John Wheelock’s discharge, 1790 March 4

AuthorWheelock, John

AuthorHancock, John

Date4 March, 1790

ms number790204.1

abstractJohn Wheelock relinquishes claims on the funds collected by Whitaker and Occom and deposited with the Society in Scotland for Propagating Christian Knowledge. The discharge is certified by John Hancock.

handwritingDocument appears to be written in three different hands; it is clear, legible, with very few additions and deletions. Letter case is occasionally difficult to decipher, especially with regard to the letter S.

paperGood condition, with minor creasing, staining and wear.


noteworthySignature reading “John Hancock” does not appear to be original — note the identical “H” in both “Holten” and “Hancock.” The L.S. above the signature means “locus sigilli” or “place of the seal” likely indicating where Hancock’s seal would be if the document were original. See also 790204.2, which is a copy or draft of this document, which itself is also likely a copy.

signatureThere are several signatures.

EventsFundraising Tour of Great Britain

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Know all men by these presents;
That I John Wheelock of Hanover in the County of Grafton and state of New Hampshire L.L.D. president of Moor's Indian Charity School in said Ha­nover (which School was originally founded by my hon'd Father, the late reverend Eleazer Wheelock D.D. at Lebanon in Connecticut) sole succeſsor to my said hon,d Father in the presidency of the said School, and one of the Executors of his last Will and Testa­ment, for and in conſideration of the Sum of Six hundred and fifty eight pounds, eleven ſhillings, and eleven pence 1/4 Sterling money of great Britain, covenanted by the Society in Scotland for the propaga­­ting Christian knowledge, to be paid by duely ho­nouring my two Sets of Exchange drawn on them in favour of Thomas Ruſsell Esq: or order, dated Boston June 15th Anno Domini one thouſand seven hundred and eighty nine, one of which Sets being for three hun­­dred pounds Sterling and the other Set three hundred and fifty Eight Ppounds, eleven ſhillings, and eleven pence 1/4 Stirling, have given up and relinquished, and do by these preſents give up releaſe and relinquish all claim or demand (other than said Sum of Six hun­­dred and fifty eight pounds, eleven ſhillings, and eleven pence 1/4 Sterling, together with other payments hereto­fore
­fore made) which I have, or may, or ought to have on the funds collected by Doct.r Whitaker and Mr Occom, and deposited by them in the hands of said Society in Scotland for the use and be­nefit of Said Moors' Indian Charity School, for, and on account of any Expenditures, which have been incurred by said Doctr Eleazer Wheelock and my­self, or either of us in proſecution of the important object of propagating Christianity and Civilization among the Indian natives of America, prior to the fifteenth day of June last past. — — — —
Provided, nevertheleſs, that this shall not operate as a discharge therefrom until payment shall have been made of the two Sets of Exchange above ­mentioned — And, alſo, that this discharge shall not be construed to intend or imply arelinquishment of right or claim to said fund for defraying future expences of said School, which may arise in prose­cution of the objects, for which the monies, of which said fund is constituted, were collected. — — —
In witneſs whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this fourth day of March in the Year of our Lord, one thousand ſeven hundred and ninety — — — John Wheelock in preſence of David Morey Edward McLane .
Common wealth of Maſsachuſetts March 6..sth 1790 Then the revd John Wheelock made ſolemnoath to the truth of the foregoing, by him ſubscribed before S. Holten Jus. Peace. through the
Commonwealth of Maſsachuſetts [illegible] Commonwealth of Maſsachuſetts
By His Excellency John Hancock Esq:r Governor of the Commonwealth of Maſsachuſetts
I do certify ^that^ the Hon,ble Samu­­el Holten Esq: is a Justice of the peace throughout this Common­wealth duely conſtituted and Sworn: and that to his Acts and attestations, as on this paper, full faith and credit is and ought to be given both in and out of court. ^[left]L.S.^ ^[left]John Hancock^
In testimony whereof I have cauſed the public ſeal of the Commonwealth aforeſaid to be hereto affixed this Sixth day of March A.D. 1790: and in the fourteenth year of the indepen[illegible]dence of the united ſtates of America
 By His Excellency's command John Avery Junr Secretary. a true copy atteſt. Peter Thacher aſsist. Secy to the board of commiſsioners in Boſton
Dr Wheelock's diſcharge 1790