Samson Occom, letter, to Mary Occom, 1767 January 21

Author Occom, Samson[pers0030.ocp]

21 January 1767[1767-01-21]

ms number767121

[note (type: abstract): Occom writes from his tour of Great Britain to discuss family business, including money sent to repay debts, and the enrollment of their son at Wheelock’s school.][note (type: handwriting): Handwriting is largely clear and legible.][note (type: paper): Single sheet folded in half to make four pages is in poor condition, with heavy creasing and wear that results in a minor loss of text. A large portion of the upper right-hand corner of two recto appears to have been cut away.][note (type: ink): Brown ink is somewhat faded.]

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

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My Dear
By the [goodneſs | goodness]goodneſsgoodness of god I am, and have been in good State of Health Since I wrote to you [laſt | last]laſtlast, excepting Some Colds I have had Several times, — I rejoice to hear, our Family was well, [laſt | last]laſtlast No­vember[1766-11], — let us endeavour to put our [truſt | trust]truſttrust in God at all Times, — I am glad to hear our Aaron[pers0026.ocp] is at [Mr | Mr.]MrMr. Wheelock[pers0036.ocp]'s, let him[illegible] Stay there [till | 'til]till'til he knows how to behave better — and do you try to [Inſrtruct | instruct]Inſrtructinstruct your Girls as well as you Can, — I [order'd | ordered]order'dordered some more money to be Sent to you, and I hope you have [re­ceiv'd, | received,]re­ceiv'd,received, [illegible] it or will receive it, pay our Debts as far as you Can — My Dear, get Some Capable Hand to write you Letters of thanks, to the Ladies who wrote you Letters, and sent you [Preſents | presents]Preſentspresents from [Briſtol | Bristol]BriſtolBristol[place0020.ocp]; we have [return'd | returned]return'dreturned to London[place0128.ocp] again a few Days ago, and Shall Stay here [till | 'til]till'til Spring, — my Love to you all, and to all Inquiring Friends —
I am as ever, your tender and  Loving [Huſband | husband]Huſbandhusband, [Samſon | Samson]SamſonSamson Occom[pers0030.ocp]
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
[note (type: editorial): Blank page.]
To [Mrs | Mrs.]MrsMrs. Mary Occom[pers0029.ocp] at Mohegan[place0143.ocp] in [N: | New]N:New London[place0164.ocp] Connecticut[place0048.ocp], [N: | New]N:New England[place0158.ocp]
[left] M[illegible] M[illegible]
M[illegible] M[illegible]
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pers0026.ocp Aaron mentioned Occom, Aaron
pers0036.ocp M r Mr. Wheelock mentioned Wheelock, Eleazar
pers0030.ocp Samſon Samson Occom writer Occom, Samson
pers0029.ocp M rs Mrs. Mary Occom recipient Occom, Mary (née Fowler)

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id Text in document Authorized Name
place0128.ocp London London
place0020.ocp Briſtol Bristol Bristol
place0143.ocp Mohegan Mohegan
place0164.ocp N: New London New London
place0048.ocp Connecticut Connecticut
place0158.ocp N: New England New England

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1767-01-21 JanrJanuary 21: 1767
1766-11 laſtlast No­vember

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modernization goodneſs goodness
modernization laſt last
modernization truſt trust
modernization Mr Mr.
variation till 'til
modernization Inſrtruct instruct
modernization Preſents presents
modernization Briſtol Bristol
modernization Huſband husband
modernization Samſon Samson
modernization Mrs Mrs.

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Abbreviation Expansion
Janr January
order'd ordered
re­ceiv'd, received,
return'd returned
N: New

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