Isaac Dakayenensere and Gwedelhes Agwirondongwas (Good Peter), letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1764 November 12

Author Dakayenensere, Isaac

AuthorAgwirondongwas, Gwedelhes

Date12 November, 1764

ms number764612.3

abstractDakayenensere and Agwirongdongwas write to thank Wheelock for his interest in sending missionaries and assistance with husbandry. Agwirondongwas regrets that he cannot, at present, visit the Charity School.

handwritingAs noted at the bottom of the document, Samuel Kirkland served as scribe. The handwriting is somewhat informal, yet clear and legible.

paperLarge single sheet is in good condition with light staining, and light-to-moderate creasing and wear.Tearing on sides of paper does not result in a loss of text.

signatureUnlike the body of the document, the signatures appear to be in both Dakayenensere's and Akwirondongwas's own hands.

Modernized Version Deletions removed; additions added in; modern spelling and capitalization added; unfamiliar abbreviations expanded.

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Kind Brothers.
We are alive yet, and well, for which we thank God. We return our sincere Thanks for sending such pleasant News to us; which we have for a long Time desired to hear. We wrote last Fall to some of our Brothers, but have had no Return, 'til now. The hearing this joyful News, appears to us, as thus we saw you face to face. We again return our most hearty Thanks. We are Constantly labouring in the Word of God, as you are. We can't but again return you our best Thanks, that you are so mindful of us, as to be still making Provision for the Welfare of our Souls. The Labour of the Gospel is very heavy in this Wilderness, we rejoice to see one. who will join hands with us; it seems to make the burden much lighter, and we go on with greater alacrity.— We are thankful to hear we are not alone in the great work of God, but that there are others, who labour for, and rejoice with us in the Welfare of Souls.— "The following Peter's." I am very glad to hear you are still desirous that we should be acquainted with the whole word of God, and of the Invitation to your School.— I would immediately embrace your kind offer, did not the present Situation of our Affairs forbid my coming. Our Men are all abroad,— Many Things are committed to my Charge.— we suppose our Enemies below, are at this present juncture engaged. we know not what will be the event. perhaps in my Absence our Women may be all killed, and our houses burnt down. But as soon as Peace and quietness are proclaimed in these our Borders, I shall gladly comply with your Desire.— our Boys are all out— we dont yet know who will come.— We wish you all well in the Lord.
We give our Love to you, and all our Brothers. Farewell. isaac dakayenensere gwedethes Akwirondongwas
P.S. Interpreted by John Harper, wrote by your obedient unworthy humble Servant Samuel Kirtland.
To the Rev. Mr. Wheelock etc.
Isaac Takayenersere and Gwedelhes Agwirondongwas two poor Indian Ministers at Onaquaga their Letter November 12th 1764