Abraham Simon, letter, to Eleazar Wheelock, 1774 October 17

Author Simon, Abraham

Date17 October, 1774

ms number774567.2

abstractSimon writes to say that he must keep school to earn money. He promises to repay a past debt to Wheelock as soon as possible and asks for a recommendation, and for help in obtaining money from the sale of his house, which has been purchased by Jacob Fowler. He requests that Wheelock not inform anyone of his whereabouts.

handwritingHandwriting is clear and legible.

paperLarge sheet folded in half to make four pages is in good-to-fair condition, with moderate-to-heavy creasing, staining and wear that leads to a minor loss of text. Repair work holds two halves of the document together.


noteworthyA note, likely 19th-century, added after the trailer reads: "Indian, probably brother of Dan.l." A modern label reading "Part of the Frederick Chase Collection given by his heirs" has been affixed to the top right corner of one recto.

layoutThe first page of the letter is on one recto, but the second page is on two recto, not one verso.

Persistent Identifier
Rev’d and Honour Sir.
I ^would^ Inform you a Little about my affairs and where I am at preſent I purpoſe to begain a [illegible][guess: t][guess: C] School here tomorrow and take it for Six Months for I have been very Badly Diſſipinted about Money ever since I have been Down so that I th[illegible]ink it beſt to keep School till Spring
About that account that is between the College and me as Quick as I can poſsiblely set settle it ^I^ will and I hope the Dr will not go to be[illegible]ding of me for I always mean to Settle wi[gap: tear][guess: th] every one as Quick as lay in my Power and I have some hopes of being after a while if I have my Health and proſſper I am very Sorrey Sorry that I did not take Better Care in time But I think now it will do me good for Time to come so that I shall underſtand who to Deal with and Who to not
Blank page.
I should be glad if the Dr would send me a Recommendation for I do know that I have Done anything that I had[illegible] have no write to one though I muſt confeſs that my conduct has not been very good in a great many reſpects but I can bu[gap: hole][guess: t] hope that Dr will Look over many of my Faults and help me all that He can Jacob Fowler has bought my Houſe and has given me a Note is to send me an oder Down upon Capt Backuſe and I bgeg that Dr will give Him an oder becauſe d[illegible] I am abſolutely in need of one —
For I cannot get Money to purchaſe Clothing till Sprng Spring not till such Times I can get some for keeping School —
I would have the Dr keep Counſel and not tell any Body where I am or like to be so I
am your unworthy Servent Abraham Simon
fr. M.r Ab.m Symons Octr 17. 1774