Abraham Simon, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1775 August 13

Author Simon, Abraham[pers0487.ocp]

13 August 1775[1775-08-13]

ms number775463

[note (type: abstract): Simon writes to Wheelock expressing his gratitude and telling of his experiences as a soldier working in a field hospital in Roxbury, Massachusetts.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is clear and legible.][note (type: paper): Large sheet folded into four pages is in poor condition, with heavy yellowing, creasing and wear that occasionally obscures text. Aging repair work is discolored and somewhat obscures text.][note (type: ink): Black ink is heavily faded in spots.][note (type: noteworthy): An editor, likely 19th-century, has added the note "Abm Simons Indian" to one verso, and “Indian Soldier at Roxbury Ms” to two verso.][note (type: layout): The first page of the letter is on one recto, but the second page of the letter is on two recto, not one verso.]
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[Rev.d | Rev.]Rev.dRev. Sir
as I have had and often been favoured with your [kindneſses | kindness]kindneſseskindness and good conduct towards me I think I should not Pay you the Gratitude that I owe you if I did not mention it in my writing [Tho | though]Thothough I do not think that ever I shall be able to Pay you or make returns for them  Sir I can [aſſure | assure]aſſureassure you [all tho | although]all thoalthough I did not mention them I have had them Still in my Mind [illegible][guess (ivys): as]as and as I have had some [Diſſopointments | disappointments]Diſſopointmentsdisappointments in the [word | world]wordworld and am some thing Poor all that I can do is to not forget them but remember them and hope and [wiſh | wish]wiſhwish for your We^[above] a^alth and [Proſſperity | prosperity]Proſſperityprosperity and I think ^[above] I^I do as far as I know [my ſelf | myself]my ſelfmyself both to you and your Family I want to come and [ſee | see]ſeesee you all but I cannot tell at [Preſent | present]Preſentpresent when I can [ſo | so]ſoso I [muſt | must]muſtmust [haſten | hasten]haſtenhasten and give my account where I have Lived since since Since
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
Since I left Dartmouth[org0037.ocp] I was Round about [Laſt | last]Laſtlast Summer and Did not get much [untell | until]untelluntil Fowler[pers0018.ocp] went to Dartmouth[org0037.ocp] and then I took the School which h[gap: tear][guess (ivys): e]e left and kept it [till | 'til]till'til sometime ^[above] [gap: tear]^[gap: tear] April and then I [ſent | sent]ſentsent Down for my Money and I could not get it from the [Boſton | Boston]BoſtonBoston Board[org0011.ocp] [ſo | so]ſoso I was oblige to [brak[gap: tear][guess (ivys): e]e | break]brak[gap: tear][guess (ivys): e]ebreak [gap: tear]up School upon the Account the Indians wanted me to keep Longer but I thought it would not do Then [theſe | these]theſethese [Liſting | listing]Liſtinglisting [gap: tear][guess (ivys): or]orders came out and I was [ſo | so]ſoso [Foolliſh | foolish]Foolliſhfoolish as to [Inliſt | enlist]Inliſtenlist [myſelf | myself]myſelfmyself in the Service and am now [att | at]attat Roxbury[place0197.ocp] in one of the [Hoſpital | hospital]Hoſpitalhospital Taking Care of the Sick and very bad [gap: tear] but th[gap: tear][guess (ivys): ey]ey [ſeem | seem]ſeemseem to [Chuſe | choose]Chuſechoose me I nothing strange ^[above] [illegible]^[illegible] [illegible]ite only now and then we have had the [Bullits | bullets]Bullitsbullets and [Bums | bombs]Bumsbombs flying over our Heads and the Small Pox got [amongſt | amongst]amongſtamongst us sometime ago
I am your unworthy [Serv.t | servant]Serv.tservant Abraham Simon[pers0487.ocp]
From [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Abraham [Simons | Simon]SimonsSimon[pers0487.ocp] [Aug | August]AugAugust 13. 1775[1775-08-13]
To The [Rev.d | Rev.]Rev.dRev. D.D Elea[gap: faded][guess (ivys): zar Wheelock]zar Wheelock[pers0036.ocp] [off | of]offof Dartmouth College[org0037.ocp]
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pers0018.ocp Fowler mentioned Fowler, Jacob
pers0487.ocp Abraham Simon writer Simon, Abraham
pers0487.ocp M r Mr. Abraham Simons Simon writer Simon, Abraham
pers0036.ocp Elea zar Wheelock recipient Wheelock, Eleazar

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place0197.ocp Roxbury Roxbury

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org0037.ocp Dartmouth Dartmouth College
org0011.ocp BoſtonBoston Board Boston Board of the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge
org0037.ocp Dartmouth College Dartmouth College

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1775-08-13 AuguſtAugust 13th13th 1775
1775-08-13 AugAugust 13. 1775

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modernization 13th 13th
modernization Rev.d Rev.
variation kindneſses kindness
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variation all tho although
variation Diſſopointments disappointments
variation word world
modernization wiſh wish
variation Proſſperity prosperity
modernization my ſelf myself
modernization ſee see
modernization Preſent present
modernization ſo so
modernization muſt must
modernization haſten hasten
modernization Laſt last
variation untell until
variation till 'til
modernization ſent sent
modernization Boſton Boston
variation brak[gap: tear][guess (ivys): e]e break
modernization theſe these
modernization Liſting listing
variation Foolliſh foolish
variation Inliſt enlist
modernization myſelf myself
variation att at
modernization Hoſpital hospital
modernization ſeem seem
variation Chuſe choose
variation Bullits bullets
variation Bums bombs
modernization amongſt amongst
modernization Mr Mr.
variation Simons Simon
variation off of

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Serv.t servant
Aug August

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