Sermon: Ephesians 5:14, 1760 May 15


[note (type: abstract): Sermon on Ephesians 5:15 Wherefore he saith, Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light.][note (type: handwriting): Clear and legible, although lettercase is occasionally difficult to discern.][note (type: paper): Several small sheets are folded together into a booklet. The paper is in fair condition, with some staining and heavy wear around the edges.][note (type: ink): Light brown][note (type: noteworthy): At top of one recto, “& Revelat.” is written in pencil and refers to the last page, which appears to be the beginning of a new sermon on a text from Revelation 16: 15 “Behold, I come”. The salutation “Revd Sir, I Conclude you have” along the left edge of six verso appears to be the beginning of a letter on a sheet that was repurposed for the sermon.]
Wherefore he [Saith | sayeth]Saithsayeth awake thou that  [Sleepſest | sleepest]Sleepſestsleepest and [ariſe | arise]ariſearise from the [Dad | dead]Daddead and  [Chriſt | Christ]ChriſtChrist Shall give thee Light —
we may at once Perceive from [theſe | these]theſethese  words, the Infinite [goodneſs | goodness]goodneſsgoodness and [Con­  deſention | con descension]Con­  deſentioncon descension of God towards us [Rabeles | rebels]Rabelesrebels  for we have willfully Departed from  god our Maker and in Departing  from him, we Depart from our own  [Hapineſs | happiness]Hapineſshappiness yea we [forfit | forfeit]forfitforfeit all [Bleſſed­ neſs | blessed ness]Bleſſed­ neſsblessed ness and every Mercy, and we Can  Claim nothing at the Hands of god  Better than Damnation, and god mig^[above] ht^ht  have [Juſtly | justly]Juſtlyjustly left us in our [miſery | misery]miſerymisery With  [everlaſting | everlasting]everlaſtingeverlasting Shame and [Confuſion | confusion]Confuſionconfusion of  Face, and when he had thoughts  of mercy he might have By us and  Placed his love on the fallen Angels  who are greater in Power than men  they are [likeliyer | likelier]likeliyerlikelier to [ſerve | serve]ſerveserve him
Better than we; But behold his  mercy is towards the fallen Children  of Adam, and there is no other [Reaſon | reason]Reaſonreason  Can be given why he does, ^[above] [ſo | so]ſoso^[ſo | so]ſoso but this  [becauſe | because]becauſebecause he will have Mercy on  whom he will have Mercy and he  will have [Comp^[above] a^aſſion | compassion]Comp^[above] a^aſſioncompassion on whom he  will have [Compaſſion | compassion]Compaſſioncompassion — and this  his hPity to us, is brought abou^[above] t^t  in a way that Men or Angels  [Cou'd | could]Cou'dcould never find out or invent,  it [muſt | must]muſtmust needs be in and [thro' | through]thro'through the  Death of his only [begoten | begotten]begotenbegotten Son  here is [unparallel'd | unparalleled]unparallel'dunparalleled Love that god So  Loved the World that he gave his  only [begoten | begotten]begotenbegotten Son into the Worald  that [Whoſoever | whosoever]Whoſoeverwhosoever believeth in Shall  not [Periſh | perish]Periſhperish but have [ever laſting | everlasting]ever laſtingeverlasting  Life, this is good News good News  unto [Miſerable | miserable]Miſerablemiserable Children of Fallen A.  that there is a Saviour given a migh^[above] t [illegible][guess (ivys): y]y^t [illegible][guess (ivys): y]y  Saviour —
and in further Speaking upon [theſe | these]theſethese ^[above] this^this  text I Shall Endeavour, as god Shall  help. to give the Import of it, in  Several [Perticulars | particulars]Perticularsparticulars.   and here [firſt | first]firſtfirst In genera^[above] l^l
It Plainly [Implys | implies]Implysimplies, that man as he  [illegible]is fallen Creature from God, is fallen  [A Sleep | asleep]A Sleepasleep Spiritually, he is [Stupified | stupefied]Stupifiedstupefied ^[above] thereby^thereby,  yea he is fallen Down Dead in  [Traſpaſſes | trespasses]Traſpaſſestrespasses and in Sins —
And here I Shall endeavour to [repre^[above] t^t | represent]repre^[above] t^trepresent  two Sorts of People in ^[above] [yt | that]ytthat are^[yt | that]ytthat are the world, and  [Diſtinguiſh | distinguish]Diſtinguiſhdistinguish them one from the other.  the one is Bealiever, and up unbeliev er, Yet Both are [a Sleep | asleep]a Sleepasleep,
The one is in a Dead Sleep, yet  not in a Dead Sleep but it is a  Sinful and abominable Sleep
The other is in a Dead Sleep  a very Dangerous Sleep, they Lie  [expoſ,d | exposed]expoſ,dexposed to [everlaſting | everlasting]everlaſtingeverlasting [Diſtruction | destruction]Diſtructiondestruction  by it —
But Secondly  this text Plainly [repreſents | represents]repreſentsrepresents unto us  the Infinite Mercy of God to us; in  Sending his own Dear Son to a wake us out of this Dangerous yea  [Diſtructive | destructive]Diſtructivedestructive Sleep —
And [laſtly | lastly]laſtlylastly I Shall Conclude  with the Improvement of the wh^[above] o^ole  and have [firſt | first]firſtfirst. — there is Such a  thing as Believers being [a Sleep | asleep]a Sleepasleep  and when they are So, they are unfit  to Serve god. Yea they are [Diſobey ing | disobey ing]Diſobey ingdisobey ing and [Diſhonouring | dishonouring]Diſhonouringdishonouring of him —  we Read of ten [Virgens | virgins]Virgensvirgins, in [Math | Matthew]MathMatthew 25  that were Slumbering and Sleeping  while the Bride[illegible]groom [Taried | tarried]Tariedtarried  till there was a great Cry or a  Loud Call ma[illegible]de, unto them, it  Seems in Such a Language as ^[above] this^this  awake thou [yt | that]ytthat [Sleepeſt | sleepest]Sleepeſtsleepest and [a Riſe | a rise]a Riſea rise from the Dead and [Chriſt | Christ]ChriſtChrist
for behold the Bridegroom Cometh  go ye out to meet him.  and then when they heard this Voce  Heavenly-Voice, and [underſtood | understood]underſtoodunderstood it  they [emediatly | immediately]emediatlyimmediately [Roſe | rose]Roſerose with great  [Confuſion | confusion]Confuſionconfusion and Trembling. it Seems  and when they Came to look about  [themſelves | themselves]themſelvesthemselves they ^[above] found^found [every thing | everything]every thingeverything out of  order, their Lamps were [unprepard | unprepared]unprepardunprepared  they [illegible]are gone out, altogether un fit to Meet the Bridegroom with —  and Now there is [every thing | everything]every thingeverything to do —  and a wvery Short time to do it in  for the [foreruner | forerunner]forerunerforerunner or the Voice of the  Bridegroom is already i[enterd | entered]enterdentered into  the Ears of the [Virgens | virgins]Virgensvirgins, he [yt | that]ytthat ha[illegible][guess (ivys): th]th  behold I Come quickly and my re ward is with me, to give every man  according as his works Shall be —  is now on his way, [Juſt | just]Juſtjust at the  Doors, to [reccond | reckon]reccondreckon with the Virgins —  O! me think there was great  [exerciſe | exercise]exerciſeexercise of heart and mind among  the Virgins at that [Seaſon | season]Seaſonseason
and further — to [Elluſtrate | illustrate]Elluſtrateillustrate this Point  of Truth, let us Compare [Spiri­l– | spiritual]Spiri­lspiritual  Sleep with Natural Sleep, [& | and]&and  See what [reſemblence | resemblance]reſemblenceresemblance there may  be — and here, we know [illegible]by  experience and [obſer[illegible]vation | observation]obſer[illegible]vationobservation, that  a man, that is [a Sleep | asleep]a Sleepasleep is altoge­ ther unfit for [Buſineſs | business]Buſineſsbusiness at [yt | that]ytthat [Seaſon | season]Seaſonseason  he is not Doing the [leaſt | least]leaſtleast [Buſineſs | business]Buſineſsbusiness for  [him­ſelf | himself]him­ſelfhimself for his Relations or his  Neighbours or his King. for he [illegible]  has [Deſiſted | desisted]Deſiſteddesisted and [lay'd | laid]lay'dlaid [aſide | aside]aſideaside all  [Buſineſs | business]Buſineſsbusiness while he Sle^[above] e^eps —  So is a [Chriſtian | Christian]ChriſtianChristian when he is  Spiritually [a Sleep | asleep]a Sleepasleep — —
again when a man is [a Sleep | asleep]a Sleepasleep  he [illegible] is Ignorant and [Sinceleſs | senseless]Sinceleſssenseless of  all the Carryings^[above] on and [illegible][guess (ivys): Con]Con^on and [illegible][guess (ivys): Con]Con [oftthe | of the]ofttheof the world  he is Ignorant of the [agre[illegible]able | agreeable]agre[illegible]ableagreeable ^[above] [illegible]^[illegible]  [Converſation | conversation]Converſationconversation that his Neighbours  have, the News from [a Broad | abroad]a Broadabroad
has no Affect upon him; he has  no fellow [feelling | feeling]feellingfeeling with his  Neighbours either ^[above] in^in Joy or Sorrow  So is a [Sleepey | sleepy]Sleepeysleepy [Chriſtien | Christian]ChriſtienChristian. he  knows not what a Sweet [Conver ſation | conver sation]Conver ſationconver sation they Enjoy w one with  the other ^[above] [yt | that]ytthat one awake^[yt | that]ytthat one awake what Trade they  [Cary | carry]Carycarry on to Heaven, and what  returns they have from [yt | that]ytthat  [Bleſſed | Blessed]BleſſedBlessed Cou^[above] n^ntry, and what  [Fellowſ^[above] h^hip | fellowship]Fellowſ^[above] h^hipfellowship Communion they hav^[above] e^e  with god, or what [fellowſhip | fellowship]fellowſhipfellowship  they have one with other nor  what Joys or Sorrows they  meet with in their [Travil | travel]Traviltravel  like unto Thomas [&c | etc.]&cetc. — — —
the means of grace have but  [l[illegible]itle | little]l[illegible]itlelittle effect on the them —
Again a man [yt | that]ytthat is [a Sleep | asleep]a Sleepasleep  is [Defenceleſs | defenseless]Defenceleſsdefenseless, he is [expoſd | exposed]expoſdexposed to  many Danger's he is liable  to be taken by his Enemies —  a [ſolder | soldier]ſoldersoldier [muſt | must]muſtmust watch
So, is a [Chrn | Christian]ChrnChristian [yt | that]ytthat is [a Sleep | asleep]a Sleepasleep  they are liable to all Dangers  — — — watch and Pray —
again a man [yt | that]ytthat is [a Sleep | asleep]a Sleepasleep may  Dream Dreams, They may have  [Pleaſent | pleasant]Pleaſentpleasant, and frightful Dreams  they may Dream of [Proſperity | prosperity]Proſperityprosperity  and Peace — —  of [Adverſity | adversity]Adverſityadversity and Sorrow — —
ASo may a [Chriſn | Christian]ChriſnChristian Dream  many things
Now let us Bring Peter as  an [Inſtance | instance]Inſtanceinstance, one [yt | that]ytthat has Slept,  and See what was the fruit  of his Sleep, and [Alſo | also]Alſoalso one [yt | that]ytthat  has [a waked | awaked]a wakedawaked out ^[above] of^of this Sleep  and what was [ye | the]yethe fruit of it
Now let us [Conſider | consider]Conſiderconsider the State  of [thoſe | those]thoſethose [yt | that]ytthat are in a Dead Sleep —  [thoſe | those]thoſethose that are unregenerate  are in a Dead Sleep, Dead in  [Treſpaſſes | trespasses]Treſpaſſestrespasses ^[above] [& | and]&and^[& | and]&and in Sins, a very Dan­ gerous Sleep, they are liable to  all the [Miſeries | miseries]Miſeriesmiseries of this life to  Death [it Self | itself]it Selfitself and to the Pains  of Hell forever, and in this State  and [Condiſtion | condition]Condiſtioncondition it is [Impoſſable | impossible]Impoſſableimpossible  for them [illegible] to [Pleaſe | please]Pleaſeplease god, for  they have no life or [godlyneſs | godliness]godlyneſsgodliness there fore they Can't do the work of  god Acceptably, they are Dea^[above] d^d  and So all their Services are Dead  by [Reaſon | reason]Reaſonreason of Sin, — they have  no [Sence | sense]Sencesense of god, they have  no right [apprihentions | apprehensions]apprihentionsapprehensions of  heaven or Hell, they have  no fear of god; and no love  to him, no [illegible] love to his word  no love to his [ordernaces | ordinances]ordernacesordinances, nor  to his Commandments Laws or  his Precepts
yea they have [Relliſh | relish]Relliſhrelish for [Divi^[above] n^n | divine]Divi^[above] n^ndivine  fo things, Spiritual things are  [fooliſhneſs | foolishness]fooliſhneſsfoolishness with them, the Voice  of Charmers from [Chriſt | Christ]ChriſtChrist Charm­ ing Never so [Wiſely | wisely]Wiſelywisely unto them in  the Tender Bowels of [Compaſſion | compassion]Compaſſioncompassion  move them not, and the Dread­ ful Thunders and Lightnings of  gods [Firery | fiery]Fireryfiery Law from Mount  Sinai, Don't make them afraid —  and the [goodneſs | goodness]goodneſsgoodness and Mercy of  god, [yt | that]ytthat Daily attends Don't  Lead them to [repentence | repentance]repentencerepentance, and  the [Judgments | judgements]Judgmentsjudgements of god Don't make  to [Conſider | consider]Conſiderconsider — All the [Reaſon | reason]Reaſonreason  is [becauſe | because]becauſebecause they are in ^[above] a^a Dead  Sleep, they have no heart  for Heart for god or ^[above] to^to his ways  Doesn't this greatly argue the  Stupidity and [Deadneſs | deadness]Deadneſsdeadness in Such  Souls. — — and [Conſequent ly | consequent ly]Conſequent lyconsequent ly Such are in a very [Dangers | dangerous]Dangersdangerous  Sleep they [Liy | lie]Liylie upon very Slip pery Places
they are liable to be Cut [a Sunder | a sunder]a Sundera sunder every Moment by the  [Juſtice | justice]Juſticejustice of god, the [ax | axe]axaxe is  [layd | laid]laydlaid to the [Roo[illegible]tt | root]Roo[illegible]ttroot of every  Tree, and every Tree [yt | that]ytthat bring eth not good fruit, Shall  be hewn Down and [Caſt | cast]Caſtcast in­ to [everlaſting | everlasting]everlaſtingeverlasting Fire — —  And Secondly and [laſtly | lastly]laſtlylastly  this Text [Repreſents | represents]Repreſentsrepresents unto us  ^[above] the^the [Astoniſhing | astonishing]Astoniſhingastonishing Love and [Condeſen tion | condescen sion]Condeſen tioncondescen sion of the great God [whoſe | whose]whoſewhose  Name alone is Jehovah, in  Sending his own Son into the  world, after our willful [a poſtaſie | a postasy]a poſtaſiea postasy from god, wthat [who­ ­ſoever | who­ soever]who­ ­ſoeverwho­ soever believeth in him [Shou'd | should]Shou'dshould  [Periſh | perish]Periſhperish. but have [everlaſting | everlasting]everlaſtingeverlasting  Life — here is Love indeed  god ^[above] freely^freely gave his Dear Son to Sinners  to Save them. and the Son freely  [excepts | accepts]exceptsaccepts and undertakes the great  work Redemption
the Dear Lamb of god Leaves  the [Boſom | bosom]Boſombosom of his Dear Father  As it were bids farewell to all  the Heavenly [Hoſts | Hosts]HoſtsHosts, and comes  Down to this benighted World  [Clouthed | clothed]Clouthedclothed with [Humane | human]Humanehuman [Doby | body]Dobybody  like our own ,— took upon him   the Iniquity of the [Childr | children]Childrchildren   of men,[becam | became]becambecame the Son   of man that we the Sinfu^[above] l^l   [Childr | children]Childrchildren of men might be   come the Sons of the living   god — he [layd | laid]laydlaid Down   his Life. and Died the   [acurſed | accursed]acurſedaccursed Death of the [Croſs | cross]Croſscross   they [yt | that]ytthat we might be made   Alive unto god —   all this was done to [awak | awake]awakawake   [thoſe | those]thoſethose [yt | that]ytthat were Sleep, and to   [Raiſe | raise]Raiſeraise that were Dead
[2ly | 2ly]2ly2ly this Text [Promiſes | promises]Promiſespromises  a glorious [Promiſe | promise]Promiſepromise of Light 
[left] [Revd | Rev.]RevdRev. Sir,  I Conclude you have
[Revd | Rev.]RevdRev. Sir,  I Conclude you have
to them [yt | that]ytthat he[illegible]ar ^[above] [& | and]&and obey^[& | and]&and obey the Voice of [X | Christ]XChrist  [Awak | awake]Awakawake y those [yt | that]ytthat Sleepeth [& | and]&and  [a Riſe | arise]a Riſearise from the Dead and [X | Christ]XChrist  Shall give thee Light —
To Conclude  let us Improve the whole  and [here | hear]herehear [firſt | first]firſtfirst, is it So as we  have heard, that there is as  Such a thing as [Chriſns | Christians]ChriſnsChristians [ſlu mbring | slu mbering]ſlu mbringslu mbering and Sleeping —  [firſt | first]firſtfirst then examine [your ſel[gap: worn_edge][guess (h-dawnd): ^[above] f^f]^[above] f^f | yourself]your ſel[gap: worn_edge][guess (h-dawnd): ^[above] f^f]^[above] f^fyourself  and if thou ^[above] art^art Sleeper, [ariſe | arise]ariſearise  hear the Voice of [Chriſt | Christ]ChriſtChrist,  and obey,[illegible: [guess (ivys): }]}] [Ariſe | arise]Ariſearise and Trim  your Lamps, and [X | Christ]XChrist Shall  give you Light, — for all  thy Work is to do — and  behold the [Bri^[above] d^dgrom | bridegroom]Bri^[above] d^dgrombridegroom Come.  go ye out to meet him  [ariſe | arise]ariſearise [a wake | awake]a wakeawake by a true repentance  and [a riſe | arise]a riſearise by faith in [Chriſt | Christ]ChriſtChrist
Hear [ye | the]yethe Voice of God in his  word, — in the [Preach'd | preached]Preach'dpreached [gos | gospels]gosgospels  In his Laws Precepts and  [Comands | commands]Comandscommands — In the [goſpel | gospel]goſpelgospel [In­ ſtitutions | in stitutions]In­ ſtitutionsin stitutions and [ordernances | ordinances]ordernancesordinances  ^[above] to the wicked^to the wicked In the [Curſes | curses]Curſescurses of god Law —  In the [Meltyng | melting]Meltyngmelting Invit[illegible]ations  of [ye | the]yethe [goſpel | gospel]goſpelgospel — —   In [ye | the]yethe Creation — —  In the Providence of god  In mercy — in health [& | and]&and [Proſpert | prosperity]Proſpertprosperity  In [Judgments | judgements]Judgmentsjudgements ˄ [Sickneſs | sickness]Sickneſssickness [&c | etc.]&cetc.  O! Sleeper isn't here Enough  to awake you, hear the [Voi | voice]Voivoice  of [X | Christ]XChrist in [theſe | these]theſethese things, and [a riſe | a rise]a riſea rise from all [ſin | sin]ſinsin to [Righteous neſs | righteous ness]Righteous neſsrighteous ness, from all [ye | the]yethe fruits of [ye | the]yethe [Fleſh | flesh]Fleſhflesh  to the [Fruiſts | fruits]Fruiſtsfruits of the Spirit, [gal. | Galatians ]gal.Galatians 5.22   1 [Cor | Corinthians]CorCorinthians 6. 9  [Back­ſliders | backsliders]Back­ſlidersbacksliders awake and [a Riſe | arise]a Riſearise   Luke 15
and ye all Receive the ^[above] [illegible]^[illegible] [Promiſe | promise]Promiſepromise  of glorious Light, of Life  and light at [laſt | last]laſtlast to the Hea­ venly [Jeruſalim | Jerusalem]JeruſalimJerusalem.
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
Revel — Behold I Come
My friends we are not to live here  only to gratify our Carnal [Sisences | senses]Sisencessenses [&c. | etc.]&c.etc.
But the great End of our Being  is to glorify god,  our futur[illegible]e State depends upon  our Behaviour in this life  according as we behave in this  World So Shall our Rewards be  in the World to Come   Here
I Shall [Conſider | consider]Conſiderconsider the Parts of the Parts  of Text 1 There [arer | are]arerare 2 rewards
and thent Improve the W[illegible]hole  by way of Inquiry —[firſt | first]firſtfirst to  Saints — and then to Sinners
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modernization Repreſents represents
modernization Astoniſhing astonishing
variation Condeſen tion condescen sion
modernization whoſe whose
variation a poſtaſie a postasy
modernization who­ ­ſoever who­ soever
variation excepts accepts
modernization Boſom bosom
modernization Hoſts Hosts
variation Clouthed clothed
variation Humane human
variation Childr children
variation becam became
variation acurſed accursed
modernization Croſs cross
variation awak awake
modernization Raiſe raise
modernization 2ly 2ly
modernization Promiſes promises
modernization Promiſe promise
modernization Revd Rev.
variation Awak awake
variation a Riſe arise
variation here hear
variation ſlu mbring slu mbering
variation your ſel[gap: worn_edge][guess (h-dawnd): ^[above] f^f]^[above] f^f yourself
modernization Ariſe arise
variation Bri^[above] d^dgrom bridegroom
variation a wake awake
variation a riſe arise
variation Comands commands
modernization goſpel gospel
modernization In­ ſtitutions in stitutions
variation ordernances ordinances
modernization Curſes curses
variation Meltyng melting
modernization Sickneſs sickness
modernization ſin sin
modernization Righteous neſs righteous ness
modernization Fleſh flesh
modernization Fruiſts fruits
variation Back­ſliders backsliders
modernization laſt last
variation Jeruſalim Jerusalem
variation Sisences senses
modernization &c. etc.

Expanded abbreviations:

Abbreviation Expansion
Eph. Ephesians
Cou'd could
thro' through
unparallel'd unparalleled
repre^[above] t^t represent
expoſ,d exposed
Math Matthew
unprepard unprepared
Spiri­l spiritual
& and
lay'd laid
Chrn Christian
Chriſn Christian
Divi^[above] n^n divine
Dangers dangerous
Shou'd should
Childr children
X Christ
Chriſns Christians
Preach'd preached
gos gospels
Proſpert prosperity
Voi voice
gal. Galatians
Cor Corinthians

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