Hannah Nonesuch, confession, 1768 March 11

Author Nonesuch, Hannah[pers0394.ocp]

11 March 1768[1768-03-11]

ms number768211.1

[note (type: abstract): Nonesuch confesses to drinking and rude conduct at a tavern.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is possibly that of Bezaleel Woodward; it is formal and clear.][note (type: paper): Single small sheet is in good condition, with minimal staining, creasing and wear.][note (type: noteworthy): The contents of this document are similar to those of manuscript 768211.2.][note (type: signature): "Hannah Nonsuch" is written in the same hand as the body of the letter. An “X” is indicated as “her mark.”]
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I We Hannah Nonesuch[pers0394.ocp] do with [shame facedneſs | shamefacedness]shame facedneſsshamefacedness acknowledge that on the Evening of the [8..th | 8th]8..th8th [Inst: | instant]Inst:instant[1768-03-08] I was ^[above] (by [ye | the]yethe enticement of Sarah Wiogs)[pers0602.ocp]^(by [ye | the]yethe enticement of Sarah Wiogs)[pers0602.ocp] guilty of being at the tavern and tarrying there with a company of Indian boys [& | and]&and girls, for (what is commonly called) a [frolick | frolic]frolickfrolic. where was much spiritous liquor drank, [& | and]&and much ^[above] dancing [& | and]&and^dancing [& | and]&and rude conduct [& | and]&and in tarrying to an [useaſonable | unseasonable]useaſonableunseasonable time of night, with much rude [& | and]&and vain company — all which conduct I am fully [sensable | sensible]sensablesensible is much to the dishonour of god [& | and]&and very prejudicial to the design ^[above] [& | and]&and Reputation^[& | and]&and Reputation of this school [org0098.ocp] [& | and]&and hurtful to ^[above] [ye | the]yethe good of ^[ye | the]yethe good of my own soul, [& | and]&and the souls of [illegible]my mates in the school[org0098.ocp] for which sinful [& | and]&and wicked conduct of mine I am h[illegible]eartily [sorrey | sorry]sorreysorry, [& | and]&and desire to lie low in the dust [& | and]&and do now beg [forgiv­­neſs | forgiveness]forgiv­­neſsforgiveness of gGod, the [Revd | Rev.]Revd Rev. [& | and]&and worthy Doctor Wheelock[pers0036.ocp], his family, [& | and ]& and school[org0098.ocp], and all whom I have hereby offended — and ^[above] I^I do promise that by the grace of god I will never offend [illegible]by the like, or any other, ^[above] [mis- | mis]mis-mis^[mis- | mis]mis-mis[-conduct | conduct]-conductconduct for time to come — And I desire [& | and]&and warn all my mates not to take occasion by this misconduct of mine to commit the like or any other Evil —
Hannah X ^[above] her ^her ^[below] mark^mark Nonsuch[pers0394.ocp]
Lebanon[place0122.ocp]} Present {[D.r | Dr.]D.rDr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp] March 11.th 1760[1768-03-11]} {B. Woodward[pers0610.ocp]
Molley [Secuter | Secutor]SecuterSecutor[pers0468.ocp]'s and Hannah Nonesuch[pers0394.ocp]'s [Confeſsions | Confessions ]Confeſsions Confessions March 11. 1768.[1768-03-11]
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id Text in document Role in header Authorized Name
pers0394.ocp Hannah Nonesuch writer Nonesuch, Hannah
pers0602.ocp Sarah Wiogs) mentioned Wiogs, Sarah
pers0036.ocp Doctor Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0394.ocp Hannah X her mark Nonsuch writer Nonesuch, Hannah
pers0036.ocp D. r Dr. Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0610.ocp B. Woodward mentioned Woodward, Bezaleel
pers0468.ocp Molley Secuter Secutor mentioned Secutor, Mary

Places identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
place0122.ocp Lebanon Lebanon

Organizations identified in this document:

id Text in document Authorized Name
org0098.ocp this school Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp the school Moor’s Indian Charity School
org0098.ocp school Moor’s Indian Charity School

Dates identified in this document:

Standard Form Text
1768-03-08 8..th8th Inst:instant
1768-03-11 March 11.th 1760
1768-03-11 March 11. 1768.

Regularized text:

Type Original Regularized
modernization shame facedneſs shamefacedness
modernization 8..th 8th
modernization ye the
variation frolick frolic
modernization useaſonable unseasonable
variation sensable sensible
variation sorrey sorry
modernization forgiv­­neſs forgiveness
modernization Revd Rev.
variation mis- mis
variation -conduct conduct
modernization D.r Dr.
variation Secuter Secutor
modernization Confeſsions Confessions

Expanded abbreviations:

Abbreviation Expansion
Inst: instant
& and
& and

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