Samson Occom, journal, 1785 December 15 to 1786 January 22

Author Occom, Samson

Date15 December, 1785

ms number785665

abstractOccom details his travels throughout Connecticut, New York, Vermont, and Massachusetts as he preaches among Native, Dutch, and African-American communities.

handwritingHandwriting is largely clear and legible. The journal is minimally overwritten by an editor, likely 19th-century; these edits have not been transcribed. There are some uncrossed t's and crossed uprights that the transcriber has corrected.

paperSeveral small sheets folded together and sewn into a booklet are in good condition, with light-to-moderate staining and wear. There is some repair work done on particularly worn edges.

inkDark brown.

noteworthyThis journal picks up where manuscript 785655 leaves off. On four recto, it is uncertain to which lake Occom refers; however, it is possbily Saratoga Lake. On four verso, the identity of the "Honorable Congress" is uncertain, although it is possibly the New York State legislature. On 11 recto, the identity of the Captain's son is uncertain, and so he has been left untagged. On 14 recto, Occom uses the modern spelling of the word “boss,” which may predate OED's earliest citation by 25 years. On 24 verso, the name “John Shuneman” is written in a hand other than Occom's. When the spelling of a name or place name is illegible, the entity has been left untagged.

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I went home with Mr Seeley and in the evening a n[illegible]um ber of People Came in to Exerciſe with my notes and it was very agreable Meeting, Lodged here, —

Thirdsday Decr 15:

about 10: O: c Sot of for a nother meet ing a bout 2 miles to Mr Coles and there was a Small number of People and I Spoke to them from [gap: omitted] — juſt before meeting I was Calld by a man from 5000 Aires to mary a Cupple this even ing, — and So as Soon as the meeting was over
[gap: worn_edge][guess: I] Sot of, and [illegible] got there after Sun Sit and I Sot a lettle while at Mr Northrops and then went to the Houſe of wedding, and married a Cupple and Soon after marriage I ^went^ with home with Mr Benjamin and his wife and there I Lodged —

Fryday Decr 16.

Soon after Breakfaſt, I went of to P[illegible][guess: ee]ſsley got there. about 12: and in a bout an Hour we began the meeting, and there was a Conſiderable number of People Chiefly Scotch People and I Spoke from Isaiah ^16^ 5.5 and the People were great[gap: worn_edge][guess: ly] bowd before the word, an[gap: tear][guess: d] the Lord, I believe gave me Some Senſe of his word,
as Soon as the meeting was over I went of to ball Town got to Mr L[illegible][guess: ac]ys a bout Sun down, and it was Rainy, yet a Number of People Came to gether, and we had agreable Exerciſe with my Notes, Sot up late, and Lodge at the Same Houſe, and was kindly en tertain'd. —

Saturday Decr 17:

in the morning went to Mr Jeremiah Sealeys and took breakfaſt with them, and Soon after eating I went of, Calld a while at Mr Benjamins, and from there went to Mr Cundys a Ducthman, and was extream ly well received, Stayd the reſt of the Day and the night enſuing, — and we had very agreable Exerceſe with
my Notes — —

Sabb Decr 18

Soon after Breakfaſt Mr Cundy and I went to Gallaway to meet ing with the Scotch People we got there a bout 12: and there was a great Number of People, Chiefly Scotch People, and I began the meeting Soon after I got there, — I Spoke from Eph ^V: 14^ and I much freedom; and there was very deep and Solemn atten tion, many were greatly affected, after Service, I took Dinner with the Family where the meeting, the mans Name was Mr Mc kinſley Soon after Dinner, I returnd to 5000 A[illegible][guess: cr]es, I went alone, I got to Mr Moorhouſe's before Sun Sit, and Stopt there for the nig^h^t and was affectionately receivd — in the Evening a number of
Young People and Some others Came together, to have Exerciſes with my Notes, and it was a it was a Comfortable meet ing, the Company broke up about 10, and after that we Sot up Some Time, and we went to Bed quietly — —

Monday Decr 19:

got very Early, and got my Mare Shod and after Breakfaſt, I took good leave of the Family, and Sot of to take leave of my other Friends as Soon as Coud, for a y[illegible]oung Came for me this morning, to go to north part of Balls Town 8. or 9. miles from this Place, got a way from my Friends about 12 and So went on as faſt as I Coud, Calld at Mr Seeley's and took Dinner there, and
So went directly on again got to the Place a 2, and Mar ried a Cupple of Engliſh, thei^r^ Names were, Sanford White & Hannah Hide — I the evening I went to another Houſe one Mr Smith's and there we had a mee^t^ ing, and there was a goodly Number of People, and it was a refreſhing meeting, many I believe felt the Power of the Word, I Spoke from Luke XVIII ^41^ after I had diſmiſt them, a num ber Stay'd, and deſird to have Exerciſe with my Notes, and there was great Solemnity a mongſt them, many were Deeply affected, there was a flow Tears, from many Eyes it was late before we break up, and I went to bed once more in Peace, thanks be to God —

Tueſday Decr 20:

got up very Early and had my Horſe got for me, and went one Mr Uni[illegible]ſtead's a few Rods and there took Breakfaſt, after Break faſt took my notes, handed out to 3: or 4: Children, and then I Sot [illegible]of for Eaſtward, got to Mr Weeds about 12: took din ner with them, and Soon after Dinner went on again one Mr Naſh Conducted me over the North End of the Lake — and Mr Naſh deſired me to go home with him and to have a meeting in the eveng at his Houſe or Some other and I Conſented and we had a meeting, and there was great Number of People & I Spoke from, Hebak 1.1^3^ To what purpoſs &c — Lodgd at Mr Naſhs

Wedneſday Decr 21.

was up early, and got ready to go a way, And Mr Naſh had a notion of Exchanging mares with me, and I Conſiderd of it a little while, and Conclud ed to Swap with him, and he took off my Saddle put it the other, I gave him 2 Dollars and an half, and I So I we^nt^ on to Mr Beldens and took Brea^[illegible][guess: k]^ and Soon after Breakefaſt I went on again; I Juſt now heard Brother David, had good Luck in Selling his Roots, & had Success with the Hono^ble Congreeſs, in his memorial for help; — I got to Capt Bel[illegible] den's a little while before [illegible]Night, found them all well
and was kindly receivd by them, — took Dinner at Mr Gregorys, — In the Evening I went to Mr gregorys to meeting and there was a large num ber of People, tho it was exceed ing bad Traviling both on horſe back and foot. I Spoke from Isaiah 1: to what purpoſ and I think I had Some Senſ^e^ of Divine things the Powd by the Word, — Lodgd at mr gre gorys

Thirdsday Decr 22:

after Breakfaſt Some Time I went to Capt Bel Dunnigs Stay till after Dinner, and then took leave of the Family, and Sot of for New Town, Capt Dunning went with me a bout 2: and half miles, and
and then a kind Ducth man [illegible]Conducted me, till he got me to a plain way, and I got to Mr Taillar, and was enquiring where the People meet together to worſhip and he Said they had no meeting and he found me out at laſt that I was a Preacher, and deſired meto light, and I did, he was very kind to me and to my mare, and Lodgd there, — Reſted very Comfort ably —

Fryday Decr 23:

got me up [illegible] Some Time before Day and made me up a fire, & Sot down by it, — and here I Stayd till Some Time in the after noon, and then I wen^t^ to StillWaters, got to Mr
Bakers before Sun Set, and in the Evening a number of People Came in and Mr Marſh a Pre cher amongſt this People Came in alſo, and we had Converſa tion Some was not So agreable before we broke up we had Some Exerciſe with my notes [illegible]and it was late before, we had done, Lodgd here, —

Saturday Decr 24:

Towards noon I went to See Mr Camp[illegible][guess: el] and took dinner with them, Soon after Dinner, I went of to go back to New Town, Calld at Mr Andruſss, but he was not at Home, and I went on, Stopt at [illegible]old Mr Mille^rs^ and there I Taried all night and was kindly entertaind went to bed pretty ear[illegible]ly —

Sabb Decr 25:

got up Some Time before Break of Day and the Family got up too and they got Breakfaſt Soon and a little after Sun riſe we were getting ready to go to meeting, — and Mr Tayler and I went of Soon, and to his Suns good while before meeting, about 11: the People began to flock in faſt, a^n^d about 12 we began the Ex erciſe, and there was a pro digious Number of People Collected together, and I Spoke from Lucke 11.10: and there was very great attention — and in the Evening we had a nother meeting, and there was a large number of People, tho'
it was a Dreadful Storm of Snow, and wind belew wvery high, and the Snow flew and it was Cold, — I Spoke from the words — but one thing &c Luke and there was very good atten tion again, — went to Bed Soon this evening and had a Comfortable reſt, —

Monday Decr 26:

SDid not get up Soon — [illegible]Some Time after Breakfaſt, I Sot of for Still water, and it was very CCold, got there before noon Call at Mr Andruſss and Sot a little while, and went of and Calld at Mr Bakers, and they all inſiſted I Shoud and preach, and finally I Con cented, Dind with Mrs Norton and her Daughter Loiſs
Directly after Dinner went to Mr Campels and Preachd there to a Small Number of People — Spoke from XV I kings and 14, and there was good attendence, Soon after meet ing, I went of in order to go over the River, two men wen^t^ with me, but I Coud not get over, there was too much Ice and So I turnd my Courſe [illegible][guess: &] went up to Mr Powerss a bap tiſt miniſter, got there a little after Sun Sit, and put up there, he and his wife recei^vd^ me very kindly —

Tueſday Decr 27

Wat at Mr Powerss all Day, and it was extream Cold; in the evening, went to meeting a mongſt Mr Powerss People & there was quite great many
People for the Cold Seaſon I Spoke from Psalm 125.1 and the People Seem to be in deferent in their attention, their Bodies were Cold and I believe Hearts too, — after meeting wen^t^ back with Elder Powers and Lodged there again, —

Wedneſday Decr 28:

Some Time after Breakfaſt, I went to Mr Kalleys meating Houſe to preach, got there about 12 Mr Powers went with me went into an Houſe Juſt by the meeting, was there a few minutes and Mr Kalley Came in with his Wife, and it was So Cold they Concluded to meet in a Dwelling Houſe, and we went directy, and there was not great many People I Spoke from I Croni. 29: and there was good attention
Some were affected, Soon after meeting I went to about 2 M[illegible] further to preach amongſt Mr Powerss People; one Mrs Ireiſh Caried me in her Slay, got to the Houſe Juſt before Sun Sit a bout Candle[illegible: [guess: l]] Lighting went to meeting in a School Houſe Juſt by, and there was a Croud of People, and I Spoke from Luke Lord teach us to pray Lodgd this night at Mr Ireſhs and Sot up late, Mrs Ireiſh & I had very agreable Converſation after the reſt went to bed, after a while I went to bed Quietly, and had a Comfortable reſt —

Thirdsday Decr 29

got up very early, and went of, Stopt a [illegible]few minutes at Mr Chatcham's and So paſt on, and Stopt at Mr Kal leys and took Breakfaſt [illegible]there and Soon after Mr Chatcham
Came along, and I got up on Horſe, and went along with him and we Stopt at Mr Powerss and got my things, and took my good leave of him and his wife and went on again, and Mr Chatcham and parted n[illegible]ear the River, I went up the river a little ways and Croſst the River and went on, and Came to an Houſe of one Capt Wright, and he deſired to go into his Houſe & I did, and took Dinner with him and he deſired me to have meet ing at his Houſe, the Sabbath following, and I Concented, — and So I past on Seeking after my Daughter, went to old Mr Begles and there they told me they were gone towards the River, and So I turnd right about, and went on and I Calld at Haukins and there I was told, they livd about a mile & a Quarter,
got there about Sun Sit, and found them all well; thanks be to Heaven for his goodneſs to me and to my Daughter, Lodgd here, once more —

Fryday Decr 30:

it was a Snowy Day and very Cold Stayd till about 11: and then I went of to go to meeting, but I Coud not get a Hor^s^e to ride to Mr Haukinss for my mare was there, and I So I got a young man to go for my Hor^ſe^ and he Came back Soon, and So I went of, and Calld on Mr Haukins, and it Snowd very hard, and they Sayd it was moſt Night, and they perſw^aded^ me to Stopt and not to go on and I Complyd, and Stay there all Night and they treated me with all kindneſs the woman I had knowledge of
when She was a little girl, they have Six Children four Boys and two girls, and they agreable, Spent the evening with them very agreable had Some Exerciſes with my Notes after a while went to bed —

Saturday Decr 31:

Some Time after Breakfaſt, I took leave of the Family, and went on to the River got over on the I[illegible]ce a bout 11, Call on Mr williams, and took Dinner there, after Dinner took leave of them, and went [illegible] down the River, Calld on Mr Mcearlys a few minutes & So paſt on, and Calld on Mr Bacon and there I Stop for the Night and was kindly entertaind —

Sabb Janr 1. 1786,

got me up Some what Early, and took Breakfaſt, and Soon after after Eating, had my Mare got up, and I took leave of the Family, and went over the River to Capt Write's, and about 11 the People Came faſt and at 12 we began the meet ing, and there was Conſiderable Number of People, and I Spoke from Gene [gap: omitted] How old &c after meeting was at Capt Writes and intended to Stay all Night but preſently after Sun Sit a Cupple of Young Came to Capt Writes, and Deſired me to go with them, and I went, and Exerciſes with my Notes with the Family and Sot up late but at laſt I went to bed, —

Monday, Janr 2:

got up ear^ly^ and went back to Capt Writes
Mr L[illegible][guess: w]is Williams Carried me part of the way to the Capts and I got there a bout 8. and was geting to go on my way towards Pitts Town, — and I was Saying if any one to help towards up per part of Saratoga, I woud go and Capt Wright Said he woud Continue to Carry me, and So I Con cluded to go, and about 10.o.C. [illegible]one of Capts's Sons got up a Slay, and we Sot of, and we got to good old Deacon Hewits a bout 1: and there I Stopt, and they Concluded to have a meet ing in the Evening, and Mr Write went back — Deacon Hewet was not at Home, but his Son was at Home with whom he lives — in the evening a number of People got together, and I Spoke to them from Jerem III.39.40 and the People were exceedingly atten
tive and Solemn — went to bed [illegible] Soon, and had a quiet Sleep once more the Lord be Praiſed — Lord enable me to live this year as if I knew it was the laſt, that I may live to thee in all things that I may Conſecret my all unto Thee —

Tueſday Janr 3:

got up very early, and took Breakfaſt with Mr Richard Hewet and a bout 10 Mr Hewet took me in his Slay, and we wint on towards the North River, got to the River about half after 11 and we were afraid to go over the Slay on the Ice, and I went over a foot, went to one Mr Riders and tryed to hire Horſe, but I Coud not get any, and So Mr Hewet went back over the River, to fetch his Horſes, and he Soon got
back, and I got on upon one of them and we went onto Boughten [illegible]Kill, and we Stopt at a Houſe, to enqur^e^ of the way, and there we met with one Mr Lake, he had a Slay goining directly to the place where I was going and he was So kind as to take me in his Slay, and Mr Hewet went back, and I went on, and we got to Mr Tanner's paſt middle of the after noon, but there was no Body at Home, and we went to old Mr Foſters, and there I Stayd, there I took Dinner, Mrs Tanner was there, Mr Foſter and his wife are old People, about Sun Sit I went back to Mr Tanners, and meeting was
appointed here, and the People began to Come in Soon, and Mr Tanner got home after Sun Set, and we Soon began the Exerciſe, there was but few People, and I Spoke to them from John 9: [gap: omitted] Soon after meeting I went to bed —

Wedneſday Janr 4:

got up early, and was at the Houſe till near 9, then Mr Tanner's Son Thomas Carried me in a Slay to meeting, at the Hou^ſe^ of Mr Forſter Mrs Tanner and old Mrs Foſter were in the Slay alſo, b got to the Houſe a bout 10 and there was a great gathering of People I began ab 1 in the after noon, and there was a Solemn attention, many were greatly affected, — Soon after
I went with Mr Roſe and his Wife in his Slay, and took Some Victuals with them and Soon after eating we went to meeting again, we met at Mr Kinnion's, and there was a goodly number of People, and I believe the Lord was preſent with us and I believe the Night will not be forgot Soon, after mg I went back with Mr Roſe in his Slay, this Mr Roſe Came from Block-Island, I was well aqainted with his Brother William, — I lodged here —

Thirdsday Janr 5:

got up very early, and they got Breakfaſt directly, and a bout 9 Mr Kinnion Came to Mr Roſes to go with us & we Sot of Soon, in a Slay
and went back to Saratoga got to generals Seat about 11: and we paſt on to Fiſh Creek got to Mr Hewets a bout 12: & we Stayd a little while, and we returnd back to General Schilers Seat, got there about 2: S the men that brought Stayd a while, and then wen^t^ of and I Stayd at Mr Tom^ſons^ in one of generals Schiliers Houſes, and had a meeting there in the evening, but there was a Small Compa ny, and they attended well [illegible]they were Chiefly Dutch People, and they attended well, — after meeting Some Time I had Exerciſes with my Notes, in the Family, and it was a Solemn
Time, the poor Negroes were Surprizd with the Texts they Choſe, Some Time in the Evening I went to bed quietly and had a Comfortable reſt —

Fryday Janr 6

we got up very early, got Break Soon, and a little after Sun riſe, a Slay and Horſes were ready to Carry me down towar^ds^ the Still Water, and, the generls Boſs orderd one of the genls Negroes to Carry me, Boſs in Engliſh is Overſeers, we had a fine Span of [illegible]Horſes we got to Mr Williams, in about an Hour, 6 miles & half, the Negroe return right back, and I Stayd a little while, and I took my Skonk mare, and Sot
of after takeng good leave leave of Mr Williams and his Family, and went on towards Pitts Town, Stopt a whele at Capt Wrights and Mrs Wright, woud get me Dinner, and as Soon as I had done eating, I went on again, traveld thro Woods the bigeſt part of the way[illegible], towards Night, I miſt my way, and was obliged to go back, about half a mile and Call at an Houſe, the man was a Black Smith his Name is [gap: omitted] and they were quite will ing to let me Stay, and the man and I lodgd toge ther, and I had quite a Comfortable Nights Reſt
Saturday Morning got up very early, and my mare was got up and I went on before Sun riſe, and I got to one Colol Tomſon's about 8:, and he knew me, and re ceived kindly, and took B there, and was there Some Time after eating, I took my old mare, and went to Mr John Lambs. and was kindly received, and there I Stayd and Lodged there and found the Cupple very agreable, both of them are Chriſtians, I belive in Truth they are youngerly Cupple they are of the Baptiſts

Sabb Janr 8

Some Time a bout 10 we went to meet ing at the Houſe of one Mr [gap: omitted]
a bout 11: we went to meetg and the People began to gather thick, a bout 12 we be gan the Divine exec^i^ſe and there was a great Num^r^ of People, one half Could no^t^ Come into the Houſe, and I was obligd to Stand at the Door, and it was Cold, and I Spoke from Eph. V 14: and the People attended with great attention, and many were deeply affected and there were flow of [illegible] Tears and I believe they will not forget the Day very Soon, — Soon after meeting I went home with Colo Tomſon in his Slay. Mr Holſted and his wife went with us he is an old Bap^ts^
elder, took Dinner with them, in the evening we had a Meeting again and there was a great Number of People again, many[illegible] [illegible][illegible: [guess: full]] of People were obligd to go back becauſe there no Room for them in the Houſe, and it was Cold, & there was great attention a gain, [illegible]Lo[illegible]dged at the Colo and was extreamly kindly entertaind, the Colo and his Lady are very a greable Cupple —

Monday Janr 9:

after Break I Sot of and went to See a Young man that was Sick and found him quite poorly and was under deep Concern for his poor Soul, gave him Some Concel and prayd with him, and then went
towards the Eaſt, Betsy Hink^ly^ a Young Woman went with me, and we got to Mr Bigalos about 12. where the meeting was to be — People began to Collect Soon, and there was not a great many People, and I Spoke to them from Luke VII 23: and the People were very much affected many of the^m^ Juſt before the Exerciſe was over a Cupple of Young men Came on purpoſe to invit to go with them, to the diſtance of 7: miles, and I was at a Stand Some Time what to Say to them, finally Concluded to go with them, & took Dinner and Soon after went of with them in their Slay and one of them Rode
my Mare, and it was about Sun Sit when we Sot of and was extreemly bay way and it Cold, we got to the Place Calld Hooſuck, put up in the Houſe of one Mr Porter, and there Lodged and was well receivd —

Tueſday Janr 10:

a bout 12 the People Collected fast, and 1: we began the worſhip & there was a great number of People, and I Spoke to them from Matt IV: 10 and I believe many felt the Power of the word Soon after meeting, I went of with Mr Reed, and his wife, his wife ^ ^in their Slay^ was from New London North pariſh where I was brought up took Dinner ^ ^with^ them and directly
after Dinner we went to meet ing again, about 2. miles off, and there was a great number of People again at was at the Houſe one Mr Prue, and I Preach to them from Matt XI: 28, and there was an affectionate attention there was a Shower Tears, the meeting was apointed here on account of the woman that was goining to meeting Yeſterday to hear me, and She was Taken with a Fit of Apoplexy a bout half a mile from her Houſe, and was taken up Speechleſs, but She is now better, Can Speak but not very plain and [illegible] She is Numb one Side but She Can walk Some — Soon after meeting I went
with Mr Reed in their Slay and Lodgd at their Houſe, and was affectionate^ly^ entertaind —

Wedneſday Janr 11

got up early and took Breakfaſt and a while after my mare was brought, and I took leave of the Family and Sot of and had not gone more than 60 rods before I met a Slay from St Co[illegible] to fetch me, and I got of my mare and in the Slay and went on faſt, it was about 8 m we had to go, and got to the Place about 12 I put up Mr Lathems, and about 1 in the after noon we went to meeting, — and there was a Prodigious number of
People, and I Spoke from Isaaih [illegible][guess: IX] 6: and there was very great and Solemn at tention, many were much affected, — after meeting went back to Mr Lathems in the Evening went to m– again and there was a Number of People, and I Spoke to them from Prov ^5^ 10 and there was great atten^n^ again, after meeting I we^n^t with Mr [gap: omitted] Stopt at Docr to See his Wife, She was Sick and they deſired me to Stay and Concluded to Stay, Sot up very late, and went to Bed about 11: had un- comfortable Night it was very Cold lay Cold,

^Thidsday^ ^[below]Janr 12^

got up Some Time before
Day and Sot up by the fire, and the Docrs wife got up and Sot up ad and Deſired me to Sit by her and I did, and She gave me a [illegible]Relation of her Experien ces, and they were Some what weak but a peared luke the goſpel, and I think had good affect upon her, Soon after Day, I went a way Stopt at the Houſe where we meets, and Soon after I got in a man Came in, and deſir^d^ me to go[illegible] back a little way to See a woman, that was pu^t^ to bed laſt Night, in Child Birth, and I went, they were Dutch Folks, I prayd with them, and then went back to mr Lathems, and there a litle, and then
I expected a Company, but they did not Come, So I Sot of for Little White Creek, got to the Place about 12: went into an old Dutch man's Houſe and he appeard very friendly and took Care of my Mare and the People began to ga ther preſently, and about 1 I went to ^the^ meeting Houſe, it is a Log meeting Houſe, wher^e^ one Elder Wait Preaches, and [illegible]there was a Multitude of People, I began the meet ing Soon after I got in, the People Coud not all get in I Spoke from Rom VIII 13: and I believe the People felt the Power of the word of god, for there was a flood of Tears — Soon after meeting, I got up on my Mare and wen^t^ on to [illegible]wards Mr Cro[illegible]ſss, Mr
Downer a Baptiſt Preacher went with me, and we Stopt at Mr Dakes, Mr Edward Dakes Brother formerly a Schoolmaſter at Charles Town among the Indians here we took Dinner, Soon af ter Eating we went on again g^o^t to Mr Croſss about Sun Sit and the People began to gathe directly, and we began the meeting, and there was a vaſt number of People &, I Spoke to them from James ^IV: 17^ and the People we greatly bowd with the word, — Lodgd here, Mr Croſs is believe a Sincere Chriſtian, he gave me an account of his Experi ences and Exerciſes, Some in the Evening I went to bed once more quietly, and had Comfortable Reſt, —

Fryday Janr 13:

Roſe early and, and we had Prayers and after that Breakfaſt Came on, and Soon after Eating I Sot of for Sharfburg Mr [gap: omitted] and his wife went with me, we Stopt at Esqr [gap: omitted] from thence we went to See Mrs Burnhan She was lately taken with a fit, and She is very Sick I prayd with her, and then went on to the meeting H got there about 12 Stopt a while at a Tarvern, abou^t^ 1 we went to the Houſe of god and it was Extreem Cold, ther^e^ was not a great many People and I Spoke from Psal. 32:1 after Service went to the Same Houſe where I Stopt took dinr and directly after Dinner I went on towards Benington
Mr Amos Burroughs went with me a little ways and we parted, I got to Mr Swifts a little after Sun Sit, and was very kindly Receivd & [illegible]he inſiſted upon it that Shoud keep Sabbath with him, and Concluded to Stay, Loded here, —

Sa[illegible]tud Janr 14:

was at Mthe Place all Day, towards Night went to the Printers and Coming back I Calld on Mrs Robbinſon an old Mother in Iſreal, and had a greable Converſation, a bout Sun down went back to Mr Swifts and Lodged there again —

Sabb Janr 15:

about half after 10 went into the Houſe
and there was a great Multitude of People, it is a large Houſe and it was well filled, — I Spoke from Luke XII: 21: and there was a Serious attention — in the after noon Spoke from 1 Corin XVI:22: and I believe the Power of god accompanied the word there was a great Shower of Tears, and I think they will not Soon for get the Day, — after Service went to Mr Swifts, took Dinr and Directly after eating went on to Pownal, Mr Potter took me in his Slay, this Potter went from Rhoad Isla^nd^ Stayte Some Years back and I have been in his Houſe before when he
livd weſt of Seabrook got to his Houſe about Sun Sit, and was kindly entertad Slept Quietly. —

Monday Janr 16:

got up very Early, and about 12 the People began to Collect & there was a large Congrega tion, and I Spoke to them from Roam VIII [gap: omitted] and there was a good attention of People and they attend well, but I had not much freedom — as Soon as the meeting was over, I went in a Slay to Esqr Jewets, and preachd there in the evening, and there was a great Num ber of People, and I Spoke to them from 1 Jon V:10 and I had but a little Senſe of the word, yet there was good
attention, — Lodged there, —

Tueſday Janr 17:

went on my way Soon after Breakfaſt went thro' Williams Town & Lainſbourgh, got to Pitts Field in the Evening, and Lodged at Mr Ingaſals a Pub [illegible] Houſe, and found him & his wife very agreable —

Wedneſday Janr 18:

Sot of after Breakfaſt, and it was Extream Cold, Stopt a little at Brother David Fowlers in Richmond, they were all well in the after Noon Some Time I paſt on, got to Mr Sajants after Sun Sit and Lodged there, —

Thirdsday Janr 19,

it was Some what pleaſant Day
went about 10: Call on Capt Yoke, and they were well, but moſt of the Indians were much Scaterd, Sot but a little while and So paſt on, — got to Mr Heccocks in Sheffield a Tarvern, and Lodged there —

Fryday Janr 20:

I Conclud ed to go with a Cupple of men to Hills Deals in Noble Town and they had to go a mile a two to Iron Works, and they were gone all Day, about KCan- dle Lighting, they returned bac^k^ to Mr Hecocks and I went there in their [illegible]Slay and left my mare at Mr Hecocks, and it was about 18 miles we had to go, and Stopt [illegible]Ti[illegible: [guess: ice]] and we got to the Place at
Mr Jordan's and it was a bout midnight, and I was much Fateagued, and went to Sleep Soon, and had a Com fortable reſt —

Saturday Janr 21:

was at Mr Jurdans all Day, Some Time after Sun Sit Mr Jorda^n^ Carried me in a Slay to Mr Latins about a mile, and there I Lodged, and was kind ly entertaind, he is a Rich man, and it was a plea‐ſent evening, and it thawd all Night, —

Sabb. Janr 22:

about 9 the People Came prety thick and there was a great num ber of people Collected toge- there and I Spoke from
Rom IV 17: and the Peple attended Solemnly, Soon after meeting Mr Philip Lott took me in his Slay and Carried to a Dutch meeting Houſe about 5 miles of we got there, about Sun Sit, and preſent after we went in to the[illegible] Houſe of god, and there was a large number of People, and Spoke from Acts 9 [gap: omitted] Soon after m Mr Lott took me again in his Slay and went home with him, and it was very bad Slaying by this Time, and there I Lodgd and was Extreamly wel receivd, and reſted quiet ly once more