John Wheelock, discharge, 1790 March 4

Author Wheelock, John

Date4 March, 1790

ms number790204.2

abstractA draft of John Wheelock’s discharge of claims on the funds collected for the Charity School.

handwritingInformal handwriting is occasionally difficult to decipher.

paperOne sheet folded in half to form four pages is in good condition, with light creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthyAs is noted on two verso, the document is a draft. The contents of this document are very similar to those of manuscript 790204.1.

signatureThe document is initialed.

Persistent Identifier
Know all Men by these Presents That I John Wheelock of Hanover in the County of Grafton and State of New Hampshire L.L.D. President of Moor's Indian Charity School in said Hanover (which School was originally founded by my honored father the late Reverend Eleazar Wheelock D.D. at Lebanon in Connecticut) to be Succeſsor to my said honored father in [illegible][guess: the] Presidency of said School, and one of the Exectuors of his last Will and Testament and with the Consent of the other Executors named in the said Will hereto with me Subscribing, for and in consideration of the Sum of Six hundred and fifty eight Pounds Eleven Shillings and Eleven pence [illegible][guess: one] farthing Sterling Money of Great Britain Covenanted by the Society in Scotland for propagating Christian Knowledge to be paid by duly honoring my two Sets of Exchange drawn on them in favor of Thomas Ruſsel Esquire on order dated Boston June 15.[illegible][guess: th] Anno domini one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine one of which sets being for three hundred Pounds Sterling, and the other Set for three hundred and fifty eight Pounds Eleven Shillings and Eleven pence one farthing Sterling
Sterling have given up and relinquished and in compliance with and in terms of the Resolutions of the said Society of date the Seventeenth day of November one thousand seven hundred and eighty [illegible]five and signifed to me by their Secretary in a Letter of date the eighteenth day of that Month and of the Twenty eighth day of August one thousand seven hundred and eighty nine sign[illegible]ified to me by their Clerks in absence of their Secretary in a Letter of date the twelfth day of September thereafter Do by these presents give up Release and Relinquish all Claims and Demands [illegible] whatsover upon the said Society with respect to the School aforesaid from its first Institution to the fifteenth day of June one thousand sevenhundred and eighty nine[illegible] Provided Nevertheleſs that this shall not operate as a Discharge therefrom until payment shall have been made of the two Sets of Exchange abovementioned  In Witneſs whereof I the said John Wheelock as principal and [illegible] Eleazar Wheelock and James Wheelock the other Exectuors in testimony of our Covenent have
have hereunto set [illegible]my ^our^ hands and Seal[illegible] this day of — J.w
Draught of Discharge