Samson Occom, letter, to Mary Occom

Author Occom, Samson[pers0030.ocp]

between 1765 and 1768[](Error: 'when' attribute not in YYYY, YYYY-MM, or YYYY-MM-DD format)

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[note (type: abstract): Samson Occom writes an emotional letter to his wife acknowledging the burden of caring for their children in his absence. He stresses his feelings for his family and the importance of faith and his ministry. ][note (type: handwriting): Curvy, legible, with few deletions and additions.][note (type: paper): Much damage, with large tears and heavy creasing and staining; however, there is no loss of text. Small remnants of wax seal are apparent, as is the watermark; preservation work visible. ][note (type: ink): Dark brown.][note (type: noteworthy): Letter is undated, yet is likely written during Fundraising Tour, which would put it somewhere between 1765 and 1768.]
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My Dear
I wrote You a Letter a few Days ago, but I Cant be [eaſy | easy]eaſyeasy, [unleſs | unless]unleſsunless I write again, I am [Senſable | sensible]Senſablesensible of the great Burden and Care that is upon you, and I feel Your Burdens Cares and Sorrows,—My poor Family is near and Dear to me, and You are the [neareſt | nearest]neareſtnearest to my Heart,— [tho' | though]tho'though we are at great [Diſtance | distance]Diſtancedistance from each other yet you are [illegible]near and Dear^[above] er^er to me than ever,— But it was the Call of god, and nothing but the call of god in his Divine Providence, [Shou'd | should]Shou'dshould have [Cauſed | caused]Cauſedcaused me to Leave my Dear Family, and it is the call of God, that you Should have the whole Care of a large Family — and let us then put our whole [truſt | trust]truſttrust in god, and [Caſt | cast]Caſtcast all our Burdens, upon him, and Dao our Duty Daily, and hise will [Suſtain | sustain]Suſtainsustain us, — I have thought [Some Times | sometimes]Some Timessometimes lately I Shall never See all my Family again, if I [Shoud | should]Shoudshould ever return home again, (I Can't refrain from Tears [whileſt | whilst]whileſtwhilst I am writing,) But it is no matter how soon any of us Die, if we are but ready to Die, no Matter where or how or when we [lieve | leave]lieveleave this Sinful World, if we do but meet in a better World, let us then endeavour to Cry to God night and Day for [our Selves | ourselves]our Selvesourselves and for our poor Children — Be not [aſham'd | ashamed]aſham'dashamed my Dear nor be afraid to pray with and for our poor Children, — anyd pray ^[above] for^for your [Huſband | husband]Huſbandhusband and I will pray for you, [Inſtruct | instruct]Inſtructinstruct our Children in the fear of god as well as you Can, and Send them to School as much as you [illegible][Poſible | possible]Poſiblepossible if the School Continues, let me hear from you as often as you can,— My Love to you all, Duty to Mother[pers0775.ocp], and love to all my Relations, and [Sutable | suitable]Sutablesuitable [reſpects | respects]reſpectsrespects to [Enquiring | inquiring]Enquiringinquiring Friends
I am as ever your tender and ^[above] Loving^Loving [Huſband | husband]Huſbandhusband Samson Occom[pers0030.ocp]
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To [Mrs | Mrs.]MrsMrs. Mary Occom[pers0029.ocp]
To [Mrs | Mrs.]MrsMrs. Mary Occom[pers0029.ocp] at Mohegan[place0143.ocp] in New London[place0164.ocp] Connecticut[place0048.ocp]
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pers0775.ocp Mother mentioned Fowler, Elizabeth (née Pharaoh)
pers0030.ocp Samson Occom writer Occom, Samson
pers0029.ocp Mary Occom recipient Occom, Mary (née Fowler)

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place0143.ocp Mohegan Mohegan
place0164.ocp New London New London
place0048.ocp Connecticut Connecticut

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modernization Cauſed caused
modernization truſt trust
modernization Caſt cast
modernization Suſtain sustain
variation Some Times sometimes
variation Shoud should
variation whileſt whilst
variation lieve leave
variation our Selves ourselves
modernization Huſband husband
modernization Inſtruct instruct
modernization Poſible possible
variation Sutable suitable
modernization reſpects respects
variation Enquiring inquiring
modernization Mrs Mrs.

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tho' though
Shou'd should
aſham'd ashamed

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