Eleazar Wheelock, letter, to Samson Occom, 1774 February 6

Author Wheelock, Eleazar

Date6 February, 1774

ms number774156.2

abstractWheelock writes to express his thankfulness for Occom's letter, and encourages visits from Occom, Joseph Johnson, and Jacob Fowler.

handwritingHandwriting is small and crowded, yet mostly clear and legible. Letter case, particularly with regard to the letter Y, is occasionally difficult to decipher; the transcriber has erred on the side of lower case.

paperSingle sheet is in fair condition, with moderate creasing, staining and wear that leads to a minor loss of text.


noteworthyFor a draft of this document, see manuscript 774156.1.

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My dear M.r Occom.
I lately received a refreſhing Letter from you which containd Some Articles of Intelligence which illegiblewere truly reviving and Animating to me, after Such a long Scene of Sorrows, Trials, Diſappointments, Labors, & Fatigues in my Indian Affairs.
The Proſpect you give me of a Foundation being laid for much good to the Savages of the wilderneſs is the very one I have been long waiting and hopeing for.
And is Joseph Johnſon really become a Zealous Servant & Preacher of chriſt Jesus? The Lord mercifully endow him, & your Brother Jacob, & David too with double Portions of the Spirit of Elias. and make them Strong & Steadfaſt in the Redeemers Cauſe—I long much to See them— I have been waiting and expecting your coming 'till My Eyes fail— I cant but think it might Serve Some very good Purpoſes if you Should take a Journey hither and get Some Idea of my Plan & Proſpects — you May preach your way quite here only Send word by Some body beforehand of your Design and I beleive be kindly received all along, and have opportunity to do much good — And I can aſsure you you will be very kindly received here by the Engliſh, & make no doubt by the Indians too
But if you ſhould not think it to be expedient [gap: tear] come yourſelf, I wiſh you would incourage the coming of Joseph & Jacob.
I have juſt got to the End of my Journey & feal in haſt to Set my Affairs in order to leave them & go to Reſt— I wiſh you & thoſe young men may be inſtrumen‐tal to do much for the Redeemer when I am no more accept my Love to you & Mrſ Occom & all yours
I am yours very Cordially Eleazar Wheelock
[left]P.S. you object your want of money to bear the Expence of your Journey hither; pray dont Let that hinder your coming I will pay your way & Joſeph's and Jacob's too, if it be needful