath there 

Monday [Ocr | October]OcrOctober [ye | the]yethe 18[1761-10-18] 

we [Sot | set]Sotset away [homward | homeward]homwardhomeward  Got So far as Mulfords  at Night T 

[Tueſday | Tuesday]TueſdayTuesday [Ocr | October]OcrOctober 19[1761-10-19]

[Sot | set]Sotset out  very Early in the Morning. 
and got [Shenecock | Shinnecock]ShenecockShinnecock[place0423.ocp] at  Night found the Indians  well. they were very glad  to See me once more, — 

[Wedneſday | Wednesday]WedneſdayWednesday [Ocr | October]OcrOctober 20[1761-10-20]

we went  off very Early in the [Morng | morning]Morngmorning  got to Bridgehampton[place0018.ocp] be‐ fore Night [Lodg'd | lodged]Lodg'dlodged at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr.  Brown[pers0101.ocp]s, my Friends were  Exceeding glad to See me 

[Thirdſday | Thursday]ThirdſdayThursday [Ocr | October]OcrOctober 21[1761-10-16]

we  went on our Journey, got  to [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Buell[pers0006.ocp]'s at [Eaſtham– | Easthampton]Eaſtham–Easthampton[place0062.ocp]  Some Time in the after  Noon, we were very 
Kindly [receiv'd | received]receiv'dreceived by all  my Friends, 

[Fryday | Friday]FrydayFriday [Ocr | October]OcrOctober 22[1761-10-22]

went  on towards home, [viſited | visited]viſitedvisited  my Friends and Neighbou^[above] rs^rs  all the way, got were  [Extreamly | extremely]Extreamlyextremely well [receivd | received]receivdreceived by  them all, got home at  Night found my Poor  Family well except our  [youngeſt | youngest]youngeſtyoungest Child. it had  been very Sick but it  was [geting | getting]getinggetting well, —  Thanks be to Almighty  god for [goodneſs | goodness]goodneſsgoodness to us. 
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
Samson Occ[pers0030.ocp] 
[note (type: editorial): Page not transcribed.]
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pers0292.ocp Sir William Jahnſon Johnson mentioned Johnson, William
pers1021.ocp m r Mr. Vroman mentioned Vroman
pers0101.ocp M r Mr. Brown mentioned Brown, James
pers0006.ocp M r Mr. Buell mentioned Buell, Samuel
pers0030.ocp Samson Occ writer Occom, Samson

Places identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
place0288.ocp Tuſcarora Tuscarora Tuscarora
place0179.ocp onoyda Oneida Oneida
place0179.ocp the Caſtle Castle Oneida
place0077.ocp fort Herkermer Herkimer Fort Herkimer
place0077.ocp Fort Herkummer Herkimer Fort Herkimer
place0202.ocp Schenectady Schenectady
place0143.ocp Mohegan Mohegan
place0001.ocp Albany Albany
place0430.ocp City Hall Albany City Hall
place0435.ocp Quemuns Coeymans Coeymans
place0434.ocp Kings Bridge Kings Bridge
place0191.ocp Poughkeepſie Poughkeepsie Poughkeepsie
place0436.ocp the State Houſe House State House
place0308.ocp York New York City
place0431.ocp Dobs's Dobbs ferry Dobbs Ferry
place0308.ocp N. New York New York City
place0437.ocp White Sone Whitestone Ferry Whitestone Ferry
place0129.ocp Long Islan g d Long Island
place0308.ocp N New York New York City
place0129.ocp Long Island Long Island
place0433.ocp Jamaca Jamaica Jamaica
place0406.ocp Huntington Huntington
place0423.ocp Shenecock Shinnecock Shinnecock
place0018.ocp Bridgehampton Bridgehampton
place0062.ocp Eaſtham– Easthampton East Hampton

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org0075.ocp onoydasOneidas Oneida Nation

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1761-09-15 SeprSeptember yethe 15
1761-09-20 Sabbath SeprSeptember yethe 20
1761-09-21 Monday SeprSeptember yethe 21
1761-09-26 Saturday SeprSeptember yethe 26
1761-09-27 SabathSabbath SeprSeptember yethe 27
1761-10-04 SabathSabbath octorOctober yethe 4
1761-10-06 TueſdayTuesday. OctrOctober yethe 6
1761-10-07 october yethe 7
1761-10-09 FrydayFriday OctrOctober yethe 9
1761-10-10 Saturday OctrOctober yethe 10
1761-10-11 Sabbath OctrOctober yethe 11
1761-10-12 Monday OctrOctober yethe 12
1761-10-16 FrydayFriday October ye 16
1761-10-17 Saturday OctrOctober yethe 17
1761-10-18 Monday OcrOctober yethe 18
1761-10-19 TueſdayTuesday OcrOctober 19
1761-10-20 WedneſdayWednesday OcrOctober 20
1761-10-16 ThirdſdayThursday OcrOctober 21
1761-10-22 FrydayFriday OcrOctober 22

Regularized text:

Type Original Regularized
modernization ye the
variation Sot set
modernization Tuſcarora Tuscarora
variation a bout about
variation onoyda Oneida
variation after-Noon afternoon
variation kndly kindly
variation Receivd received
variation onoydas Oneidas
variation Preachd Preached
modernization Caſtle Castle
variation Baptizd baptized
modernization Perſons persons
variation Publick public
modernization Confeſ confes
modernization Caſtles Castles
variation returnd returned
modernization &c etc.
variation a Companyd accompanied
variation Herkermer Herkimer
modernization till 'til
variation Fryday Friday
modernization Juſt just
variation Herkummer Herkimer
variation Jahnſon Johnson
variation Sabath Sabbath
modernization mr Mr.
modernization underſt underst
variation Preaſt priest
variation Sot Set
modernization Inſiſted insisted
variation Complyd complied
variation Diſire desire
variation Preachd preached
variation Prebyterian Presbyterian
variation af  ter Noon af ternoon
modernization Engliſh English
variation Cupple couple
variation Dolars dollars
variation Quemuns Coeymans
modernization Tueſday Tuesday
variation Reachd reached
variation Midle middle
variation for ward forward
modernization Poughkeepſie Poughkeepsie
modernization Exerciſe exercise
modernization Houſe House
modernization Seriouſly seriously
variation gatherd gathered
variation Soliſcitous solicitous
variation Dobs's Dobbs
variation turnd turned
modernization Diſagreeable disagreeable
variation White ^[above] Sone^Sone Whitestone
variation Lodgd lodged
modernization viſiting visiting
variation Jamaca Jamaica
variation homward homeward
variation Shenecock Shinnecock
modernization Wedneſday Wednesday
modernization Mr Mr.
variation Thirdſday Thursday
modernization viſited visited
variation Extreamly extremely
variation receivd received
modernization youngeſt youngest
variation geting getting
modernization goodneſs goodness

Expanded abbreviations:

Abbreviation Expansion
Sepr September
O'C o'clock
PC public confession
Cou'd could
octor October
Octr October
turn'd turned
N. New
N New
Receiv'd received
& and
Receivd received
Ocr October
Morng morning
Lodg'd lodged
Eaſtham– Easthampton
receiv'd received

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